December 2021 Newsletter
Hello All,

Over Here

Just arrived back in Fairfield, Iowa after a three-day drive from California. Was expecting gray skies, frozen ground, bare trees, and sideways air but got a nice surprise with sunny skies, still-soft ground, bare trees, and sideways air. Winter is still not here!
I wrote November’s Newsletter from Anita Parra’s Big Horse Ranch in Arroyo Grande on the Central Coast of California. 

During the month of November there I did;

A little sailing...
A little hiking...
A little wine-drinking...
...and a little horse bodywork.
(bodywork’s not really work : )

Mark Rashid and I have done a couple of Collaborative Clinics together at The Big Horse Ranch in Arroyo Grande, and will be doing another in Cave Creek, AZ near Phoenix on January 14-16. The clinic’s full but come and audit.

You may remember a podcast interview I did with Dressage Trainer Patrick King in August of 2018. Well, while at Anita’s in Arroyo Grande she told me that she’s scheduled a dressage clinic with Patrick there this coming January (see dates below). Riders are $180 and $20/day to audit. You can register with Anita for the clinic here:
I’ve been doing a little bodywork on my dogs… for the last… ten years… or so. I noticed it works on dogs; our Certified Practitioners say it works on dogs; and most importantly, the dogs say it works on dogs.

You may have noticed there are some differences between horses and dogs. 
  1. Horses are bigger.
  2. Dogs are smaller and come in a lot more shapes and sizes.
  3. Dogs are much more flexible.
  4. Horses munch on grass.
  5. Dogs munch on… well, they’re carnivores.
  6. The lines between them from a sympathetic/parasympathetic point of view are a little more blurred.
  7. Dogs are a lot more social and interactive with humans - this might be because they see us as part of the pack - and so reading them is a little different.

A lot of this adds up to the fact that dogs are predators and horses are prey. However, if you let go of these obvious differences and just apply the principle of using levels of pressure that stay under the dog’s bracing response - and reading, following and trusting what the dog is telling you through its responses - it turns out that they’re both survival animals that have a certain level of protection (bracing) that they use to cover up pain, discomfort and tension. If you stick to softening, reading and waiting then the parasympathetic will kick in and they’ll release some of that tension. And they’ll tell you about it. And they’ll start paying more attention to you, because you’re paying more attention to their subtler levels of body language.

Slow down, lighten up, and try the Bladder Meridian on your dog!
Course Price Increase

Looking for a comfortable place to put this piece of news but there just isn't one. In February there will be an increase in tuition for our Weekend Seminars and Advanced Courses in N. America. We'll be able to let you know exactly what that will be by next month's Newsletter. If you were planning on attending any of these courses "in the future", you may want to make some adjustments to the "in the future" part.

Light to the Core

Some good news, and possibly a more comfortable "in the future" option.
Any of you who’ve seen the Light to the Core video and have been following the LTC Techniques know how powerful they are, how much information you can get from the horse with them, and how physically easy it is.
Many people who’ve attended the Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar are looking for more, but the Advanced 5-Day Course isn’t the direction they want to go.

Many people who have used the Bladder Meridian on their horses see the effectiveness of it and want to learn more without physically moving heads, necks, and legs around.

Others who have done the Advanced Course or who have gone on to Certification are ready for another level of information-gathering from the horse, and subtler Techniques that have an even deeper effect on core and postural muscles.

The news is: with the invaluable help of Canada Instructor Lori Hoppe we’ve developed a new Light to the Core Weekend Seminar. Lori has done a couple of “Experimental Test Seminars” in Canada, and as all the participants have survived we’re bringing the Seminar to the U.S.

Our first LTC Seminar is taking place in CA next month and we’ll be putting more on the Calendar soon.

They may be a better "in the future" option, so stay tuned!
Up There

In March Lori will be teaching a Light to the Core Weekend Seminar at Meadowlands Stables in Calgary. This Seminar will be in conjunction with an Equestrian Tool Kit clinic taught by Amy Krazizky and Tracey Skinner that will provide equestrians with new tools to help broaden their awareness of themselves and their horses.

"The dynamics of the relationship with your horse is a combination of relaxation, balance and energy. These three elements have been naturally synergized in the collaboration of The Masterson Method, Natural Horsemanship, and Human Body Biomechanics for the Rider. Together Lori, Tracey & Amy bring a pivotal part in your equestrian journey as you explore improved communication and connection along with restored balance and healthy biomechanics for both horse and rider."
You can get information and register for either, or both, of these clinics here: 
Light to the Core Seminar on March 17-18.

Equestrian Tool Kit March 14-16.

Lori Hoppe
Over There

Our Weekend Seminars in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK have been filling up. Advanced Instructor Walter Saxe has certified 18 new MMCPs in Germany in 2020 and 21, and Vicky Devlin 18 in the UK. I hope next year to get over there to meet some of them and to have “ein bier oder zwei” with Walter and Karin Saxe, and Vicky, of course!

There’s a lot of equine tension release going on in the Netherlands these days as Weekend Seminars continue to fill there. This has prompted UK Instructor Vicky Devlin to head over to the Netherlands to teach an Advanced 5-Day Course with Instructor Masja Fick, who will begin teaching Advanced Courses there in Dutch. 

