Volume 4 Issue 9
Tilford Pool: Back & Better Than Ever!
Tilford Pool reopened with new lap lanes
After significant renovations, the Tilford pool is once again open.

The entire surface of the pool was redone with new diamond bright. Meanwhile, the edge of the pool where the deck meets the water (called the pool coping) was also replaced.

We also made new lap lanes for those of you wanting to practice for the next olympic trials! Enjoy!
Can you imagine being able to grab your phone and instantly report a maintenance issue, safety concern, or other important notification to Master Management? You could send a photo while automatically providing the exact location of your report. In addition, you would receive real-time updates when the issue is addressed.
Welcome to MASTER MANAGEMENT CONNECT, the new app for your cell phone that will revolutionize how village maintenance issues are handled.

You can download a preview of MASTER MANAGEMENT CONNECT now to take a look, but the automatic reporting function will not be live until mid-September. We will be in touch with more details on how to get it, and use it. STAY TUNED!

It's the little things you never notice that keep CVE beautiful!
Just a little touch up! We've repainted the Master Management and LeClub buildings. From painting the buildings to power washing the sidewalks and bus benches, Master Management puts the "maintain" in "maintenance.' OK, we know they're not spelled the same, and yes...it was a bad pun. But give us a break! It's not easy making this stuff entertaining enough for you to read!
Summer paving is done!
Our summer repaving is finished! Over the past few months, we resurfaced Berkshire, Ashby, Grantham, Islewood, and Keswick.

By this time next year, the Master Management seven year repaving plan will be complete.
Military Trail wall moving forward

The installation of the new perimeter wall on Military Trail is resuming next week.

The wall will match a similar wall constructed by Toll Brothers just up the street.
Progress on the East Gate Entrance
We are moving ahead on getting that right-turn only lane into the East Gate.

It's been a tricky process since a lot of utilities have lines running under the road. They need to be moved before any additional turn lane can be added. But the good news is we're making progress.
Mask mandate in the Master Management office and security office
Due to health conditions, Master Management has brought back its mask requirement for visitors to the office. If you need to come by either Master Management or our security office, please make sure you have your mask on.

Remember our office hours are 8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Click above for a spectacular view of the beautiful new fountains Master Management has been installing around CVE!

Here's a guide to what you're looking at by the time in the video:

0:04 - Cambridge
0:17 - Durham
0:31 - Berkshire
0:51 - Farnham
1:10 - Grantham
1:24 - Islewood (Coming soon)
1:49 - Oakridge (Coming in 2022)
2:04 - Newport (Coming in 2022)

For a map of all current and future fountains, visit

Message from the Executive Director
Happy & Healthy wishes
First, I want to begin by wishing our Jewish residents a happy new year, and the best during the High Holy days. Also, I want to wish everyone a good Labor Day.

Second, Master Management has been getting inquiries from residents asking if we are planning an on-property vaccination booster clinic similar to what we did in January.

We have reached out to health officials. But it seems that because the shots are much more readily available at pharmacies and clinics than they were in January, the need and available staffing for setting up our own clinic may not be there.

Our number one reason for running the clinic in January was because our residents were unable to get the shot anywhere else. But because shots are now being offered elsewhere, health officials do not seem willing to provide staffing for an on-property clinic.

Therefore, what we are looking into is the possibility of offering special bus service to make is easy for resident travel to and from a vaccination location. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know.

Until then, as always stay safe and wear your mask.
Vallen A. Smikle, LCAM
Executive Director
CVE Master Management Company, Inc.
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