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San Miguel Literary Sala Presents
Mastering Writing Skills 
by Joy Sablatura

The San Miguel Literary Sala will present four skill-building writers’ workshops and a memoir master class online in October.
The World Wants to Make You a Better Writer with David Dykes: This workshop will use a combination of writing exercises, examples from great works of fiction, using sensory details and patterns of revelation in your life, as well as inspiration arising from interactive imaginative activities to make you a better writer and to break through your blocks and limitations. Oct. 18 & 20, 5:307:00 p.m. CDT.
The Divine Details: The Key Ingredient in Creative Nonfiction with David Ramsey: Details are the precise notes that allow a piece of writing to sing. We’ll examine how details show the reader something clear, specific, and unforgettable. We’ll explore how to hone your powers of observation to make your writing vivid and punchy, using three key elements of effective details: specificity, purpose, and surprise. Oct. 18 & 20, 3:00–4:30 p.m. CDT.
Jumpstart Your Story: Building Energy from Beginning to End with Susan Meyers: This intensive workshop is designed to help you get started — or to recharge — your novel or memoir project by delving into several less frequently studied narrative tools. In this class, we’ll delve into these craft areas (momentum, shaping, time, and information release) to see how they work — and how you can apply them to shape your own story. Oct. 19, 4:00–7:00 p.m. CDT.
“To Be or Not To Be” — The Art of Writing Compelling Monologues with Tom Coash: Monologues are booming in popularity, and they can be many things, a confession, a sermon, a song, a speech, but what they can’t be is forced or fake. The audience must totally buy into a character and their intentions to put up with a long speech. This seminar will take a close look at successful monologues and use playwriting/theater techniques plus writing exercises to give you a fun, fresh look at the art of single-handed spiels. Oct. 19 & 21, 3:00–4:30 p.m. CDT.
6-Hour Master Class – Memoir: How to Create Unforgettably Vivid Moments Your Readers Will Never Forget with Laura Davis. Oct 30, 10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m., 3:00–6:00 p.m.
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Upcoming EVENTS

Poetry Café | Wendy Bichel, Signe Hammer and Ken Morrow | OCT 5 | 5:00 PM CDT | Free

Prose Café: Seriously Funny | Geoff Hargreaves, Gabrielle Brie, and Mark Saunders | OCT 7 | 5:00 PM CDT | Free

Silent Write | OCT 13 | 7:30 PM CDT | Free

Distinguished Speaker Series: "Forget the Alamo" | Jason Stanford and Chris Tomlinson | OCT 17 | 6:00 PM CDT

In Focus: The Making of a Memoir | Laura Davis and Angie Abdou | OCT 27 | 6:30 PM CDT | Free

Workshops Scheduled in OCTOBER

The Divine Details: The Key Ingredient in Creative Nonfiction | Creative Nonfiction | David Ramsey | OCT 18 & 20 | 3:00 PM CDT

The World Wants to Make You a Better Writer | Fiction | David Dykes | OCT 18 & 20 | 5:30 PM CDT

“To Be or Not To Be” — The Art of Writing Compelling Monologues | Playwritiing, All Prose | Tom Coash | OCT 19 & 21 | 3:00 PM CDT


Memoir: How to Create Unforgettably Vivid Moments Your Readers Will Never Forget | Life Story | Laura Davis | OCT 30, 10:00 AM CDT
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$140 USD
2 3-hr workshops
1 Speaker Event
$225 USD
3 3-hr workshops
$350 USD
5 3-hr Workshops
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