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Mastering The Member Information Center 

The Dover Chamber's Member Information Center (MIC) is a powerful web-based resource.

Your MIC account helps you:

Promote your company on the Chamber's website 

Connect with other businesses virtually

Register for events and programs

Make a payment online


New updates to the MIC have been made this year to help simplify and enrich your online experience. Throughout the fall, we will deliver key tools and tips to your inbox to help you optimize your business listing online, and connect with your colleagues and the community.
Featured Tip #2
Updating your member profile is a snap! Select "Account Settings" in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard and click either "Personal Information" or "Company Information" to add to your profile. Profile information should include your individual name, company name, and contact information for both. Make sure it's up-to-date! 

Below are steps to add a photo to your MIC
Step 1
Once logged-in, click on "Account Settings" and select "Personal Information" from the drop-down menu.
Step 2
In the left-hand navigation, third item down, click "Photo".
Step 3
Click the "+" and find a photo from your personal library. Click "Open" when ready.
Step 4
You can crop your photo to your liking, and then click "Crop and Save".
Next Up on Wed., Oct. 29th: Learn how to contact a group of members

Click here for a 7 minute video to get the full benefits of how to update your member profile
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