Volume 4 Issue 2
Master Management vaccine program success
4,000 people received the vaccine with minimal wait times
At a time when long lines and shortages are the headlines of almost all vaccine stories, Master Management's vaccine program is being hailed as a success of both logistics and organization.

Over 4,000 people received the Pfizer vaccinations at the CVE Activity center. In addition to the hard work by the Master Management staff which was responsible for registration, operations, crowd management, and communications, Master Management would like to thank the Broward County Health Department as well as County Commissioner Mark Bogen for their assistance.
Don't lose your white card!
Make sure you keep your white vaccination card in a safe place! This is the proof you have that you have been vaccinated. Soon you may need to prove you received the shots in order to travel, enter certain buildings or facilities, or receive certain medical treatments.
The new Master Management Annual Report is out
We invite you to review some of the highlights from the past year and get a preview of 2021 in the new Master Management 2020 Annual Report.

We've provided the report in several formats to make it easy for you to access:

You may CLICK HERE to read the shortened "Reader's Digest" version.

You may CLICK HERE to see the entire print version of the report.

You may visit the Master Management office and pick up a hard copy.
Live meetings are back!
Responding to resident requests, Master Management is now, once again, holding LIVE Board meetings with resident participation.
Due to ongoing safety concerns, the meetings are being held online only. The January Board of Directors meeting was the first to be streamed live, with residents able to comment and ask questions.

Keep an eye on your email for instructions for joining the next Board meeting.

City elections next month
Next month is the City of Deerfield Beach municipal election. There are two candidates on the ballot to represent our area on the City Commission.

Le Club will once again be your polling place on Election Day, March 9.

You can once again vote my mail
While there is no early voting for the City of Deerfield Beach municipal election on March 9, you can vote by mail.

Keep up to date on news from the City of Deerfield Beach
You can always check the latest information from Deerfield Beach City Hall by visiting the city's news page on its website:
Master Management would like to welcome Les Gerson, our newest member of the Board of Directors. Les was elected to the Board in the January election.
We also welcome back Joseph Maney, Pat Bidol-Padva, and Eli Okun. All three were re-elected to the Board in January.
New Video
Did you know that Master Management has documented almost every month of the Toll Brothers project using drone video? Above is the most recent video, but you can check out several more on the KeepingCVEbeautiful.com website.

Message from the Executive Director
Thank you all for your kind feedback
This has certainly been a busy month for us. In addition to our regular duties, the Master Management staff has been working hard to make sure the vaccination distribution went smoothly.

I have received questions from many residents asking if we will be offering additional vaccinations in the future. My best answer right now is that I hope so. Together with Board President Eli Okun, we are continuing to work closely with the Health Department and local leaders. Our goal is to try to get a second round of vaccinations for those who were not able to get a shot this first time. I am hopeful as availability seems to increase, we will be able to make our case that this is an easy, one-stop location to treat thousands of people. If we have any developments we will let you know.

Meanwhile, on behalf of all of us at Master Management I want to thank those of you who took time to write us about your experience at the vaccination program. Your positive feedback and appreciation means more to us than I can express. We view this community as more than a workplace. We all consider our residents members of our extended family.
Remember, if you need to visit the Master Management office, please wear a mask. Better yet, give us a call. I am sure almost everything you need can be taken care of over the phone. You can also email us at customerservice@cvedb.com.

Stay safe.

Vallen A. Smikle, LCAM
Executive Director
CVE Master Management
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