December 2020 E-Newsletter
Hey All,

The Holidays are just around the corner – finally, some good news! It’s nice to have something that you don’t just have to "make the best of" for a change. I always enjoy this Season. The photo below is the winter view from our house.
A Mind Like Still Water
The documentary A Mind Like Still Water, filmed at a Mark and Jim Collaborative Clinic in Colorado two years ago and distributed by Passion River Films, will be out on December 29th and is available to pre-order now. As a DVD it can be found on Amazon, and if you’re young and don’t have a DVD player it can be pre-ordered on iTunes. As you will see from the trailer this isn’t just a film about horses; it’s a film about people and horses.

My personal Goal since I started teaching, is that every horse on the planet have experienced the Bladder Meridian Technique at least once. A very simple and modest goal. I think anyone, experienced horse-person or not, with a little guidance can do at least the Bladder Meridian Technique on a horse.

As people who have done this can tell you, it can change the horse physically and it can change the horse mentally/emotionally - in the way that the horse views the human in its world. And it can change the way a horse person views the horse in her/his world.

For me, the most important thing about this documentary is that it has the potential to reach a much larger audience than horse people. It has the potential to reach an audience that has no idea what horses can do for people, and in the process, reach an exponential number of horses.
If you like the film, you can help us reach that goal by writing a review and by telling your friends. If you don’t like the film, help us by telling your enemies.
We received this message from Dylan Silver, the film’s director and co-producer, last week when pre-ordering was first made available on Amazon:

“Some exciting news! Passion River's DVD for A MIND LIKE STILL WATER was placed in the Top New Releases on Amazon! Currently listed as #2. The DVD is also ranking #5 in Amazon's "Most Wished For" list as well as an additional placement secured on Amazon's Best-Sellers in Documentary!!

With this visibility, a decent amount of pre-orders on Amazon is expected over the next few weeks.

With these placements secured, we'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND you push your audience to review the film. With that social proof, this will help move the needle towards a conversion for consumers discovering your film on Amazon for the first time.”

I'm not sure what that all means but it sounds exciting. Apparently, ordering and reviewing the film on Amazon or iTunes/AppleTV will convert consumers, and increase visibility by needling them with, proof?

So, if you want to needle some consumers with social proof in the next section you'll find a couple of links that will show you how to order the film on Amazon and iTunes/AppleTV.

Another thing that we're told can happen is that the film can gain enough attention and momentum to be picked up by larger distributors such as Netflx.

So if you're inspired to help us to reach our goal, take a look at the film, and don’t forget to write a review.
Our New "Hands Online" Membership Program
Another thing that's happened is the first of this month, we started our new Hands Online membership program. Level 1 of this 2-level monthly subscription program will offer online guidance to people who haven’t yet attended an in-person Weekend Seminar, and Level 2 guided practice is for people who have taken a Weekend Seminar or another course and would like practice in the finer points of The Masterson Method Techniques.

Hands Online is a monthly subscription program for horse owners and horse people who want to learn more and get better at working with their own horses; priced to be accessible to as many people and to reach as many horses, as possible. If you want to learn more about the program, see farther down or go to

Please note that Hands Online Membership is not part of the Masterson Method Certified Practitioner Program; a robust and extensive one to two-year hands-on certification program in the Masterson Method.

If you would like to find Masterson Method Certified Practitioner in your area to work on your horses, take a look here:
Upcoming Clinics and Courses
Mark Rashid and I will be doing another Collaborative Clinic together in Phoenix January 20 to 22. Over three days we’ll be evaluating, body-working, and training six different riders/horses, and sharing what we find with auditors. While the clinic participants are already registered, we always look forward to having auditors to share this with. If you ask me, that’s the best value in the house.

If you’re interested in in-person training we have Masterson Method Weekend Seminars and Advanced Courses coming up in over twenty different states in the US, as well as in Canada, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, and New Zealand in the coming year. And more to come! Check out our updated Calendar listing below (scroll down to the bottom of this newsletter)

If you’re interested in the Masterson Method and are involved as a professional or volunteer at an Equine Assisted Therapy program, we have Masterson Method Equine Specialist training coming up in March, April and May in Wisconsin, New York and Texas. More information on this program can be found here:

Quebec! (that’s kebec!)
We now have a French-speaking Instructor in Quebec, MM instructor Sylvie Vallières has Weekend Seminars scheduled in April and June 2021, and she’s sent us an article she’s had placed in the winter issue of Cheval Quebec magazine. If you want to want to see how the Masterson Method is done in French read below.

Sylvie is our first French-teaching Instructor, and is rapidly spreading the word in that language, in Quebec. Allez Sylvie!

That’s it for now. Check out what’s going on with courses and specials below, and don’t forget to grab a bag of popcorn and check out A Mind Like Still Water on Amazon or iTunes, and leave a review.

