May 2017 

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Funding Opportunities

Leveraging Population-Based Cancer Registry Data to Study Health Disparities (R21) (R01)


Tobacco Regulatory Science Small Grant Program for New Investigators (R03)




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Associate Director, Basic Research (F51620)


Program Co-Leader, Cancer Molecular Genetics (F36090)

Shared Resource Spotlight

Cancer Mouse 
Models Core

The Cancer Mouse Models Core has purchased the Leica Bond RX for fast, automated IHC, ISH and OPAL staining. The CMMC plans to first offer IHC staining for researchers using common antigens such as Ki67, Caspese 3 and HLA. There will also be a new Dako autostainer available for automatic H&E staining and coverslipping for the Leica Bond RX. Additionally, the CMMC purchased the Vectra Polaris Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System. This instrument integrates both multispectral imaging and automated slide scanning to better visualize, analyze, quantify and phenotype immune cells in situ in FFPE tissue sections and TMAs. The CMMC expects these services will be available in a few months.

For more information, contact resource director Jennifer Koblinski, Ph.D., at 827-0738 or lab manager Bin Hu, Ph.D., at 628-5040 or visit the Massey website.


Massey doctors first in the world to use internal radiation implant to treat pancreatic cancer

In March, Emma Fields, Brian Kaplan and Dorin Todor were the first doctors in the world to successfully implant a bio-absorbable, internal radiation device known as CivaSheet to treat early stage pancreatic cancer. The device contains a radioactive isotope and provides localized, unidirectional therapy to a targeted area while shielding healthy tissue in the opposite direction. There have been no reported complications seven weeks following the procedure, and a second pancreatic cancer patient has since been implanted with CivaSheet at Massey.

Research HighlightsHighlights
Temkin identifies underrepresentation of racial and ethnic minorities in clinical trial participation for gynecologic cancers
Sarah Temkin, M.D.
Developmental Therapeutics member
Research led by Sarah Temkin found significant disparities between demographic populations of patients diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer and participants in clinical trials for gynecologic cancers, most notably for ovarian cancer. Published in Gynecologic Oncology, the study underlines an ongoing need to improve representation of racial and ethnic minorities and elderly patients in national clinical trials.


Center News Center1
Governor McAuliffe signs palliative care legislation at Massey

In a ceremony at Massey, Governor Terry McAuliffe signed Virginia's Palliative Care Information and Resources Bill. This legislation is scheduled to go into effect on July 1 and requires the Virginia Department of Health to use their website to make information and resources on palliative care available to the public, health care professionals and health care facilities. 

Member Showcase MemberShowcase

Wattenberg studies the effect of lipids on the development of cancer and other diseases

Binks Wattenberg, Ph.D. Cancer Cell Signaling member
Binks Wattenberg joined Massey as a member of the Cancer Cell Signaling (CCS) research program in 2016. He studies the role that sphingolipids play in the development of cancer and other malignancies in hopes of developing tools to potentially control and inhibit growth at the cellular level for a variety of diseases. Wattenberg is an associate professor in biochemistry and molecular biology at the VCU School of Medicine.

Researcher Recognition Recognition
Yazbeck receives Career Development Award from the Lymphoma Research Foundation

Victor Yazbeck, M.D. Developmental Therapeutics member
Massey physician-researcher Victor Yazbeck was given a Clinical Investigator Career Development Award from the Lymphoma Research Foundation in March 2017, one of only four such awards given out this year. With the help of this award, Yazbeck will lead phase 1 and 2 clinical trials studying a chemotherapy-free treatment regimen of rituximab, idelalisib and venetoclax in patients with relapsed or refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

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