Good Morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Although Saturday was rainy, yesterday was beautiful, so I hope you all got outside.  We are happy to announce a new member to our family!  Meet Josie (the big one).  She joins her sister Zoey (the little one).  
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Today is all about creating masterpieces!

Kenzie & Alison created this beautiful masterpiece on their grandma's back deck window.  All you need is tape, paint and a brush or sponge.  Well done girls!

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Masterpieces don't necessarily have to be art.  It can be getting your garden ready, like Pierce helped his mom with.  Can't wait to see the finished project
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I love this project that Ms. Melissa sent me.  You can make a beautiful Stick Mobile with some sticks from your yard, yarn, and photos.  Thanks for sharing Ms. Melissa.

Send me pictures of some of your masterpieces so I can share with others.  

And for your parents & staff- Darien will celebrate Health Care Professionals and First Responders with Ring the Bells every Saturday night from 7:00 - 7:05 PM.  If you don't live in Darien, check with your town to see when they will be doing it.

Keep letting me know what you are doing to stay busy!  I love getting all of your emails!! 

I miss all of you!

Ms. Suzanne