Volume 2 Issue 2
Master Management Town Hall Packs House

It was a full house for the Master Management Town Hall held last month at Le Club. For two hours, Master Management Board President Eli Okun and Executive Director Val Smikle fielded questions from CVE residents. Several people also took the opportunity to comment on the positive job they believe Master Management is doing for the property.

The session opened with a short video explaining all the services provided by Master Management. For those who missed the event, CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE TO WATCH THE OPENING VIDEO.
Vallen Smikle picked as new Executive Director
You might say it is like the famous lyric from The Who:

"Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss."

After conducting a search and interviewing several candidates, Master Management's Board of Directors have picked Vallen Smikle as their new permanent Executive Director. Vallen, who has been with Master Management for years, was serving as Interim Executive Director during the search process. His selection was the result of a unanimous Board vote.
Plan for new condo lights moving forward
Master Management is moving ahead with plans to replace outside lights on the condos to improve the safety of parking lots and walkways.

Staff is starting to work with the first group of volunteer buildings on details of the upgrade. Master Management will cover the cost of the lights and installation. Any required wiring upgrades to the buildings will be the responsibility of the buildings.
FPL working to repair blinking street lights
Florida Power & Light crews have been on the property repairing damaged wiring that is responsible for blinking street lights.

The damaged FPL wiring has affected lights from Berkshire to Islewood.
Open letter by Eli Okun on CenClub
Dear fellow CVE residents,

I want to publicly thank my colleagues in the leadership of COOCVE, the Recreation Committee, and Master Management for their successful effort to move towards acquiring ownership of our Clubhouse and recreational facilities.
For decades, our residents have paid $5 million dollars per year in lease payments to outside owners in order to use our Clubhouse and other recreational facilities. CVE has never owned the property. Now, thanks to the hard work of the elected leaders of all three organizations, we are on track to end those lease payments and begin a new chapter of our CVE community owning our own Clubhouse and recreational facilities. As part of this important transition, the elected members of the Recreation Committee chosen by our CVE community now compose CenClub, which will formally acquire the recreational properties and oversee the ongoing operation and maintenance.

Once the purchase is complete at the end of this year, we all will own our own Clubhouse. The annual $5 million dollar lease payment will now stay where it belongs - in our CVE community! And the Clubhouse and other recreational facilities will be owned by the residents of Century Village East and operated and managed by their elected representatives of CenClub. These are exciting and positive changes for all of us, and I know you will join me in supporting them.

Eli Okun
Master Management Board of Directors
INSIDER Newsletter gets a redesign
Did you notice the fresh upgrade to the CVE INSIDER?

The look is new and improved but the reporting is the same! You can still count on the INSIDER to keep you up to date on all the news from Master Management.
Preview of 2019 Master Management community improvement projects
A beautiful new East Gate, new street lights, smoother roads, and improved security are just a few of the completed 2018 Master Management projects. So what does Master Management have planned for 2019?

Here's a quick list of planned community improvements in 2019:

  • New perimeter wall
  • New West Gate
  • More street light upgrades
  • New lights on buildings
  • New bus shelters
  • Continued repaving
  • New entrance monuments

It's going to be a busy 2019!
A note from the Executive Director
As I get settled into my new role as permanent Executive Director, there is one topic I would like to highlight this month.

It is critical that we all do our part to properly recycle here in the village. Proper recycling is not only important, it is essential if we are to avoid fee increases from the city.

Please remember that grocery store plastic bags DO NOT get recycled. I know many of us use the bags to carry recycling to the bins. Please do not toss the plastic bags into the bins.

Master Management has ordered reusable bags that can be used to store and carry recycled items. We will distribute them when they arrive. Until then, please do your best to properly recycle here in CVE.

Vallen Smikle