Volume 4 Issue 3
Urgent Bridge Repairs Underway
Both West Drive land bridge and Ellesmere Drive land bridge
Water under the bridge may be good for putting life's events behind us, but 40 years of water under the bridge (and traffic over it) takes a serious toll on the bridge itself.

That's why Master Management is making much-needed repairs to the land bridges on West Drive and Ellesmere Drive. (We know what you're thinking. You didn't know there were bridges in the Village. But there are a few spots where we have actual bridges.)

The repairs will take about 45 days, but the good news is all the work is expected to be off the roadways, so there is no anticipated need to close the road.
How many land bridges are there in the Village?
There are a lot of places where you see water on both sides of the road. For example, there is water on both sides of Century Boulevard between Oakridge and Harwood. So is that a "land bridge?" The answer is no.

So, just what makes a land bridge and how many are there?

It turns out, despite all the lakes in the Village, we only have two land bridges (West Drive and Ellesmere Drive). These are the only two spots where water actually flows under the roadway. The rest of the spots are where two lakes butt up against the roadway, but no water flows between them.

Now you probably know more than you ever needed about CVE's bridges!

Helping to Save the Planet
According to the company providing our electric car charging station, usage has doubled since the beginning of the year.

Based on our usage, the company reports we have avoided 726 kg of greenhouse gas emissions. That's like planting 19 trees and letting them grow for 10 years.

The charger is located in the parking lot on the north side of the Activity Center.
Bulk Trash Troubles
Bulk trash is again becoming an issue. We're seeing piles left outside for days at a time.

Please remember: bulk trash is ONLY picked up Fridays, and it CAN NOT be left out before Thursday afternoon. Any building with bulk items sitting around could be fined by code enforcement, regardless of who left the items.
City elections next week
Next week is the City of Deerfield Beach municipal election. There are two candidates on the ballot to represent us on the City Commission.

Le Club and the Activity Center will once again be your polling place on Election Day, March 9.

Don't lose your white card!
If you received the COVID vaccination last month, make sure you keep your white vaccination card in a safe place! This is the proof that you have been vaccinated. Soon you may need to prove you received the shots in order to travel, enter certain buildings or facilities, or receive certain medical treatments. Remember, DO NOT LAMINATE YOUR CARD.
Master Management Upgrades Its Live Meeting Coverage
If you joined the last live Master Management Board meeting, you may have noticed it looked more like a television production than a Zoom meeting.

Master Management has purchased high tech television switching equipment and is using multiple cameras to provide you with the highest quality broadcast possible.
The new Master Management Annual Report is out
We invite you to review some of the highlights from the past year and get a preview of 2021 in the new Master Management 2020 Annual Report.

We've provided the report in several formats to make it easy for you to access:

You may CLICK HERE to read the mobile-friendly version.

You may CLICK HERE to see the entire print version of the report.

You may visit the Master Management office and pick up a hard copy.
LOOK FOR THIS LINK ON OUR WEBSITE, www.CenturyVillageEast.com
Keep up to date on news from the City of Deerfield Beach
You can always check the latest information from Deerfield Beach City Hall by visiting the city's news page on its website. CLICK THE RED GRAPHIC TO VISIT THE CITY'S SITE.
New Video
Did you know that Master Management has documented almost every month of the Toll Brothers project using drone video? Above is the most recent video, but you can check out several more on the KeepingCVEbeautiful.com website.

Message from the Executive Director
Holiday Wishes & Access Gate Reminders
Where has the time gone? I can't believe we are already into March. I would like to wish a happy Passover and happy Easter to all residents celebrating.

I wanted to update you on the improvements we are making to the entrance gates. You may recall there were a few days when the gates were being worked on. We are constantly striving to make your entrance experience as quick and as easy as possible. But I also need to remind you of one important safety feature of our new gates.

Please remember that your gate MAY NOT RAISE as soon as you scan your bar code. There may be a delay, and if you are traveling too fast you may hit the gate before it goes up. The delay is a safety feature that prevents two cars from hitting one another. If someone has been cleared in the visitor lane, their gate will go up allowing them to enter. But your gate will remain closed. This is to prevent both cars from merging into each other in the single travel lane after the gate.

Therefore, I ask that whenever you are entering, please slow down to a speed that allows, if needed, for you to come to a complete stop before the gate.
Remember, if you need to visit the Master Management office, please wear a mask. Better yet, give us a call. I am sure almost everything you need can be taken care of over the phone. You can also email us at customerservice@cvedb.com.

Stay safe.

Vallen A. Smikle, LCAM
Executive Director
CVE Master Management Company, Inc.
Email Master Management