March 2021 E-Newsletter
Hello All,

The year has started off pretty busy at The Masterson Method®. As you can see here, the office staff is dropping like flies. 
I’ll give you the rundown on what’s going on here in the U.S. and then fill you in on what’s going on with Masterson Method® overseas. That’s where the action is, as you’ll see a little farther down.

Over Here
If you take a look at the course calendar below, you’ll see that we’re scheduling more and more courses. While covid is still a major concern in many areas, there are areas where people are feeling safer, and the itch to get out and do stuff with horses is taking over. This last year we’ve had to respond to the changing scenario—postponing, re-scheduling, and sometimes cancelling courses—but have been able to keep rolling. In 2021 we’re remaining flexible as the situation evolves. Seems that being responsive and flexible works with more than just horses. Keeping our toes crossed (like this guy) that this goes away soon!
Conversation with a Farrier
As promised last month, this month we have a conversation with Pete Butler of the Butler Professional Farrier School in this issue. The Butler family has been horseshoeing for a long time. Pete’s father Doug literally wrote the book on the principles of horseshoeing. It’s called The Principles of Horseshoeing. By Doug Butler. 

Doug still teaches at their school in Crawford, Nebraska along with his sons. I like it when hoof people have an interest in what goes on farther up in the horse’s body, especially hoof people as knowledgeable as the Butlers. What goes on with the feet and legs has a lot to do with what we find in the body, and the other way around. If we can work together on these it makes our job, and the horse’s job, easier. 

Two key things about this type of bodywork that can be of interest and benefit to the horse, and the farrier:

  • Difficult horse - Misbehavior in the horse is often the result of discomfort, restriction, and sometimes even inability of the horse to position its limb where the farrier needs it to be. This often leads to frustration in the farrier. They have a tough enough job as it is. They don’t need help from the horse to make it any tougher.

  • Physical imbalance in the horse - The horse’s posture is affected by tension in the muscles, especially core muscles, and even more when the horse is compensating for other issues. Bodywork that works with the horse’s nervous system releases deeper core and postural tension. It makes sense to do this beforehand so that you’re trimming the foot to a natural posture rather than a compensating, imbalanced posture.
  • Plus, why not? Bodywork is something that is easy to do - or to have the horse owner do – that will make the farrier's job easier and more effective. The simplest and easiest technique we use, the Bladder Meridian Technique, is one of the most effective at getting the horse to let go of inner core and postural muscle tension… and someone can learn how to do it in about five minutes… and it’s fun… and it builds trust with the horse… and… I’m going over my two key things. Don’t get me started!

Anyways, my talk with Pete covered much more than just feet and shoeing, and I’m encouraged that new, and more experienced (old :) farriers are looking at new ways of looking at things. I hope you take the time to listen to the interview on iTunes (or listen on Stitcher).

Bugsy Strikes Again!
In September we had a photo of Sandy Vreeburg demonstrating techniques on a course in Watsonville, California with a demo horse named Bugsy. Of course, we had a good laugh on that one.
Well, Bugsy is up to his old pranks again. He got me while I was there in January working with Certification students and he happened to be on the horse list.

I hate it when that happens!

For a list of other things going on Over Here, see our Course Calendar down below.

Over There – What’s Going on In the Rest of the World
In every issue of this newsletter we highlight recent Masterson Method® Certified Practitioners. You may have noticed in January we had Melanie in Gloucestershire UK (pronounced Glostshir), Daniela in Germany, Bruno in Switzerland, and Pascale in Belgium. In February we had Alex in the UK, Isabell in Germany, Katie in the UK, and Kazuko in Indiana. All foreign countries… except possibly Indiana. 

The reason for that is that things are happening Overseas. They’re trying to take over! This may be a good thing. This has prompted us to create a section in each newsletter devoted to things that are happening Over There. I’m thinking of calling it the Global Section, or the International Section, or the Overseas Section, or maybe just Over There. Haven’t decided. Could use some feedback on that one. 

I like reading new MMCP stories because I like to know what their motivations are, both to learn and how they plan to use what they’ve learned.

