June 2022 Newsletter
We are excited to announce that Mastercam 2023 is now available to download for all current maintenance customers! Click here to log into your My.Mastercam account for the 2023 download link.

To keep you as informed as possible, we put together some helpful resources to help you explore the the benefits of the new version.
MCAM's Top 4 Features of Mastercam 2023
Mastercam 2023 hosts many automation updates, which make your programming more flexible and efficient. Although it is hard to pick favorites, we listed a couple key additions in that we feel are total game changers for the way you program!
View all these short videos in our YouTube playlist.
B-Axis Contour Turning
This new finishing toolpath allows for rotation of the B-axis while the tool is cutting.

Undercut Stock Detection
Dynamic OptiRough and Area Roughing toolpaths can now be aware of undercut stock conditions, resulting in improvement to the toolpath motion and less air cutting.

Machine Group Setup
The new function panel for Mill and Router has six pages that provides a top-down structured workflow from setting your machine definition to choosing the machine that is displayed during simulation.

Tilt Relative to Reference Surface
This option lets you drive the tool axis control from another surface, including surfaces that are shaped differently than the machining geometry.

View all the new features of Mastercam 2023 on the What's New Page!
Many of the 2023's enhancements were suggested by Mastercam users,
let us know if one of your suggestions made it into the 2023 release!
Mastercam Tech Tip
How to Install Mastercam 2023
This video shows how to install Mastercam 2023, step-by-step, for a standard installation. Including, how to do a clean uninstall if you have been running a 2023 Beta or Production Candidate.

Slow Toolpath Regenerations
in Lathe
When regenerating a Lathe operation, you might see the tool playing out a backplot of the operation during regeneration. This is where the Tool Display option can come in handy.

Training & Support
We're here to make transitioning to a new version as easy as possible! Current Maintenance customers have primary access to Mastercam software updates, version releases and unparalleled technical support and training from us. If you have any questions about how to get started with the new version, give us a call!
Private Training
MCAM Northwest offers private Mastercam training sessions for your team to get started with Mastercam 2023. These sessions are conducted completely online!

New Feature Series
Streamingteacher will shorten your learning curve dramatically for learning Mastercam's new features! You can start learning Mastercam 2023 today with a Pro account. Streamingteacher's New Feature Series (NFS) presentations are free to attend live June through July!

If you are interested in Mastercam 2023, and not on maintenance, contact us! Current Mastercam Maintenance customers have primary access to download new software versions, plus quality support and training from us!
(503) 653-5332