Volume 4 Issue 7
Lessons from Surfside
It goes without saying that what happened in Surfside is beyond horrible, and all involved deserve our thoughts and prayers.

But what, if anything can we take away from the tragedy?

While no definitive cause will be determined for some time, there continues to be a lot of talk about building maintenance and upkeep. All our buildings are at the point when they should be getting a thorough inspection. If your building has not yet been put under a microscope, let Surfside be your catalyst to take care of it. Speak to your building leaders. Speak to your management company. Make sure it gets done.
New bulk trash collection day starts July 7
Beginning next week, our bulk trash collection day is changing. The city is changing our bulk trash day from Friday to Wednesday beginning next week. That means tomorrow is the last Friday when bulk trash will be picked up.
After tomorrow's pick up, all bulk trash will only be collected on Wednesdays. That means you may not put out your bulk items until Tuesday. It also means that if you miss the Wednesday pick up (or you have a contractor that did work on or after Wednesday), you cannot put any bulk items out for collection until the following Tuesday.
Illegal dumping of bulk items is an epidemic in our village. This is the reason behind the Master Management CVE PROUD campaign.

If you see your building listed on this month's CVE PROUD Wall of Shame, let your Board know that we will not tolerate people turning our beautiful village into a dumping ground.

Storm Drain Cleaning
You may have seen these big trucks around the Village. They are used to clean out the storm drains. It's just another one of those Master Management infrastructure jobs that you never notice. But trust us, you WOULD notice if we didn't do it. Clogged storm drains lead to major flooding when it rains.
One year later: Obey the Signs or Pay the Fines
This month marks one year since Master Management began paying the Broward Sheriff's Office for extra patrols in the village.

In the past 12 months, 331 citations were issued. Many of those citations were for speeding and ignoring stop signs. In addition, 186 warnings were also issued.

This remains a serious safety issue. Drivers are urged to obey all traffic laws in the village.
Don't forget...no ID, no ride!
Security continues its stepped up checks on IDs before riding the CVE buses.

All riders MUST HAVE a village ID. If you have a caregiver, they also must have a village ID. The only exception is a visitor riding WITH a resident.
CVE bus driver helps resident with free wheelchair
A CVE resident was given a new wheelchair by our bus company after the driver noticed how damaged the old chair was.

Steven Slute, a resident in Prescott is a former volunteer helping South Florida's homeless. An accident left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair. But his wheelchair was in bad shape. The brakes were gone. The wheels were worn away. The handles were falling off.

Brenda Tucker, a bus driver for First Transit that works in CVE recently picked up Steven and noticed how unsafe the chair was. She decided to try to get Steven a new chair through a First Transit program called "Safe Wheels."

The "Safe Wheels" program provides a wheelchair to a rider whose current chair is unsafe on the bus and elsewhere. First Transit’s SAFE WHEELS program is an effort to improve safety; for the passenger utilizing an unsafe mobility aid, for other passengers, and for the bus operators.

First Transit gave Steven a brand new wheelchair at no cost.
Master Management hosts FPL to save you money
Did you know FPL offers several FREE programs to lower your bill?

A rep from FPL was at the last Master Management Board meeting to provide all the details.

FPL assists customers with energy efficiency improvements to help lower their bills through its "Power to Save" program. A free, comprehensive home energy survey is performed, energy efficient measures are installed, and they offer energy savings tips to help customers save up to $500 in energy savings.

You can also save money with FPL's "On Call" program. This program gives FPL the option to temporarily switch off your air conditioning and/or heating along with the optional appliances you choose, such as your water heater. You could save more than $90 a year even if they never need to turn off your appliances.

To set up either of these programs, call FPL's Andre Sowerby-Thomas at 954-648-9586 or email him at andre.sowerby-thomas@fpl.com.

Summer paving is underway
Summer repaving has begun. Each year when the number of village residents decreases, Master Management takes advantage of the decrease in traffic to resurface the roads and ensure they are are maintained properly.

The first area on the schedule is Grantham. For the latest on the repaving schedule, and all you need to prepare your area, visit our capital improvement website and check under Current Projects:

Check out the latest paving videos from Grantham:
Message from the Executive Director
The summer capital improvement season is now in full swing.

We have begun to remove the trees along the perimeter of the property in anticipation of building the new perimeter wall along Military Trail.

Paving has begun in Grantham, and will move to several other neighborhoods as we continue our multi-year repaving of the entire village.

We have Installed two fountains including in the Grantham A Lake and in the new lake behind Berkshire E.

There are may other projects underway. Some you will notice, but others you may never see. But just because you don't see the work doesn't mean it's not important to maintaining our community.

Today is independence day for our friends to the north, so allow me to wish you a happy Canada Independence Day. Of course, for our American friends, I also wish you a happy July 4th! Regardless of your holiday, enjoy the day!

Paving schedules and instructions for specific associations will be announced and posted one week prior to the paving date. The latest updates will be posted throughout the summer on our website: www.KeepingCVEBeautiful.com.
Stay safe.

Vallen A. Smikle, LCAM
Executive Director
CVE Master Management Company, Inc.
Reminder: Master Management office hours
The Master Management office is now open 8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.
Email Master Management
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