Volume 2 Issue 5
Master Management Working to Secure Construction Border

Now that work has begun on the Toll Brothers site, Master Management is adjusting security to ensure the Village remains safe.

Roving patrols have been adjusted to concentrate on the construction barrier separating the properties. These patrols are especially focused on the evening and overnight hours.

In addition, the Broward Sherif's Office has been made aware of the project and has pledged to more frequently patrol along Military Trail to increase security.
Summer paving schedule released
June marks the start of the summer repaving project.

Beginning June 18th, Master Management will begin repaving several sections of the Village.

The first areas will be Durham U, V, W, & X. Here is the planned schedule (weather permitting):

 June 18th: Durham X, V, W, & X will be milled.

June 19th: Durham X will be paved.
June 20th: Durham W will be paved.
June 21st: Durham U & V will be paved.


Durham P, R, S, & T will follow the next week. For those specific dates, and all other upcoming dates, you must routinely check Master Management's Capital Projects website:

Check out the new look for Master Management's capital projects website
When is my street being paved? What will the new West Gate look like? What is the latest on the creation of CVE's Central Park?

These are all great questions. You can find great answers on the redesigned website:

This is the site for all the latest on the multitude of improvement projects going on in the Village.
Check out the new pickleball courts
Keeping pace with the exploding popularity of pickleball, Master Management, working with Recreation, has transformed older tennis courts into brand new pickleball courts.

Several of the tennis courts behind Tillford have been converted into pickleball courts number 9 and 10.

The brand new courts will allow CVE residents to enjoy one of the fastest growing sports trends in the nation.
New monuments coming to entrances
Each of the three entrances will soon have new monument signs designating an entry to Century Village East.

The placements of the three monument signs has been finalized.

The east gate monument will be located on the north side of the roadway just off Military Trail.

The west gate monument sign will be placed on the northeast corner of Powerline Road and West Drive.

The taller monument pictured here will be located at the east and west entrances.

The main entrance will have a different monument (not pictured) located in the center median on Hillsboro Boulevard between the entrance and exit lanes.

Designs have been approved by the city, and construction is expected to begin over the summer.
A note from the Executive Director
This month we begin our repaving for the season. Several areas of the Village will be receiving new resurfacing over the next several months.

We will post the latest information on our website, www.KeepingCVEbeautiful.com.

As the crews work, please keep the following two things in mind.

First, while we do our best to keep to our schedule, Mother Nature often has other plans. Rain will delay our work. Therefore, if we are a few days off from our most recently released schedule, please understand.

Second, please use caution around all the paving areas. After the roads are milled, they are uneven and hazardous. Please use caution when walking on or near the work areas.

By the end of the summer, this Village will have received a significant make-over. From new roads, to a new gate house, to new entrance monuments, we are doing our part to keep CVE beautiful!