Also in the Netherlands, the Healthy Happy Horse Festival will be online on December 19th. Check out some Masterson Method content there.
For English speakers we have more Weekend Seminars coming up in the UK and New Zealand in March and April, as well as all over the US and Canada. See Calendar below.

Our Instructor in NZ, Nadine Vollmerg, lives in Greenmeadow and takes on bodywork clients there, but you can find her here:

Our Overseas Manager Vicky Devlin lives in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK and when not teaching and managing overseas courses she does demos and takes clients in that part of the country. 

Below is a short video clip of an interview she did, in which she talks a little bit about the mechanics of the Masterson Method (and does a pretty good job! Maybe we’ll hire her ; )

Be sure to scroll down to the interview, along with a very relaxed horse getting the most out of a Hind Leg Release.
Back Here

No snow yet, but we do have the barn lights up (that is a barn, not a manger. And the moon, not a star, if you were wondering…)
and the fire lit.
The Season is upon us and I do wish all of you the Very Merriest of Holidays, and I know we’ll have the Best Year Ever in 2022.

Merry Christmas and The Best to All of You,

Masterson Method Education
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Thanks to everyone who participated in the Online Membership and kept us connected in the last year!
Need more food for thought? We've created a "Resources" page on the website. You'll find links to Free Education Videos, Bodywork Blog, Bodywork Q&A, Newsletters, Podcasts and Articles. It's a good place to "wander" during your winter holiday with a cup of hot chocolate - or something stronger!
MMCPs Demo up a storm!

Jennifer King-Decker of Equine Performance Bodywork put on an interactive Masterson Method demonstration for a great group of horse owners in Warrenton, Missouri. The event was hosted by Tina Churchill at her farm. The Fall weather was beautiful, and Tina’s two Paint mares were lovely demo horses who yawned in all the right places during Jennifer's presentation. Jennifer introduced just what the Masterson Method is, and how a light touch can go under the horse’s brace response to release tension. Jennifer also offered hands-on guidance for participants who brought their own horses.
Two of those horses laid down after their owners practiced the Bladder Meridian technique on them for the first time, which was certainly exciting for the students to witness!

Auditors without horses were invited to try out a couple techniques on the demo horses with Jennifer’s guidance.
Participants left wanting to practice further on their own horses, and of course they all want to learn more!
Here is more from Anita Chang-Vigo...part two of her Demo-Saga!

"I was invited to demo the Masterson Method for a group of aspiring young dressage riders who were participating in the Lendon Gray's Dressage4Kids weekend clinic at the end of September. 

To participate in the clinic, the young riders have to submit their application and be invited to ride in the clinic. My own daughter was one of the participants, and the administrator for the local Pony Club asked if I would be willing to talk at the clinic; they had also invited a DVM who specializes in equine dentistry to speak with the kids on the second day of the clinic. She apologized that she did not give me much advance notice and would understand if I could not do it. My teenager was most supportive and encouraged me to seize this opportunity."
"The demo was scheduled for the end of the first day; the kids had been riding and waiting in the hot September sun in Las Vegas, and while I had prepared to do a 30-minute demo beforehand, I decided to switch up to a combination of demo with Q&A and participation from the audience.
The switch-up seemed to be fun and engaging for both the kids and the parents. The most engaging part of the demo was the kids lining up to try the Under the Tail Point, and they were in awe with how they could "make" the horse pass gas as well as how much gas a horse has!!"
Testimonial - another happy horse.
Comet and Anne
"I'm sure there is a carrot in that there pocket!"
Testimonial from Anne Rumsey:

I would like to thank you so much for sharing your method. I started with the free videos then purchased the first bodywork book and video combo. My 24 yr Arabian mare has made amazing improvement in her movement. I was thinking I would have to put her down due to severe knee arthritis and club foot in LFL, but between this work that I can do myself, and acupuncture with a DVM, she is so much more comfortable and free in movement. Thank you so much!
Newly Certified Practitioners
Need help for your horse? Find a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP) near you. Our Certified Practitioners are dedicated equine professionals who have acquired highly attuned skills in partnering with the horse to release tension and increase range of motion, thereby restoring healthy posture and performance. Add an MMCP to your horse’s wellness team by visiting the Find a Practitioner page on our website for the closest practitioner to you.
The MMES program continues to grow. We'll add a new section when we have new MMES Practitioners. Help pass the word to Equine Therapy Programs and treat those horses to some Tender Loving Care!
Andrea Kalmanek, MMCP
Bloomfield, Indiana

Andrea was introduced to horses at the age of eight with the gift of riding lessons for her birthday. As she grew up and her passion grew, she did everything she could to get more time in the saddle and at the barn. She enjoyed mucking stalls, cleaning tack, grooming, and just spending time with the horses as much as actually riding.

Andrea went to Virginia Intermont to pursue a degree in Equine Studies. At the time she attended, the school was nationally known for its riding and equine program. During the summer and winter breaks she worked as a working student for a Show Jumping barn. She schooled horses in preparation for the show ring and managed the daily care of the horses.

