February 2022 Newsletter
Hello All,

Over Here

Picking up where we left off in our last newsletter. Was on my way to Cave Creek, AZ having just done our inaugural Light to the Core Weekend Seminar-Workshop in California. We’ll soon have more of these courses on the Calendar starting with a couple in Canada, then down here south of the border. Seems those Canadians are always ahead of us on things like this!
While in Cave Creek, Mark Rashid and I did a Considering the Horse – Mind and Body Clinic. Cave Creek is a neat little town up against the mountains north of Phoenix bordered by the Tonto National Forest (I’ll have more on that next month). Lots of horses, lots of trails, and lots of rattle snakes, javelinas and cougars… wait, I’m getting carried away. There are only rattlesnakes in the summer. I don’t go there in the summer.
Kidding aside, it’s a beautiful place and the humans are friendly. As I was saying, Mark and I did a clinic. We talk to the rider about what they want to focus on, then watch the horse and rider go, then Mark and I talk about what we’re seeing from the perspective of training, physical issues, relationship problems, financial planning… wait, I’m getting carried away. 

Let’s get back to the horse and the rider. As I’ve said about these clinics before, when you bring what the horse, the rider, Mark and I have to offer into the same picture, the total as usual is greater than the sum of the parts. I’m always amazed at what comes out of these clinics and I look forward to learning something new every time. Plus, an opportunity always comes up to say something witty… or stupid. Depending on who’s talkin’.
While the riding spots in the clinics are limited to six and usually fill up fast, auditors are unlimited and they get the value of learning from all six horses, watching the evaluations, the training and the bodywork. 

As you can see from these photos, it looks like some of that Light to the Core influence might have followed us over from California. All I did was ask for a couple of blinks and yawns… honest! I tried to hold him up but down he went.
Next! At least this guy had the decency to stay on his feet, kind of.
He’s not really that tall, he just dropped his head down and it was easier to work on my knees.

This guy, too.
It might have been easier had they laid down. We’ll be doing another one of these clinics in Littleton, Colorado in July, and another in Arroyo Grande, CA in October. Dianne Adel will be joining us again in October so the riders will get the benefit of her bodywork. This clinic has already filled. Check our Calendar page for more.

Also certified nine new MMCPs while in Cave Creek at Lori Stone’s The Dusty Spurr Ranch. Lori’s hosted our courses and has sponsored The Mark and Jim Show in Cave Creek numerous times. Haven’t told her yet but she’s been awarded the dreaded, I mean coveted Masterson Method Recognized Barn award (see below). If you see her, let her know. Thanks Lori!
Weather must be getting warmer. Farther down you’ll see that we have quite a few Masterson Method demonstrations coming up around the country in March. 

With Stephanie Wilkins in Cleveland, TN and Murfreesboro, TN

With Fredericka Warren in Freeville, NY   (I think they’re all free)

With Tiffany Downs in Wheatfield, IN

and Linda Sawyer will be presenting at the North American Competitive Trail Riding Conference Convention in Omaha, NE February 24 – 27.
Over There

Alot going on over there that I’ll catch you up on next month. Did receive this photo from the UK where 11 Field Work students had their first group coaching somewhere in the north. What was left at the end of the day were four shivering Instructors, headed to the pub for a warm beer (that’s how they drink them over there (I’m told).
Back Over Here

To the people at Masterson Method:

“I'm 75 years old and just started with horses 3 years ago in a veterans equine therapy class. I was overwhelmed by my initial experience by the amount of release I found from my PTSD problems I've lived with since 1968-1969 when I fought in Vietnam. I decided last year I was going to become an equine massage therapist, found your program and am volunteering my services at two rescue barns and two veterans programs. The euphoria I feel when one of my horses licks and chews or yawns cannot be described. It's the elixir that soothes my PTSD and lets me know how much I'm appreciated by their releases. Thank you so much for being who you are and for what you do.

Raymond Quesnel”
Raymond and Maverick
‘Nuff said. I don’t think we can do enough for these veterans who’ve done so much for us. Thank you back Raymond.

