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Connected work improves everything we do with horses.   It takes us from a language of concepts to sensations of feel.

                JUNE 2018     

Editor's note: This "Masters of Movement" article is simplified from an article published in 2009. Enjoy! (You can read the full article here.) 
Judy Good, editor

Masters of Movement
by Peggy Cummings

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It is optimal for horses to move from their hind quarters when under saddle. The energy generated from the hindquarters should travel forward through the back to the shoulders, neck, poll and mouth where the energy is received through the reins.

To create this movement of energy, the horse's body is shifting weight from back to front, side to side and down to up.

In Connected Riding® riders learn to synchronize with the movement of their horses by addressing two fundamental questions:
* How do my riding habits affect my horse's movement?
* What is key to connecting to my horse's movement?

* How do my riding habits affect my horse's movement?
"As above, so below" is the principle of comparable parts - If the force we undertake with our own body goes against the movement of the horse, we block the horses movement. This puts an additional load on the horse's back and joints and causes them to move with hollow, head-high and on-the-forehand posture.

If riders are either arched (left) or slumped (right) in their riding posture, they are "dead weight" on the horse. This creates a downward cycle of resistance, compression, and restricted movement in both horse and rider.

* What is key to connecting to my horse's movement?
From years of research and experimentation, I have come to know that a neutral pelvis position (one in which the hips are free to move independently and core muscles automatically re-balance the rider's upper body and movement) takes the work out of balance in motion.

Many of my students have had extensive training and find they can easily incorporate Connected Riding® into their performance with great success once they've mastered awareness of their bodies.


Neutral pelvis is the only posture where the rider's extremities do not have to "hold on" to find balance. I teach neutral pelvis position by having each student feel it kinesthetically while sitting, standing, walking, sitting on a saddle stand, on a horse and in motion.

Bodies are assembled with bones, held together by joints and strung together with ligaments and muscles. When muscles are braced with tension and joints are stiff, bones cannot move with ease. Use Connected Groundwork exercises to release bracing patterns in your horse.

Being "masters of movement" we support our horses' ease and ability to move energy from back to front, side to side and down to up for better performance and longevity. 

With Connected Riding® we become the change that makes the difference! If you are an instructor, you can add Connected Riding® principles to your program. Host an event in your area. 

Click on this image to see the hosting Q&A, or click here to ask Stephanie (email) about hosting an event in your area. 

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Susan Cook, VP
Like-minded horse folks have been hosting Connected Riding events worldwide for over 25 years. It is what turns the wheel of Connection and builds communities of riders who have committed to this work and want to share it with others. Yes, hosting is a labor of love, with benefits, such as spending one-on-one time with Peggy or a course instructor, and having conversations and question and answer time that is often deeper and more intimate. It also gives people a chance to include those in their horse community an opportunity to "try on" some new ideas and methods to see for themselves how this work can help their horses' and their riding. We welcome you to inquire about how to "join the cause" and host a Connected Riding event in your area. We would love to include you in our community!

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We will add some details and takeaways for their teaching that can make huge differences for them, their school horses and their students.

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