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December is Relax and Plan Month
Don't blame the holidays, you were fat in August -- Unknown

Upcoming Events
Local Races & BSE clinics

Blue Sky clinics:
12/3 -  10am -3-D Functional Training for the Endurance Athlete - Compass Fitness
12/17 -10am-  Fat Adaptation & Exogenous Ketones for Endurance Athletes-SNAP Fitness

Upcoming Races: 
12/3- Last Chance 50k, 7am
12/3 - Reindeer Run, 9am
12/10 - Bulldog Breakaway 5k, 8am
12/10 - Arthritis Jingle Bell Run 5k, 9am
12/10 - Kiawah Half & Full Marathon, 8am
12/17- 3rd Annual Nexton Cocoa Cup 5k, 9:30am

Group Ride - Tuesday 4:00pm -check Meetup and FB for additional changes as needed
Group Run - Every Thursday 6:00pm - Bring your blinky light  

Need to get in a long run, ride, or swim this winter? Check out our Meetup group or FB page:

Click the link below to find out more about our events.                                                   

December Doings
Whole month: Dominate December - attend all Thursday night runs & earn a BSE T-shirt!
12/10 - Kiawah Half/full Marathon Expo-  Stop by the BSE tent at the finish to get your Kiawah Challenge Award (if you did the tri too, no cheating)
12/11 - Parade Party - stop by for hot cocoa and watch the parade(restrooms included)! Mention the newsletter for a FREE GIFT with purchase
12/15 - Jingle Jog with On Running -- demo run of the NEW Cloud Flow shoe 

Looking ahead - 2017
     -Info session: 1/7 @10am
2/7 - Kick off for Racing with Ruth Marie: Bridge Run Training Program
TBA-  Charleston Marathon Preview Training Run 

Monthly Spotlight
The Offseason and Beyond

Ahhh the offseason, a time for sitting, eating, and lazing about....right? Um, no. Ok, yes and no. Every athlete should take some time off during the year to recharge and recover from a season of racing. Often times the 'holiday season' is a great time to have an offseason. We're busy with families and parties, the weather is getting cold, our bodies simply want to hibernate. It is a great time to back off of our strict training schedules, to exercise for fun rather than purpose. However, if we don't play our cards right we can rest so perfectly that we're not ready for the new year of training and racing looming a few weeks away. A month of fun and sloth-like behavior can lead to 10-15 lb weight gain and lack of fitness. How SHOULD you approach the offseason and plan for the 'beyond'? Follow these basic steps:

  1. Change your routine rather than taking a total break: if you like to swim, bike, run all year long, this time of year is perfect for you to try something new. Join a yoga or pilates studio for a month or two. Try out some group fitness classes at your gym. Hire a personal trainer and focus on strength training rather than aerobic fitness. If you can't break away from the swim, bike run routine then follow #2

  2. Focus on form: If you truly love to swim, bike, run take the time in your offseason to focus on form rather than distance or speed. This is the time to become more efficient in the pool …. get a swim lesson and work on your drills rather than yards in the pool--CALL for your free 15 min swim stroke analysis or commit to the the full lesson for only $75. Becoming more efficient allows you to use less energy when you're moving—that will translate to faster times with less effort! Who doesn't love that??

  3. Spend extra time working on your weakest sport: Do you love running? Do you want to run a marathon in the offseason?? Well DON'T! Spend time focusing on your weakest sport. If you stink at swimming, get in the pool.... a lot...Is cycling your weak sport, talk to a coach about how to improve your skills and get your butt on a bike trainer during the cold months. We have GREAT trainers here at BSE. Check our our product highlight below to learn more about Wahoo Kickrs.

  4. Eat up buttercup! Yes that's right. A lot of athletes like to stay at or near a perfect race weight. Hey, we're all a little vain. During the offseason relax a little. If you train with some extra lbs in the offseason, your body uses more motor neuron and muscle fibers to do the work—but in when you drop the weight, those neurons and fibers have less to do so you'll be faster—it's like taking off a weighted vest. It's technical...look it's beyond the purview of this newsletter but it's a cool idea.

  5. Look ahead: Now is the time to think about your goals for the next year. Do you want to 'tri a tri'? Challenge yourself with a new distance? Try a new sport? Swim with a masters group? Set a PR? Now is the time to start planning ahead. Look for training opportunities... and low and behold Blue Sky has several planned for the new year!

Playing your cards right in the offseason can give you a much needed mental and physical break, however, don't give up. Have a plan...Have some fun.... BUT get your body ready for a great year ahead.                                      

Featured Product
Wahoo KICKR and KICKR SNAP Bike Trainers
Wahoo Fitness is a tech-fitness company that has created an ecosystem of sensors and devices for runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts.  

Whether you are training for a big race or just want to beat your friend on your weekend ride, the Wahoo KICKR has the realistic ride feel and power accuracy to make it happen.   Take the rear wheel off your bike and connect to the Wahoo KICKR for accurate power measurement, controlled resistance, open third-party software options, and the smoothest indoor riding on the market. Pain cave, meet your new best friend.

The Wahoo KICKR SNAP brings a realistic ride experience indoors and into a wheel-on smart trainer. The SNAP's legendary flywheel features technology that creates the same resistance experienced in outdoor climbs and descents. Plus, no other indoor bike trainer has more software training options, including Zwift and Trainer Road.
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