Until next month, 

         like Raymond,

                 Enjoy your horses,

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MMCP Demo - Stephanie Wilkins
"As an MMCP and MMES who wanted to expand her network and grow her business, group demonstrations became a part of my business plan and I sat down one day to make two different lists of barn owners, equine service programs, clubs/associations, (those that I knew and those that I didn’t know) in my area to talk about the possibilities. One of my first calls was to Mrs. Lorri Hayward-Vincent at Beginagin Farm in LaFayette, GA and to say that I was excited when Mrs. Lorri said that she wanted to host a 2-hour Masterson Method® Demonstration is an understatement. 

Mrs. Lorri is an incredible horsewoman and offers many clinics at her barn. Her farm, facilities, and horses are the perfect environment for teaching and learning. I knew that she would be a wonderful person to work with and to learn from! Mrs. Lorri and I sat down one day to discuss all the particulars and we began our marketing efforts a month prior to the demonstration. For the first couple of weeks, we decided that Mrs. Lorri would market to her network of people as she had a vast and incredible network of horse people and then if we had any spots available I would market it to my network via social media (High Point Equine Bodywork on Facebook and Instagram). After the first couple of weeks, Mrs. Lorri’s contacts had almost filled the demonstration - we only had one spot left for a participant and an auditor. What a wonderful way to expand my network to support more horses and riders!
On Saturday, January 15, 2022, the Demo day was here! We had social time from 12:30-1 p.m. which was a wonderful way to get to know one another and it really set the stage for a great learning experience. I began the demonstration with introductions and teaching everyone about what the Masterson Method is, how it works, the levels of touch (using visual aids: an egg yolk, grape, lemon and lime) so that everyone could feel what those terms mean. Yes, I made everyone touch an egg yolk! 

Then we moved into the covered indoor arena lined with the horse’s stalls (it really was a perfect set up). I used one of Mrs. Lorri’s horses, Scamp, as my demo horse and I demonstrated each of the Masterson Method techniques that the participants would learn on Scamp, he was such a wonderful partner."
"Then each of the participants went and got the horse that was assigned to them and we spread out in the indoor space and they began practicing the techniques. I moved around the entire group continuing to teach and provide support.

We had a mother/daughter team who partnered together to practice the techniques on the daughter’s horse. In our introduction time, the daughter had shared some of her concerns about her horse not just in her body but her challenges in connecting with her horse. It was absolutely incredible to watch her horse respond to the Masterson Method very willingly, and to watch her horse respond to her - there was connection in those moments! We had another horse who laid down during the demonstration, not once but 3 times. I was so proud of his owner for being so patient and simply supporting him as he did this. After he finished, her face said it all when she said: “I was just doing the Bladder Meridian?!” I hate that I wasn’t able to capture this really special moment with a photo or video but I was focused on the participant and her horse. It was definitely a moment that will be remembered by ALL who were there that day! It was incredible for me to watch all of the participants work with the horses, each one had their own experience with their horse. It is always wonderful to see all of the horses relax and release, and participants and auditors too! "
"After we finished the interactive demo, we put the horses away and went back inside to finish up the day. I finished with asking the question, “what is your takeaway from today?” It was very interesting to listen to all the different things that people shared and the excitement to take what they had learned home to their own horses.

My takeaway from the day: This demonstration exceeded all of my expectations and more. I am an equine bodyworker who uses the Masterson Method technique of bodywork to help horses release tension in their bodies. I am an equine bodyworker who believes and sees how this method of bodywork allows us to build a stronger connection and bond with a horse on the ground and under saddle, and by teaching some of the basic techniques to horse owners/riders we allow them that beautiful opportunity. I will continue offering group demonstrations as it allows me to expand my network and grow my business supporting more horses and riders in our community and brings more people to know the Masterson Method®. I already have demos scheduled every month through April with other requests coming in! And I gained new clients through the process, clients that I might not have ever crossed paths with! Thank you so much to Mrs. Lorri and her horses at beautiful Beginagin Farm for having me and all the wonderful participants and auditors who came for an afternoon of learning!"
Read more about Stephanie Wilkins.

See more photos from the session on Beginagin Farm Facebook page.

And, check out the list of Demos on the schedule below - find one near you!
Testimonial for
MMCP Expert Hour Video Library
Dear Sandy,

Thank you so much for sharing another video. What a wonderful surprise!! Wow!! I can't wait to watch and study it. At this time I am unable to open it; but, I will check with my husband tomorrow and see if he can assist me with the technology.

