Memorable is a way of being. It is not something that happens to you…it is something you personally drive and align with. Being memorable is a conscious decision to claim, celebrate, and share the one-of-a-kind personal brand of you. Mastering memorable is leveraging your legacy, mindfully, with intention, consistently, in a moment-centric and engaging way. It is a skill-set and an art-form that heightens confidence, projects individuality, and draws people into your aura.

Mastering memorable is about leading you.
This is a choice that personally and professionally activates all others.

Mastering memorable puts you in action.
The question to ask yourself as you March forward into 2020 is…
How do you want to lead you?
Your answer changes everything!
Here are Some Fresh DIY Ways to Master Memorable This March
Challenge yourself to 31 days of consistent messaging: Make this the month that you develop a new awareness in regard to how you engage with the world around you, and ultimately with yourself. Think of yourself as a brand, because you are! You do not have to be a founder or entrepreneur to have a brand. Every day, you wake up to this incredible brand of YOU. It permeates your personal and professional life. From what you say, to what you wear, to where you go, to who you engage with, this brand of you should be consistently and mindfully building legacy every day. Capitalizing on projecting a united and seamless voice is your link to successfully engaging in the moment, and to igniting growth and legacy. Make sure that the messages you convey on social media, in your emails, at networking events, at work, and with those closest to you reflect the same vibe and presence. For each of March’s 31 days challenge yourself to mastering memorable. Each morning set an intention in regard to aligning a different aspect of the brand of you that day. Then commit to making that happen in that same 24-hours. Here are some ideas:

-        Strengthen your LinkedIn profile by making it reflective of today. What is the message you want the world to know about professional you? Make sure it is up to date and a sizzle reel of your professional skillsets. Remember, this is not about what you think someone wants to see or hear, but rather it is about what sets you apart, and what is an accurate reflection of who you are. It should have an energy level from picture to key words that mirrors the brand of you. Once you have tweaked this, carry that same message across all social media platforms and websites.

-         Network to grow a network. Networking BEGINS when you leave the room not when you enter it. Read that again if you need to! You won’t move the needle on building a network unless you follow up post event and develop the relationships that are at the heart of networking. Challenge yourself to be a connector of others, to provide value to people, to be more than a business card. Make that card come to life by inviting your network to other events, by connecting on social media, co-hosting events, or by meeting for a virtual, or in real life coffee. If you know in advance who is speaking at an event, engage with them online prior. Stand out where you can through standing for something. One message.

-         Be conversational. Talk about the everyday. Put your phone down in public and really engage with others face-to-face. Get to know people. Understand them. Can you have 31 new and engaging conversations in an unexpected way in the month of March? Connect the dots on this from business to everyday life. Everyone wants to be hired, chosen, invited, and honored. Let go of selling what you offer and lean into selling YOU. None of the sales and transactional stuff happens without building a foundation of know, like and trust first. Get out of the mindset of building a house without the foundation. Think of being memorable as a bottom up build every single day. What you bring to the table for someone else? Can you connect them to a client or service? Do you know something they need to know? How can you stay front of mind? The business deals, connections, and winning results you seek are on the other side of your consistent touch points and of-service mindset with those you meet in all walks of life.

-        Marry mind and heart. When you believe in yourself, your intuition is engaged, and your focus will shift to organically combine head and heart together in decision-making. It is only then that self-love and self-leadership will drive your actions. The biggest gap people experience in their own truth is in thinking one thing and doing another. Seek both mind and heart together and you lead you in an authentically memorable way because you stay true to getting the goals that you set, and to living your life with awareness and purpose. The integration becomes seamless.
-         Choose!! Take your power back. You can’t be memorable if you are indecisive. Nothing will stick! Mastering memorable is mastering an ongoing series of choices. It is leading by doing. Create a vision this month of what you want the balance of the year to hold for you in all aspects of your life, and then go to it! Build that vision. Every day make a new and action-driven choice that gets you closer…31 steps closer this month alone… to living a life you love.
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