June 2019

To date, much attention has been placed on identifying big system issues and priorities that could be addressed by the Master Agreement. During the roundtables, members asked for an opportunity to provide more specific input on how the Master Agreement can advance specific fee and/or compensation issues. Both large system issues and fee specific input, are important to ensure the Negotiations Team enters bargaining prepared and equipped to negotiate a meaningful agreement.

A new Negotiations Funding Request Form is now available.

Deadline: Sept. 3, 2019

Members can now put forward funding requests to the Negotiations Team. The form is designed to be broad enough to consider everything from specific fee requests to contract changes to new funding programs. This form is based on the highly successful process created for the Fee Code Advisory Committee . It will also help ensure the Negotiations Committee has the right level of information to make informed decisions.

It is critical that the Negotiations Team enter bargaining feeling like they have a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing their colleagues and the profession in general including those related to billing practices, fee codes, rates, contracts and workplace stressors. While the recent Negotiations Survey and face-to-face roundtable meetings will inform this thinking to an extent, this Negotiations Application Form has been created to give physicians a tool to bring specific issues to the team’s attention. By completing the form, providing as much information as possible, the Negotiations Team will have the context necessary to decide where your request may fit in the overall bargaining strategy.

While all requests will be carefully reviewed and considered by the team, they may not all be advanced to the priority list for bargaining. As we hope you can all appreciate, the Negotiations Team is tasked with the difficult challenge of prioritizing the various needs into a strategy that will have the greatest impact on Island physicians, the profession as a whole and the improvement of patient care.

When developing the bargaining strategy, the Negotiations Team is guided by physician priorities, but also considers the priorities of Health PEI and government. See Priority Considerations for a more fulsome view, although this may change as the new government becomes more established and we continue to gather input from you. 

While MSPEI enters bargaining with a clear view on its priorities, the outcome is very dependent on the bargaining itself. The Negotiations Team will be flexible and responsive to those discussions in order to achieve the best outcomes for the profession and the patients we serve. 

Tamzin Gillis
In-House Legal Counsel
902-368-7303 ext.106