I will share one example of how your video helped me with a new horse I worked with this past week. We were doing head down and I felt I might be able to sneak in just a wee bit of head up as you suggested in the video. Well, she just melted right into that. Rested her head into my fingertips and then my whole hand and just like that we had flowed into a head up. It was so awesome. Trying to put it into words here, doesn't do the feeling of that moment any justice. I remember thinking, "Thank you, Sandy". That is an example of just one nugget of many that I gleaned from the video.

There is great value in learning from the teachings and sharing of the MMCPs. Of course, being on a live call with Jim is an incredible gift. The year of calls with him was valuable beyond measure and will continue to be as I re-watch and study. But, don't underestimate how much we benefited from the MMCPs contribution over the past year. Seeing how the MMCPs make the techniques their own, hearing some of you describe your struggles with a technique and/or a horse , suggestions that were written in some of the chats and calls to help with feel and timing, all of this helped me tremendously. The honesty and humility of the MMCPS really touched me. I remember Meghan sharing how she is struggling with a technique that used to be her favorite and that she is having trouble with now. That was such an aha moment for me. You mean even the MMCPs struggle and don't always have it down pat. It gave me such hope. And then Jim went on to say "Go back to the basics. Even I have to do that from time to time". Love the humility of everyone, so real and down to earth. It would be great to have an occasional online educational session with the MMCPs. I would find it to be a great support on my journey.

Thank you again for the video. 
Consider your July schedule for this event!
Why not join the fun with Mark, Jim and the horses? Check out the link below and audit this course - and bring a bit of happiness home to your horse.
Miniature Horses love The Masterson Method®
Shasta and Sunny
Miniature Horses also need a "little" love - here's a story about Shasta and Sunny in Redmond, Washington who enjoy their spa time at SAFE (Save a Forgotten Equine) with a local MMCP.
Need a minute of "joy"? Check this out...
Newly Certified Practitioners
Need help for your horse? Find a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP) near you. Our Certified Practitioners are dedicated equine professionals who have acquired highly attuned skills in partnering with the horse to release tension and increase range of motion, thereby restoring healthy posture and performance. Add an MMCP to your horse’s wellness team by visiting the Find a Practitioner page on our website for the closest practitioner to you.
Deborah Topp, MMCP
Salem, Oregon

Deborah was introduced to horses at a young age, but only rode for a few years due to a change in family circumstances. A trip to meet her now mother-in-law, a horse trainer, decades later reignited her love for horses.

Deborah discovered the Masterson Method® while seeking a means to help improve the well being of her horse, Luke, after he sustained a significant injury. She was drawn to the Masterson Method® because of the soft approach and interactivity with the horse, listening to them as they guide the process.
Many times when faced with issues, she has heard people say, “I wish my horse could talk.” The Masterson Method® hones your observational skills and teaches you to take note of the horse’s feedback. You work with the horse, listening to their input and feedback, to help them release mental and physical tension. The result is a more relaxed and supple horse and a deepened human-equine relationship.

Deborah enjoys working with horses in all disciplines and life stages and has recently developed a particular soft spot for working with off the track thoroughbreds as they transition to their next life adventure.

Working with horses to help improve their well being is hugely rewarding! Deborah finds the greatest reward in seeing an inhibited, withdrawn, or defensive horse develop trust and confidence, which helps them to bloom to their full potential!
Phone: 541-231-4629
Nicole Horst-Rippl, MMCP
Hamburg, Germany

Von Kindesbeinen an faszinieren mich Pferde. Mit 12 Jahren, erfüllten mir meine Eltern meinen größten Traum – ein eigenes Pony! Mit 16 Jahren ich dann auf ein Großpferd umstiegen, um mich noch mehr meiner Leidenschaft, der Dressurreiterei zu widmen. „Eisfee“ trat in mein Leben. In ihr hatte ich nicht nur ein großartiges Dressurpferd, sondern auch eine Partnerin und Freundin gefunden. Ich habe Eisfee bis zur Schweren Klasse auf nationalen Turnieren vorgestellt. Danach folgten noch weitere tolle Pferde. Nach dem ich meine erst achtjährige Stute nicht mehr reiten konnte, wollte ich Antworten finden.

