Issue 21                                                                                                                 June 2016
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Many people have reached out this month as would be expected with the change to Members' Exclusive Features. The vast majority have been supportive and understanding with many reaffirming their requests for this to have happened long ago. Some are understandably confused as I don't mention much of what happens behind the scenes. This newsletter will clarify the things people have been asking about this month. Hope this helps clear things up. Please share with your friends and also feel free to call if there is anything you want to discuss (you can use the numbers below or call me through Facebook messenger).

Most of the site is accessible to everyone & you do not need to be a member (of anything) to be listed.  Click for information on and to get membership. You can also see what is accessible to everyone on the membership information page. Registering does not get you a membership, it makes the site easier to use by filling out forms, like for submitting results, and enables you to jump right to your profile from almost every page (just like much of the site - click on your name wherever it appears including above Dave & Buster's logo).  

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By the Numbers & Meet Results
These are the meets and performances added in June:
  • 30,579 performances added (2,057 by athletes)
  • Representing 8,910athletes from 71 countries
  • 2,047 new athletes listed
Meet Results Added for (in order of number of performances):
Ranked Athlete Spotlight

Masters Athletics changes lives for the better. Ricardo Limos exemplifies this and demonstrates the passion to get more people to get involved plus compelling many to achieve & exceed their expectations. Ricardo's promising athletics career ended at 24 with Achilles surgery. Fast forward 10 years when Antonio Fortunato told him about Masters Athletics and he competed without much training and being much heavier. Ricardo was hooked and committed. A change in jobs enabled Ricardo to train much more effectively and the results are self-explanatory: 7 international medals and 50 Portuguese National Masters Championships in 8 years plus holds 4 National Records! There are many of these great stories in Masters Athletics but not as many people like Ricardo who is very actively promoting athletics in Portugal, enthusiastically cheering on, encouraging and motivating his national teammates plus frequently engaging fellow masters athletes through social media. Young by masters standards but benefiting masters athletics more than most with much more time involved. Thank you Ricardo - Portuguese Masters is lucky to have you.

Want to be featured in future Spotlights? Have a compelling or motivating story? We'd love to feature you. Email me @ with a little about you and your compelling story and I will send you a few questions to facilitate writing the article.
What you want to know
What does it take to maintain the site?, Inc. is a business, a non-profit, US 501(c)(3) public charity, that has all the facets of same. Maintaining the site includes, but is not limited to,
  • Programming and refining programs (website and processing performances);
  • Performances to be gathered, converted and inserted;
  • Emails to be processed;
  •, Inc. business requirements (taxes, forms, accounting, board meetings, accounts payable, etc.);
  • Publicizing;
  • Identify and contact potential sponsors (sustainable funding);
  • Identify and apply for grants (sustainable funding); 
How big is MastersRankings' staff?
MastersRankings has 0 paid staff, 1 person dedicating a significant amount of time weekly (doing the vast majority of the above), a small group of people whose help is invaluable providing results, compiling national rankings, proofreading, etc. The most notable are Terry - USA; Don - AUS, Emmanuel and John - Europe. MastersRankings is very grateful to those who help make this site what it is through your hard work, support and encouragement.   

How do performances get inserted?
The people mentioned above are responsible for 97% of the performances listed.  These people get results from websites, convert to a format MastersRankings' programs can use then run and monitor the programs to insert the performances. Athlete submissions are very helpful as they are frequently the way we know where to get the results and are the only way some results will get inserted (where meet results are not posted or do not have athlete ages to confirm it is a masters athlete).  Additionally, meet results are sent to us much more frequently from meet organizers. Often an athlete will submit their mark and not realize that it has already been inserted.

How will the site get funded?
The long term plan is to fund a small staff (and pay the current staff) plus pay the expenses to operate the site and company through sponsorships, grants with hopefully some help from national & worldwide governing bodies.

Why change to memberships and why $25?
The site would cease to exist going down the path it was going. Things do not get done when there is so much to do and few doing them. Securing funding through sponsors and grants has suffered and not gotten done. Athlete contributions only started in February of 2014. Total athlete contributions between then and June 2nd (before memberships) are less than the amount invested by MastersRankings' unpaid staff member over the same period (athlete contributions have declined through the years too). It cannot continue this way. $25 was picked based on the short term funding needs and the estimate how many people would contribute.  Exactly 500 people have contributed since memberships started this month - below expectations.

What can athletes do to help MastersRankings?
Do something - taking action on MastersRankings' behalf is hugely helpful. MastersRankings' staff is stretched pretty thin and going in many directions so anything you can and are willing to do that helps is grately appreciated.
  • Contribute toward a membership - these are what are paying MastersRankings' bills for now. Membership contributions are US tax deductible.
  • Contact someone about sponsoring MastersRankings. Do you work or know someone in a company that could champion sponsoring MastersRankings? Your passion toward what you do is compelling and could be extremely effective to secure a sponsor for MastersRankings.  Information for Companies Considering Sponsoring
  • Find grants (and apply for them).  Of course, unlike above, you and I will need to work together on some of this but there is a lot you can do for MastersRankings.

There are so many other things that can be done.  Reach out if you want to help - you can call, email, Facebook message...! 

Imagine the probability
A Canadian competing in Lyon said that he would not criticize this site because he understood what it takes. Anyone who understands the immense effort this takes also knows that this site is an over achiever - an amazing amount gets done with little resources. Imagine what this site will be with a little more staff and the support funding - WOW!

John Seto
(845) 635-9487p
(845) 489-7818c
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