And a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season from all of us at Masterson Method!

Until next year, like me,

Enjoy your horses - and your people!

A Mind Like Still Water
"How You Do One Thing, Is How You Do Everything"
Documentary with Jim and Mark Rashid
DVD Front Cover
DVD Back Cover
"Mindy and Linda arrive at Happy Dog Ranch to attend the clinic of world renowned horsemen Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid. Although they anticipate a few days of simple tips and tricks to connect better with their horses, the participants quickly realize this isn't an average workshop and that their horses aren't the ones who need to change. The more Mindy and Linda connect with their horses, the more they start to question how they've navigated their lives outside of horsemanship. In an emotional and life-altering week, they learn the art of softening, and let go of the truths they've held on to, until now. A Mind Like Still Water proves it's never too late for change."
Jump on the Moving Train:
Hands Online Training
Membership Program has begun!
Different Levels of Learning – Hands Online Membership Program
The goal of all of our programs is to teach people to get better and better at whatever level of bodywork they are practicing or learning. Once you start working on or with horses, you never stop learning. Our goal is to facilitate that.

This is how this Membership Program works:

Hands Online Level 1 Members 
Have access to a monthly live call with Jim, "Live Review with Jim", reviewing bodywork session and taking your questions. Some of these events will be live bodywork sessions, similar to Facebook Live events done in the past. Other events will have recorded bodywork sessions where Jim will answer questions about the session on a live Zoom call.

The January Live Review with Jim Zoom call will be on January 6, 2021 at 1:00PM Central Time. You'll be able to preview the recorded bodywork session starting January 1 in the Member Level 1 area.

Hands Online Level 2 Members
Have access to all of the Level 1 features, and additional Level 2 features to help students improve on Masterson Method Techniques they learned on their Beyond Horse Massage Home Study CourseMasterson Method Weekend Seminar, or Masterson Method Equine Specialist (MMES) Course. They will have to have taken one of the above courses in order to be enrolled in the second level.

On this level Jim will be reviewing videos of specific Techniques done on different horses in slow motion. The cool thing about this is the variety of horses that will be worked on, and the fact that the smallest detail of movement, bracing, softening or releasing can be seen, stopped and discussed in slow motion. This is something we’ve been developing for use in our upcoming Advanced Home Study Course and is super-helpful. Our first Technique, Lateral Cervical Flexion, was recorded and reviewed this month and is available to Level 2 members. Our second Technique, Head Down Poll Release, is coming up in January.

Another feature of the Level 2 Membership is monthly “Expert Hour” live presentations by Masterson Method Certified Practitioners and Instructors. We will cover topics such as tack and saddle fit, feet and legs, common injuries and physical issues, the effect of different disciplines and other topics that are relevant to what we find in the horse’s body.

Members in both Level 1 and Level 2 will be able to access archived recordings and interactive Forums to ask questions and connect with one another.

From our free YouTube Training Videos on up, it’s always been our philosophy to make content as accessible as possible for people to learn, at whatever level they desire. This program will do that. You’ll be able to learn what you can at one level, then decide whether to move on to another level, course, or program. 
Bodywork Blog Post:
The Nature of the Prey Animal
Finding and Releasing Tension
The horse is the ultimate prey animal. When feeling threatened by something in the environment, he is hard-wired to run away first and ask questions later. Survival for millennia has been dependent on living in the protection of the herd. Consequently, horses try not to show discomfort in their body. They hide it until a lameness or sickness develops that they can no longer hide. This is especially true in what we commonly refer to as “stoic” horses. It isn’t that stoic horses don’t feel the discomfort. Indeed they may be more sensitive than average. They just try harder not to show the pain or weakness.
Our International Program
Overseas Manager, Vicky Devlin
Speaking of overseas courses, we often highlight Masterson Method Certified Practitioners (MMCP's) and Instructors in this newsletter. I haven’t been able to travel overseas much (or at all) this year, so I thought it might be a good time to highlight our Overseas Manager, Vicky Devlin, who’s picked up the slack and who continues to do an amazing job of making the Masterson Method a true International organization.

When I went to Europe for the Endurance Team at the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany, I was asked to teach a couple of courses in England and Ireland. This was the start of our International courses.

Vicky Devlin showed up at one of these in 2008 or 2009 and was inspired to help us get the ball rolling over there. Her way with people, with horses, and her native organizational skills soon got us rolling in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. For the last ten years Vicky’s been paving the way to keep us growing overseas and we now have over 170 Certified Practitioners in… well, in the interest of saving space, click here to see the list of countries: 

We continue to have courses in the UK, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. She’s been at the forefront of selecting and training Instructors in all of these countries.

Vicky is in it for the horses - hers and the worlds’ - and does it all in addition to running her family business at home. How selfish!
I thought it might be easier to give a limited pictorial demonstration of her skills:   
Can work on small horses
...or large ones
...and difficult ones
Very good at teaching humans
Keeps her classes organized
Knows how to manage time
Well done, Vicky!

