Volume 4 Issue 12
Water, water EVERYWHERE!
But WHO is responsible?
When is a water or sewer leak your responsibility?
It can be frustrating, destructive, even kind of disgusting. A leak in a water or sewer pipe is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. But when it happens, you should know who is responsible for fixing it.


The water reaches your sink via a complicated network of pipes that are maintained by several entities. But what you need to know is whether a water leak is your responsibility to fix. Once the water reaches your building, it is divided into individual lines for each unit. The valves for these individual lines are located on the back of the building if you're in a high rise and in the front of the building if you're in a low rise.

As a rule of thumb, it is probably your responsibility if the leak is inside your unit. If the leak is between those valves and your unit, it may be the building's responsibility. If the leak is before the water reaches the building, it may be the building's responsibility or Master Management.

The bottom line best advice: If there is a leak, contact your management company. They will know best who is responsible for the repair.


If you have a problem with your toilet, it may be fixed by simply plunging the toilet. If that does not solve the problem, you should call your management company. They will know if there is a building issue or even an issue with the sewer line beyond the building.
Generally, Master Management is not responsible for water or sewer lines until you get closer to the main lines that feed the village. But if you have an issue beyond the four walls of your unit, you can call Master Management, and we will try to determine who needs to be contacted.

Donate a new, unwrapped toy during the CVE Toys for Tots toy drive. Together with CenClub, Master Management is collecting toys for children this holiday season. You can bring your donation to the Master Management office until December 3rd at 4pm.
Master Management has approved its 2022 budget. As part of the budget process, members of the Board scrutinized each line to maximize savings. Like you, Master Management faces rising costs for fixed goods and services. Did you know that 80 cents of every dollar collected go towards those fixed costs? They include:

  • Insurance
  • Bus services
  • Cable TV
  • Village Maintenance
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Electric (Century Boulevard common areas)
  • Trash
  • Security

In addition to covering these fixed costs, Master Management's 2022 budget includes:

  • The replacement of the main entrance.
  • The installation of a new perimeter wall along Hillsboro Boulevard.
  • The final year of the Village's 7-year repaving project.
  • The building of new bus shelters.
  • The development of Central Park.
  • Replacement of the roof on the Activity Center and Le Club.
  • Wrapping the utility boxes.

Despite the long list of projects and services, Master Management has trim costs as much as possible. As a result, the Board has reduced the increase in the coupon to only $6 per month. Therefore, Master Management has kept the 2022 coupon to only $128 per month. The new rate will take effect in January.
If you still use paper coupons, you should receive your coupon book by December 20th. If you do not receive it by that date, call the office. If your coupon is set up for auto-debit, you do not need to do anything. The change will be made automatically.

Happy Holidays from Master Management
It's that time of year! We have been working hard to make the Village beautiful for the holiday season.
Le Club & Activity Center
Main Gate House
Century Blvd. and West Dr.
East Gate
Outside Main Gate
Century Blvd. at Cambridge A
West Drive
West Gate House
Main Gate Menorah
East Gate Menorah
West Gate Menorah
Save the Date...
Master Management will be hosting a virtual zoom Q&A Paving Meeting on Thursday, December 16th, at 1:00 PM for the upcoming 2022 Paving Project.

The following Associations to be paved are:

  • Lyndhurst
  • Markham

Details on how to join will be sent closer to the meeting.
Need a bar code?
You no longer need to go to the Clubhouse before receiving a bar code for your car.
The entire process is now handled by security at their office near the Tilford tennis courts.

Come to the security office between 9:00am and 12:00pm Monday through Friday with your car. Bring the car registration. If you are renting a car for the season, bring the rental agreement.

If you have a new Village ID, you will need to show your ID and provide security staff with your current phone number. If you have not yet received a new Village ID, you must show either a BLUE village ID or a PURPLE village ID to security staff. No other colored ID cards will be accepted. The bar code will be put on your car by security personnel.
The security office is located on the south side of the Master Management building (where you access the Tilford tennis courts). The door is to the right of the medical offices.
Message from the Executive Director
Happy holidays, happy new year, and welcome back!
This holiday season, my three favorite words are "back to normal!"

It is a pleasure to see old friends returning to the Village after their COVID-imposed absence. I want to welcome back everyone who couldn't join us last holiday season. It's great to have the energy of the Village back!

I want to wish you a happy holiday season and a healthy and joyous new year to you all. Let us all hope that 2022 continues our path back to what we know and love.

Be well. Stay Safe—happy new year.

Vallen A. Smikle, LCAM
Executive Director
CVE Master Management Company, Inc.

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