Volume 2 Issue 3
Master Management Launches New Campaign to Address Incorrect Recycling

The idea behind the campaign is very simple:


But as simple as it sounds, it is the biggest mistake being made by CVE residents. So many residents are putting plastic bags in the recycling bins that the City of Deerfield Beach is considering issuing fines to the community.

The new campaign is intended to address the most common mistake being made. If you carry your recyclables to the blue bins in a plastic bag, DUMP OUT THE BAG AND PUT THE BAG IN THE TRASH. PLASTIC BAGS DO NOT GET RECYCLED.

Supermarket plastic bags get caught in the machines that sort legitimate recycling. As a result, the city is going after people who put them in the bins.

So, PLEASE...if you insist on storing your recyclables in plastic bags, do not toss the entire bag in the bins.
Pick up your FREE recycling bag
So you are now asking...

If I can't keep my recyclables in a plastic bag, what should I keep them in? (See the Top Story above if you don't know what we're referring to).

Master Management has a solution. Come by the Master Management office and pick up a free canvas recycling bag. You can store all your cleaned recyclables in the bag, carry them to the bin, and reuse the bag.
Your opinion will help redesign our website
How often do you visit the main community website?

How easy is it for you to find what you're looking for?

How would you like to change the website to make it easier?

Master Management is redesigning the main website, and changing its name. From now on, the web address for our community is much easier to remember: www.CenturyVillageEast.com.

We want your opinions. Please take a few minutes and fill out our website survey.

You can CLICK HERE and answer a few questions.

Thank you for helping us make the website a better experience for you and your neighbors.
Community expected to acquire golf course next month
The transfer of the golf course from Toll Brothers to the community is expected to take place by the end of April. This is several months ahead of originally scheduled.

The course (most of it) is being gifted to Master Management, which has already begun the process of planning for its future use.

The eastern most portion of the course is being retained by Toll Brothers for their Sandpiper Pointe at Deerfield Crossing development. The rest will be redesigned as a passive park for CVE residents to enjoy. A "passive" park is one that includes walking and/or bike paths and other more casual uses. It does not include things like pools or tennis courts. Once the transfer is complete, park planning experts will begin to schedule community meetings to gather residents' opinions on how best to design the park.
Returning a rental car? We can remove your bar code sticker
If you have rented a car for the season and put a bar code on it, you need to remove the sticker before you return the car.

Bring the car to the Master Management offices during bar code hours and staff will safely remove the sticker from the car.
A note from the Executive Director
I hope you read our top story this month regarding our new efforts to improve recycling habits here in the Village.

I urge you to make sure you follow the rules by not tossing plastic bags in the recycling bins.

The City of Deerfield Beach has let us know they could assess some hefty fines if we don't improve. In fact, inspectors from the city will be here several times per week to monitor how we are doing.

Please remember, supermarket plastic bags cannot be put in the recycling bins. Instead, you should put them in the trash.

Better yet, come by the Master Management offices and pick up your free reusable recycling bag.
Vallen Smikle