June 2018
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Funding Opportunities

Comprehensive Partnerships to Advance Cancer Health Equity (Collaborative U54 Clinical Trial Optional)


Mentored Research Scientist Career Development Award in Tobacco Regulatory Research (K01 - Independent Clinical Trial Not Allowed)




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Program Co-Leader, Cancer Molecular Genetics (F36090)


Surgical Oncology Division Chair (F59750)

Shared Resource Spotlight
Tissue & Data Acquisition & Analysis Core

The Tissue & Data Acquisition & Analysis Core provides support for biomedical research by maintaining and providing a bank of high-quality human tissue samples using best practice collection methodologies, maintaining appropriate patient protections and integrating relevant clinical data. Services include quality-controlled human residual tumor and hematopoietic samples; customized human tissue collection, handling and informed consent services; and processing of tissue and hematopoietic samples for specialized studies. The TDAAC supports investigator-initiated IRB-approved translational research projects and clinical trials. Samples and data can be provided under an anonymous honest broker system or for specific IRB-approved protocols.


For more information, contact resource manager Pamela Jill Grizzard at 628.3615 or pamela.grizzard@vcuhealth.org, or visit the Massey website.

Leaders' Update Update 
A message from Director Gordon Ginder

I am pleased to share that Massey's scientific External Advisory Board (EAB) recently gave an overall positive evaluation of our cancer center. The board met onsite in March to conduct a review of the cancer center. Massey's leaders were heartened by the EAB review, and the board's recommendations were deliberated and discussed at our senior leadership retreat in May.

Research HighlightsHighlights
Massey IIT will test experimental immunotherapy in breast cancer patients before chemotherapy and surgery
Harry Bear, M.D., Ph.D.
Developmental Therapeutics member
A phase 2 clinical trial developed at Massey and based on laboratory research led by Harry Bear is testing the benefits of adding an experimental immunotherapy combination (decitabine and pembrolizumab) prior to standard chemotherapy and surgery for HER2-negative breast cancer patients. The trial is assessing whether decitabine may increase the amount of tumor antigen targeted by a patient's immune response and decrease immune suppression by other white blood cells.

New study points to a potential "Achilles heel" in brain cancer
Paul Fisher, M.Ph., Ph.D.
Cancer Molecular Genetics member
Massey scientists led by Paul Fisher identified how a mechanism that protects glioma stem cells can potentially be exploited to develop new and more effective treatments for glioblastoma multiforme. They found that protective autophagy is regulated by the gene MDA-9/Syntenin, and demonstrated an increase in survival following MDA-9/Syntenin inhibition in mouse models of human stem cells.

Center News Center1
Virginia cancer experts assemble for annual Massey conference

Oncologists and clinical cancer researchers from across the state recently gathered for Massey's seventh annual Cancer Symposium and Clinical Research Affiliation Network. Speakers at the symposium included Steven Grossman, Worta McCaskill-Stevens, Thomas George, Jr., Sarah Gordon and Khalid Matin. Presenters at the retreat on Saturday included Harry Bear, Victor Yazbeck and Charles Geyer, Jr.

Member Showcase MemberShowcase

Rohan studies novel interventions to improve psychosocial and health outcomes for pediatric cancer patients

Jennifer M. Rohan, Ph.D. Cancer Prevention and Control member
Jennifer Rohan joined Massey as a member of the Cancer Prevention and Control research program in 2017. She is interested in the development and evaluation of innovative technologies for objectively measuring medication adherence, self-management, psychosocial variables and health outcomes of pediatric patients diagnosed with hematological cancers and conditions. Rohan is an assistant professor of pediatrics at the VCU School of Medicine.

Researcher Recognition Recognition
Nasim named new vice president for inclusive excellence at VCU

Cancer Prevention and Control member
Aashir Nasim has been named the vice president for inclusive excellence at VCU. He is a member of the Cancer Prevention and Control research program at Massey, and his research has focused on topics involving tobacco and other drug behaviors, sexual risk behaviors and culture, identity and behavior.

EventsUpcoming Events

HMG/VIMM Faculty Seminar Series
Wednesday, June 27: Devanand Sarkar, Ph.D., will lead a seminar titled 'ER Localization Confers Oncogenic Functions to AEG-1' in GRL-131 at 12 PM.

Monthly Research Meetings

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