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Tech Tips: Edition 5
Mastering the
Member Information Center
The Dover Chamber's Member Information Center (MIC) is a powerful web-based resource, and there's no better time to become familiar with the ins and outs of the MIC than while practicing social distancing! Today's Tech Tip will go over how to update your individual contact information.
Featured Tip: Updating Your Personal Information
Step 1:
Once logged in ( see logging in steps here ), simply select the "Personal Information" icon from the left column navigation.
Step 2:
You will be brought to the "Profile" section and should update your information accordingly. Make sure to " Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.
Please Note:
You can select the "Copy Organization Information" option to have the address and phone information for you be the same as the company's. You can also indicate on this page if you are the "Primary Contact" or "Billing Contact" for your company.
Step 3:
Click the "Display Preferences" button to determine what is viewed on the public directory vs. the Member Information Center directory.
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