Ich begann 2015 mit der Ausbildung zum Pferdeosteotherapeut, die ich 2017 erfolgreich abgeschlossen habe. Seitdem habe ich eine Vielzahl von Fortbildungen besucht, immer auf der Suche, die Behandlung für die Pferde noch angenehmer und effektiver zu machen.Dabei bin ich auf die Masterson Methode gestoßen und habe mich für die ganze Ausbildung entschieden. Ich habe wärend der Ausbildung gelernt, wie wenig Druck
und Kraft es braucht um den Pferden wirklich helfen zu können, das je leichter/feiner ich werde, umso effektiver ist die Behandlung.

Die Pferde sind das Beste Zeichen dafür, wie angenehm und wirkungsvoll die Technik ist. Das alles trägt dazu bei, dass ich inzwischen vielen ratsuchenden Menschen und ihren Pferden helfen konnte, was mich überaus glücklich macht.
Phone: 017661032042
Steph Lockwood, MMCP
Matlock, Derbyshire, UK

Steph was a pony mad child but only achieved her dream of owning a horse once her youngest child started school. A string of horses followed, all of which are still a part of her family. Each horse that has found its way to Steph has brought a new challenge and an opportunity to learn.

An unhandled Dartmoor Hill pony started Steph’s interest in natural horsemanship - it was at this point that she realised the best teacher was the horse itself and if we just slow down and listen, we learn so much more.

It was Zara, a beautiful Dales mare, who had lived a tough life, that led Steph to the Masterson Method®. Zara responded badly to conventional bodywork methods and Steph began to look for an alternative. The quiet, gentle, horse led nature of the Masterson Method® fitted perfectly with Steph’s horsemanship ethos and most importantly, Zara responded well. The results spoke for themselves, Zara and Steph were hooked!

Having certified as a practitioner Steph continues to develop her bodywork skills as well as expanding her knowledge in equine rehabilitation and nutrition. She is also registered with the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT).

Steph is based in Matlock, Derbyshire, UK but is happy to travel. Feel free to contact her for further information about the Masterson Method® or to arrange a session.
Phone: +44 (0) 7790912568
Bernadette Bos, MMCP
Seneca Falls, New York

My love for horses started at a very early age, as young as I can remember, but I did not start riding until I was in junior high. After high school I had enrolled in art college in The Netherlands, where I am originally from, but a phone call from a friend in Belgium led me to accept a “temporary-it’s-only-for-a-year, and then I’ll go to art college”, job with a Grand Prix rider who competed internationally in showjumping competitions in Europe, hence my excitement to postpone my art studies for a year.

Over two decades later, during which I found myself traveling to Great Britain, then on to Australia and New Zealand, CA, all working with horses, grooming, training and riding different horse breeds but all geared for showjumping, and subsequently Japan, where I worked with the Japanese Olympic Team during the ’84 Olympics in LA. After the Olympics, I stayed on in Japan and worked at a top breeding and training facility for race horses, and was in charge of a string of 13 show horses, training and coaching the boss’ children, and training numerous staff members. A severe illness cut my career short, but after having taken a long time off from the show scene, I found myself drawn to the Masterson Method®, and am grateful to be working with horses once again.

I hope that my experience in grooming, training and riding different kinds of breeds and of all ages, and in stable management, will add to my effectiveness with this modality, as this is truly a unique and very effective way to alleviate tension and stress in horses, whether the competing kind or otherwise. And so far, I have noticed, that after a full body work session with a horse, I myself as well feel better!

Feel free to reach out to me, and let’s share how the Masterson Method® can help your horses, mules and donkeys.
Phone: 585-967-9357
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Thank you so much for the quality that makes the Masterson Method courses so special! I am a believer in the benefits of the Masterson Method principles and techniques and am so grateful to be on this journey! (Advanced 5-day Seminar)

The course is well worth the time, money and commitment.
Light to the Core not only benefits the horse, it positively changes, enhances our relationship with the horse. (New Light to the Core Seminar)

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Considering the Horse: Mind & Body with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid

July 15-17 Littleton, CO
Your Horse's Brain: A User's Manual with Dr. Stephen Peters, Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson

October 14-16 Arroyo Grande, CA
Considering the Horse: Mind & Body with Dianne Adel, Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid
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March 18-20 Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Southern Equine Expo Masterson Method® Demo With Stephanie Wilkins

March 26 West Wheatfield, Indiana Masterson Method® Demo With Tiffany Downs

April 23 Studen, Switzerland Masterson Method® Demo With Brigitte Bisig
Taught in Swiss German and German

Taught in Swiss German and German
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