Jim Morningstar shares a model of the origins of the human mind and consciousness from a love based perspective which gives us a clear understanding of their true benefit on our evolutionary journey.
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Master You Mind, Master Your Life - Free Video Classes

Master Your Mind, Master Your Life
Master Your Mind, Master Your Life
Sign up here: https://goo.gl/7eHHzE for three free video classes in which Jim Morningstar, PhD, Director of the School of Integrative Psychology, shares the three basic principles of mental mastery and manifestation that in one form or another are used by all successful people as well as exercises to help you accomplish this mastery. 

Video #1 is Your Deepest Beliefs - The Analysis Principle
In this short video you will engage in the process which uncovers the hidden personal beliefs which undermine your effectiveness.
Video #2 is Changing Your Mind - The Affirmation Principle
In this video you will gain expertise in creating personally designed tools for mental mastery and life change, not just generic one size fits all principles for everyone.
Video #3 is Self Direction - The Goals Principle
The final touch comes here in learning to apply the Four P's of effective goal setting and craft a blueprint for balanced responsible accomplishment for the next year and the rest of the years of your life. 

Every time you put something positive into the 

universe, the world changes. Your kindness 

invites miracles to show up - not just in your 

world but in the whole world.
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 with Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.
The  Personal Effectiveness Principles training is a series of eight online classes enabling participants to gain clarity about their life goals and success in achieving them. Class members learn and practice:
~principles for thinking clearly, acting passionately  and responsibly and obtaining fulfilling results in their unique way,

~how to help create an environment that will sustain ongoing positive life changes for themselves and others.

Tools used in this course:
  • clear information regarding being most effective in life, adapted to all varieties ofpeople in all lifecircumstances (i.e. all races, genders, economic conditions...),
  • class interaction in which you hear constructive feedback from the facilitator to participants on personal use of effectiveness principles,
  • supportive sharing and inspiration from the experience of others,
  • practice online and outside of audio class with applications to what is important in one's life,
  • acknowledgment of personal successes.

inquire about openings: info@transformationsusa.com