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 Mastercard 2 series bin's,
get the facts and know the risks!
MasterCard recently introduced their new 2 Series BIN cards, this is an expansion of MasterCard's existing 5 Series BIN range. What this means is MasterCard cards will now begin with either a 5 or a 2.  How this affects merchants: in order to ensure you can accept these new numbers as a merchants, verify that all terminals/gateways are up to date with.....Learn More

For more information, you can view MasterCard's 2 BIN FAQ: Learn More
As well as MasterCard's 2 Series BIN website: Learn More

Mastercard 2-Series BIN Readiness 
Mastercard is driving practical and effective solutions
Mastercard is driving practical and effective
solutions to address the industry's Bank Identification Number (BIN) situation - expanding BIN supply and inspiring smarter BIN use through more efficient systems.  MasterCard is rolling out an additional range of six-digit BINs. This will effectively double the existing supply of MasterCard BINs. The 2-series BINs will work exactly the same way as the 5-series BINs do today.
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