After a degree change to Clinical Laboratory Science, Andrea's equine focus shifted to more of a passionate hobby and the purchase of her first horse and a shift into the world of eventing.

Andrea's horse broke the wing of her pelvis and after dealing with an unsuccessful rehabilitation put her on her path to find The Masterson Method®. After trying many different types of body work and exercise combinations, Andrea found success and comfort for her horse with the help of a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner. Andrea was intrigued with the method and decided to pursue certification for herself. Her main goal is to continue to help her horse and other's horses stay sound, comfortable, and to reach their competitive goals.
Phone: 615-943-6772
Bonnie Flitsch, MMCP
Rochester, Minnesota

My love for horses began when I was a child and has continued to grow throughout my life. My start with horses involved participating in 4-H, local horse shows, and trail riding. Fast forward to today. Horses are my emotional well-being helpers. I find them to be relaxing and calming, they also love you for who you are.

I have been studying natural horsemanship and natural hoof care over last 20+ years. I am constantly seeking alternative healing modalities for myself which then began my journey in seeking alternative healing for horses both in my barn and others that I have come across.

My very first introduction to The Masterson Method® was from an acquaintance who asked me if she could work on one of my horses. She had been reading the Beyond Horse Massage Book and wanted a horse to practice on. I didn’t know anything about The Masterson Method® at that time.

Several years later, I happened across an article about an upcoming weekend seminar. At that time, I had been looking for something horse related to do when I retired and thought, if nothing else at least I could learn how to help my own horses. I attended the weekend seminar and knew that I needed to learn more. I like the thought process behind the method. What really intrigued me was the fact that the method only works when the horse participates, and it isn’t something that you do to the horse.

I feel blessed to be able to offer the many horses I work on this help that they so deserve.
Phone: 507-251-2084
MMCP - who's next?
Location - where from?

If you recently completed your certification "trial" with the Big Boss, send your photo and bio to Jo and let's get your information on the website!
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Interested in taking a course? Here are a few testimonials that might convince you!

If you’re looking for a way to understand how your horse is feeling and why he’s doing some of the things he does, give the weekend course a try. I learned a lot and met some like-minded people.

If you are interested in improving the relationship with your horse, understanding more about how they are built, and being able to help them release tension in their body...this is the course for you. Can't say enough about it and cannot wait to go out and practice on my horses.

This is an awesome course for anyone who has a horse and wants to create a TRUE relationship with it.
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April 23-24 Granby, QC
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May 8-9 Cobourg, ON

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May 21-22 Ascot Corner, QC
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(taught in German)

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April 30-May 1 Cambridge, NZ

South Africa - 2022

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January 24-28 Watsonville, CA with Sandy Vreeburg

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March 28-April 1 Tucson, AZ with Vanessa Helvey

June 20-24 Watsonville, CA with Sandy Vreeburg

June 20-24 Springville, NY with Samantha Walker

August 15-19 Coatesville, IN with Coralie Hughes

September 12-16 Manchester, NH with Samantha Walker

October 3-7 Coatesville, IN with Coralie Hughes

European Advanced Courses - 2022

March 21-25 Egestorf, DE taught in German with Walter Saxe

March 28-April 1 Horley, UK with Vicky Devlin

April 13-17 Schalkhaar, NL with Vicky Devlin

April 25-29 Cheshire, UK with Vicky Devlin

June 13-17 Aßlar/Dillenburg, DE taught in German with Walter Saxe

June 20-24 South Lanarkshire, Scotland with Vicky Devlin

July 18-22 Hertfordshire, UK with Vicky Devlin

August 29-September 2 Aßlar/Dillenburg, DE taught in German
with Walter Saxe

October 24-28 Egestorf, DE taught in German with Walter Saxe

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April 4-8, 2022 Calgary, AB with Lori Hoppe

September 5-9, 2022 Sherbrooke, QC with Lori Hoppe

September 19-23, 2022 Cobourg, ON with Lori Hoppe

Australia & New Zealand - 2022

February 27-March 3, 2022 Waikato, NZ with Nadine Vollmerg
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January 17-18 Cave Creek, AZ

January 20-21 Cave Creek, AZ

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January 14-16 Cave Creek, AZ
Considering the Horse: Mind & Body with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid

July 12-14 Littleton, CO
Considering the Horse: Mind & Body with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid

July 15-17 Littleton, CO
Your Horse's Brain: A User's Manual with Dr. Stephen Peters, Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson

October 14-16 Arroyo Grande, CA
Considering the Horse: Mind & Body with Dianne Adel, Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid
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December 19, 2021, 9:30 a.m. CST, broadcast from The Netherlands

January 15, 2022, LaFayette, Georgia Masterson Method® Demo with Stephanie Wilkins

January 22, 2022, Chino Valley, Arizona Masterson Method® Demo With Raelene Paris

March 26, 2022, West Wheatfield, Indiana Masterson Method® Demo With Tiffany Downs

April 23, 2022, Studen, Switzerland Masterson Method® Demo With Brigitte Bisig
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