Is your middle school student challenged by the transition to online classes?
Is anxiety or lack of focus interrupting successful learning?

ILD introduces our new online course:
Master Your Mind the SMARTS Way!
Remote learning has created huge challenges for students,
and not to mention, you, their parents!

Students are expected to manage their time both in and out of school, prioritize tasks, resist distractions, and shift smoothly between the home life, school life, and social life. These skills are all governed by executive function: the brain's ability to set goals, think flexibly, organize and prioritize, and self-monitor. EF is a challenge for students in the best of times, and remote learning makes executive function strategies even more important. 

ILD and ResearchILD are leaders in executive function strategy instruction for students of all ages. Master Your Mind is based on SMARTS, ResearchILD’s flagship, research-based, executive function strategy curriculum. SMARTS is an acronym for Strategies, Motivation, Awareness, Resilience, Talent, and Success—the b uilding blocks for academic and life success.

For the past 12 years, our Master Your Mind workshops have taught students the strategies they need to succeed from elementary school through college, and into their professional lives. Students learn practical, hands-on strategies they can immediately apply to their work. Our approach emphasizes the importance of self-understanding, providing students with opportunities to reflect on their unique strengths and challenges and to apply that knowledge to the strategies they use. Students learn in an engaging and supportive environment, sharing ideas and giving feedback to their peers. At the completion of the course, students will have developed a personalized toolbox of EF strategies they can use to tackle challenging academic work and life situations.

While we offer Master Your Mind workshops throughout the summer for all grade levels, this online class is specifically designed for Middle-School aged students currently in grades 6-8.

Register now! This course is limited to the first 10 students!
Master Your Mind the SMARTS Way!

Tuesdays and Thursdays,
May 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21
6 sessions, 50 minutes each

Master Your Mind Modules for Middle School Students

Week 1 : May 5 & 7: What is Executive Function?
Understanding Time

Week 2 : May 12 & 14: Personal Goal Setting and Planning

Week 3 : May 19 & 21: Thinking Flexibly and Maintaining Focus
For more information on this program and our upcoming summer programs, please contact Donna Kincaid, or 781-861-3711 x111.
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