She teaches Weekends and Advanced Courses internationally. She has Weekend Seminars coming up in the next few months in the UK in Brockenhurst, Cornwall, and Hertfordshire. Check them out in the Calendar section below.

Next month we'll introduce you to our Instructor, Walter Saxe, who is keeping himself very, very busy with performance horses and people in Germany.
Getting Ready for the Holidays?
Plan for our sales ahead of time!
Holiday Sales for the Month of December!

  • Dec 13-19 15% off a year subscription of the Membership Level 1 or 2
  • Dec 20-26 25% off All Streaming Videos
  • Dec 27-Jan 2 15% off Beanies & Hats

*To receive the discount your purchase must be during the week the item is on sale.
Article in Cheval magazine
By Instructor and Coach
Sylvie Vallières
Brush up on your French to read Quebec Instructor and Coach,
Sylvie Vallières article on The Masterson Method.
Newly Certified Practitioners
To find a Certified Practitioner near you
Sue Weatherall
Cambridgeshire, UK

Sue first heard about The Masterson Method® whilst studying for a diploma in Equine Sports Massage Therapy. She bought the Beyond Horse Massage book and was hooked almost from page one!
Her Shire X mare Moll was the first horse she practiced the techniques on and the results really spoke for themselves. Moll loves her MM sessions! Sue was impressed by how gentle the techniques are and how quietly you work with the horse to achieve the most profound releases. She also loved the fact that you can influence the muscles and other structures in the horse that you can’t physically touch with conventional massage. Eighteen months after attending a weekend seminar, Sue is proud to be a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner.

Sue lives in north Cambridgeshire but will happily travel to neighbouring counties and beyond for group bookings. She is also more than happy to arrange a demo at your yard if there is interest in learning more about how The Masterson Method® can help you and your horse.

Phone: 7712149793
Liz Pechous
Lombard, IL

Liz grew up in the Chicago suburbs and always had a passion for animals. While attending college, she had the opportunity to take riding lessons and instantly fell in love with horses.

Liz then journeyed on to volunteer at a Therapeutic Riding Center, where she met very patient and understanding therapeutic horses.

She was amazed by what the horses did for the riders, and wanted to give something back to them.

While volunteering at the Therapeutic Center, Liz was introduced to the Masterson Method.® She was amazed by the effect it had on the horses and desired to learn me. This led to her journey of becoming an MMCP.

Liz enjoys meeting different horses on the way and helping them perform to the best of their abilities.

Phone: 630-915-7662
Ivana Šustrová
Praha, Czech Republic

My name is Ivana and I am based in Czech Republic and I have been around horses all my life. Started riding at an early age, mainly for pleasure.

I have always been passionate about the horse‘s welfare so I was looking to improve my skills, studied the equine bodywork at Equinology institute, and then I wished to add a bit different approach with more attention to what the horse is saying and feeling. Luckily I found The Masterson Method® and followed the path to become the MMCP.

Nowadays, I am introducing The Masterson Method® in Czech Republic with my business Horsetherapy, showing owners and trainers the different way of equine bodywork and the horses responses.

Brigitte Bisig
Studen, Switzerland

Brigitte Bisig, MMCP, is a trained horse trainer and professional instructor for horse professions by the SVPS Swiss Equestrian Federation. She has made horses her main job and has enormous knowledge, be it on or off the horse. It is important to her that it is always with the horse.

She heard about The Masterson Method® with interest and then attended Walter Saxe's weekend seminar fairly quickly. Afterwards she was convinced that with this method she could immediately see an improvement and change in the horse. The 5-Day course was completed with Jim Masterson in England. With diligence and will, she started the fieldwork study.

Brigitte likes to teach people and works with horses with great passion and ability. She also likes to come to her stable.

Phone: +41(0)792041687
Weekend Seminar-Workshop Schedule
* If the course you had your heart set on is sold out, please email to be added to the waiting list, or if you'd like to
host your own weekend (and earn a free spot) please email
USA Seminars

Jan 23 - 34, Wickenburg, AZ

Feb 20 - 21, Milton, FL

March 6 - 7, Bandera, TX

March 20 - 21, Stockton, NJ

March 20 - 21, Aiken, SC

March 27 - 28, DeWitt, MI

April 10 - 11, New Cambria, KS

April 10 - 11, Gaston, OR

April 24 - 25, Watsonville, CA

April 24 - 25, Wickenburg, AZ

May 1 - 2, Indianola, IA

May 8 - 9, Boscawen, NH

May 22 - 23, Coatesville, IN

May 29 - 30, Kalispell, MT

June 12 - 13, Yakima, WA

June 19 - 20, Sharon, VT

July 24 - 25, Winston Salem, NC

Aug 7 - 8, Ocean Shores, WA

August 21 - 22, Coatesville, IN

August 21 - 22, Portola Valley, CA

Aug 28 - 29, Augusta, ME

Oct 2 - 3, Kalispell, MT

Oct 9 - 10, Olympia, WA

Oct 30 - 31, Coatesville, IN

Canada Seminars

April 24 - 25 Granby, QC
(taught in French)

