Volume 2 Issue 6
Holiday Hours
Master Management office closed July 4.
Open July 5
Plans for CVE Central Park moving forward. We want your input.

Master Management, having now acquired the land that was the old golf course, is moving forward with plans to develop the new CVE Central Park.

CVE Central Park will be a transformation of the old course into a beautiful and functional natural amenity in Century Village East. It will be a first-of-its-kind destination unlike anything located within any South Florida 55+ community. In addition to contributing to quality of life, CVE Central Park will also enhance the value of homes here in the Village.

As part of the process, residents will have a chance to tell Master Management what kind of park they would like to see. A resident survey is being prepared and will soon be sent out.

CVE has the wonderful opportunity to design CVE Central Park to meet residents' needs and desires. Planners want to know from residents how they would use CVE Central Park.

Keep an eye out for the survey, which will be sent via email. It will only take a few minutes to fill out.
New set of eyes...but same great results
The annual independent audit of Master Management's finances is finished, and Master Management has been given an "A+."

This year a different independent firm than last year was used to conduct the audit. The Master Management Board of Directors wanted to ensure a fresh set of eyes had a chance to inspect the finances. But even with a different firm, the results were the same. Auditors gave Master Management a clean report.
New summer office hours at Master Management
Master Management's office is on a summer schedule. From now until August 29th, the office is open:

Monday - Thursday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

9:00 am - 3:00 pm
New CVE security cameras help catch bike thief
In what is a great example of residents and management working together to keep CVE safe, a recent bike thief was caught on camera and busted.

A resident at Cambridge G watched as a man grabbed a bike from the parking lot, tossed it in the back of a van, and took off. The theft was recorded by the resident's door camera, and security was able to see exactly what the van looked like. They subsequently reviewed the high definition video from the exit lanes at the gates and not only found video of the van leaving, but caught the license plate! From there, it was turned over to BSO.

A great example of how security at CVE is a team effort!
BSO cracking down on stop sign violators
You can't say you haven't been warned!

The Broward Sheriff's Office is going after drivers in the Village that don't stop at the stop signs.

Dozens of tickets have been written in just a few weeks. It's part of a larger effort to crack down on drivers who endanger CVE residents.

So if you are driving through the Village, please make sure you stop!
New entrance sign construction begins this month
The construction of the new CVE entrance signs will begin this month. All three entrances will feature new monuments. The main gate monument is being moved to the center island between the entrance and exit lanes. Here are some pictures of what they will look like.

As always, the latest information on all capital projects is found at:

A note from the Executive Director
As you have noticed this past year, the Master Management Board of Directors and staff have made a commitment to improved communications and transparency. 

This newsletter is part of that effort, as are the new videos, new www.KeepingCVEbeautiful.com website, and other notices we send out. One of the reasons communication is so important is to ensure the community always has updated – and more importantly – accurate information about the Village.

Recently an incorrect rumor involving Master Management and COOCVE had been circulated via email to several residents. It was not true, but we did receive several inquiries. 

If you hear something about the Village, Master Management, or anything else related to our responsibilities, please never hesitate to contact our office to confirm it or get more information.

We want to make sure you always have the facts and the latest news. That is why we are committed to open communications.

Val Smikle
Executive Director
Master Management