Volume 2 Issue 4
Signed, Sealed, Delivered! It's OURS!

In April, Toll Brothers and Master Management completed the agreement that transferred the land formerly used as the golf course to the Village.

Master Management Board of Directors President Eli Okun signed the papers (pictured above) making it official. Master Management received the land from Toll Brothers at no cost.

Master Management took possession of four of the five parcels (the fifth is what Toll Brothers is keeping to build its project) and is now beginning the multi-year process of transforming them into a beautiful park in the heart of the Village.

Park designers are now beginning to work with the Village to design a beautiful passive park facility. A passive park could include paths for walking, biking, and other similar uses. Phase one will not include golf, tennis courts, pools, or a new recreation center. Those uses could be included during later stages of development.

Toll Brothers is paying to clean up any left-over chemicals allowing Master Management to move forward with plans to design and build the park.
Golf course renamed CVE Central Park
Now that the land has been transferred, it has also been renamed.

As part of the exciting process of creating a signature amenity on the heart of Century Village East, the first step is to recognize the land is no longer a golf course.

Instead it will be a beautiful park located in the center of the Village. As a result, the area has been renamed:

CVE Central Park

Keep an eye out for exciting new branding for CVE Central Park.
Work set to begin on Toll Brothers property
Toll Brothers is expected to begin construction work on their housing development on May 15th.

At this time, work hours are expected to be restricted to 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, weekdays.

Century Village Boulevard will not be permanently affected by the construction. However, there may be short, periodic closures of Century Village Boulevard between Berkshire and Ashby.

A traffic safety flag person will be on site to direct drivers.
What will the Toll Brothers project look like out your window
At the request of Master Management, Toll Brothers has provided renderings of what their project will look like from our side. This is what they say it will look like from Upminster J after three to five years of landscape growth:
This is what they say will be the view of the wall that separates CVE and the Toll Brothers project after three to five years of landscape growth:
FDOT SW 10th Street raised roadway to stretch across almost half the length of Village
Master Management wanted to know, so we asked FDOT.

It turns out that regardless of which design is selected for expanding SW 10th Street, there will be a long, elevated roadway running alongside almost half of Century Village East.

According to FDOT, the bridge over Military Trail (which will be almost 20 feet above ground) will not reach ground level until at least Harwood Drive (between Harwood D and Harwood E).

This will be the case regardless of whether the final plan includes a roadway below ground level or at ground level.
Improving safety: Hydrant service underway
City crews are in the Village to check all of the approximately 500 fire hydrants in CVE.

Thus far, the hydrants near Westbury, Cambridge, Durham, Ventnor, Tilford, Prescott, and Ellesmere have been checked.

Servicing all the hydrants in the village is a major job and Master Management wants to thank Commissioner Bernie Parness for his help getting this done.
City contacted about graffiti
Master Management has been in touch with the city to remove graffiti on the Hillsboro Boulevard bus shelter.

The city is helping to contact Broward County Transit.
You've got questions? We've got answers
Looking for more information on Master Management projects?

We have a new email address for you to contact:


Write it down. You never know when you will have a question!
A note from the Executive Director
May marks the unofficial start to the off season here in the Village, but for us at Master Management, this time of year is anything but "off."

With so many of our seasonal residents heading out for the summer, this is when our capital improvement calendar shifts into high gear.

Our annual paving projects resume this summer. Our work on the West Gate will begin this summer. We are moving forward with our plans for a new perimeter wall. We are also working on new entrance signs.

You can always read the latest on all our projects by visiting the website:

For the late, great Ella Fitzgerald, summer time may have been when the "livin' was easy," but for me, this is the busy time of year I look forward to the most!

Vallen Smikle