May 15 - 16 Campbellcroft, ON

May 29 - 30 Ponoka, AB

June 12 - 13 Saint-Nicolas, QC
(taught in French)

Sept 19 - 20 Cobourg, ON*
(*Note: Sun-Mon course)
European Seminars

Feb 27 - 28, Vierhöfen, DE

March 6 - 7, Uddel, NL

March 13 - 14, Brockenhurst, UK

March 20 - 21, Graz, AT

March 27 - 28, Aßlar, DE

March 27 - 28, Cornwall, UK

March 27 - 28, Wesepe, NL

April 17 - 18, Hertfordshire, UK

April 24 - 25, Uddel, NL (taught in Dutch)

April 24 - 25, Jübar, DE
(taught in German)

May 15 - 16, Oxfordshire, UK

May 22 - 23, Brockenhurst, UK

May 29 - 30, Landquart, CH
(taught in German)

August 7 - 8, Meerbusch, DE
(taught in German)

August 7 - 8, Studen, CH
(taught in German)

Oct 2 - 3, Pfaffenhofen, DE
(taught in German)

Oct 23 - 24, Quakenbrück, DE
(taught in German)

Australia & New Zealand Seminars

Feb 6 - 7, Napier, NZ

March 20 - 21, Nelson, NZ

Sept 11 - 12, Te Awamutu, NZ

South Africa

(Nothing Scheduled at this time, check back to our Courses page or next month's newsletter for updates)
Advanced 5-Day Course Schedule

USA Advanced Courses

Feb 15 - 19, Watsonville, CA with Sandy Vreeburg

March 22 - 26, Wickenburg, AZ with Coralie Hughes

June 21 - 25, Watsonville, CA with Sandy Vreeburg

July 19 - 23, Coatesville, IN with Coralie Hughes

Sept 27 - Oct 1, Watsonville, CA with Sandy Vreeburg

Oct 11 - 15, Coatesville, IN with Coralie Hughes

European Advanced Courses

March 5 - 9, Egestorf, DE taught in German with Walter Saxe
(*Note: Fri-Tues course)

May 17 - 21, Oxfordshire UK with Jim Masterson

May 24 - 28, New Forest, UK with Jim Masterson

Aug 30 - Sept 3, Dillenburg, DE taught in German with Walter Saxe

Oct 27 - 31, Egestorf, DE taught in German with Walter Saxe
(*Note: Wed-Sun course)

Canada Advanced Courses

April 28 - May 2, Sherbrooke, QC (taught in English) with Lori Hoppe
(*Note: Wed-Sun course)

May 10 - 14, Cobourg, ON with Lori Hoppe

May 31 - June 4, Calgary, AB with Lori Hoppe

Aug 30 - Sept 3, Calgary, AB with Lori Hoppe

Sept 13 - 17, Sherbrook, QC (taught in English) with Lori Hoppe

Sept 27 - Oct 1, Cobourg, ON with Lori Hoppe

Australia & New Zealand

Feb 13 - 17, Waikaato, NZ with Anna Drabble and Nadine Vollmerg
(*Note: Sat-Wed course)
Certification Completion Course Schedule

USA Courses

Jan 21 - 22, Watsonville, CA

April 27 - 28, Tucson, AZ

July 11 - 12, Littleton, CO

Tentative: Sept (TBD), Fairfield, IA

European Courses

May 29 - 31, New Forest UK
Masterson Method Equine Specialist Courses

USA Courses

March 26 - 28, Custer, WI

April 16 - 18, Tully, NY

April 30 - May 2, Midland, TX
Masterson Method Collaborative Clinics

USA Clinics

Jan 15 - 17, Phoenix, AZ
Collaborative Clinic with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid

July 14 - 16, Littleton, CO
Collaborative Clinic with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid
Your Horse's Brain, Collaborative Clinic
USA Clinics

July 17 - 18, Littleton, CO
Collaborative clinic with Dr. Peters, Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson
Expos and Demos
USA Expos & Demos

Jan 2, Casper, WY with Lindsay Madorin

Jan 16, Cheyenne, WY with Lindsay Madorin
Absorbine Proud Partners
"Absorbine’s relationship with The Masterson Method® is a natural fit. Jim’s breakthrough but simple concepts are all focused on helping the horse to relieve tension, feel more comfortable and improve their relationships with owners and handlers.” 

~ Amy Cairy, Director of Marketing,
W. F. Young, manufacturers of Absorbine products