Last month I mentioned that German publisher Kosmos Verlag has released our dressage book in Germany. This is largely due to the efforts of Instructor Walter Saxe, who translated the book. You’ll read more about him below. 
We just received a copy. Of course, the first thing I looked at was what it says about me on the back. It says I’m “der Begrunder der gleichnamigen”. I don’t know what that means. I hope it’s good. At least it’s a nice picture. 

Beyond Horse Massage book has been translated to German for a while, as well as French, Polish and Spanish, and is currently being translated to Japanese. It’s my personal goal that every horse on the planet experience the Bladder Meridian at least once in its life, so I’m glad this is happening. Not all horses speak English.

Overseas Manager and Instructor in the UK
Vicky Devlin has taught dozens of courses with me in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand over the years. She’s picked up the slack Instructing all of our courses in the UK this last year, and she manages and trains all of our Overseas Instructors, Coaches, and Mentors. With all that’s going on with me Over Here, and with all that’s going on Over There, she’s taking on an even larger role. 

Vicky is now our primary Weekend Seminar and Advanced Course Instructor in the UK. She’s stepped up to the plate (American Baseball term – not food related), taken the bull by the horns (self-explanatory), the Student has become the Master (traditional), she’s basically stolen my job. But I’m thrilled because, truth be known, she’s actually better at it than I am. You’ll now be able to find courses year-round in the UK, not just during the sunny vacation months that I travel there. 

I will continue to teach the final Certification Completion Courses in the UK (during the sunny vacation months, of course), we will organize events where I can work with Certified Practitioners, and we plan to have events with students who have taken the Weekend Seminars .
Vicky has Weekend Seminars coming up in May in Brockenhurst, July in Cornwall, and October in Oxford and Brockenhurst. She has Advanced 5-Day Courses coming up in May in New Forest, and in October again in New Forest and in Oxford.

AND, in August, she will be teaching a Weekend Seminar at Ross Dhu Equestrian Centre in South Lanarkshire, Scotland just after a two-day clinic at the same location by Dr. Steven Peters of The Horse’s Brain: A User’s Manual.

Dr. Peters’ clinic will be both lecture and practical (i.e., brain dissection). Mark Rashid and I have collaborated with Dr. Peters on these clinics before and they’re of immense practical and theoretical value to owners, trainers, bodyworkers, and anyone interested in how the horse’s brain and nervous system process information. Find out about Dr. Peters's clinic here and look for Vicky’s Weekend Seminar on the Calendar below.

New Zealand and South Africa
Things are slowly getting back to normal as restrictions ease up in New Zealand and South Africa. Nadine Vollmerg recently taught an Advanced 5-Day Course in New Zealand for which students had to wait out quite a long period of stay-at-homeness. She has a Weekend Seminar coming up 20 and 21 March on the North Island. 

Our two Instructors in South Africa are coming out of an even longer period of stay-at-homeness. Alex Davies in Johannesburg is teaching a Weekend Seminar on 27 and 28 of March, and Kathy Adams has just scheduled one in Cape Town in April. I’m happy to see both of them out in the fresh air. Well done! For details on both, see below. 

Germany and A Force to be Reckoned With
You may be wondering why we always seem to have so many courses in Germany. It’s Walter Saxe’s fault. He’s the Instructor, organizer, marketer, promoter, motivator, translator, and the energy behind the growing awareness of The Masterson Method® there. Walter is as energetic, positive, capable and dedicated to the horse as you can get. He became a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner in 2016. He traveled to both the U.S. and England for his courses and was always first in line to practice on whatever horse was presented, no matter how challenging or easy. 
Upon becoming certified in the UK, at our pub debriefing afterward (required in the UK), Walter announced, “I am going to conquer Germany for The Masterson Method!” I knew at that point that we had an advocate in Germany that we had been missing until then. After quietly reminding him that people get nervous when Germans use the word “conquer”, I said, “I think you shall!”, and he’s been conquering ever since. 
He organized his first Seminar in 2016, translating techniques for Instructor Vicky Devlin. He was made Instructor soon thereafter. He has built a full-time bodywork business with clients in dressage and eventing in which he, his wife Karin (also an MMCP), and their daughters compete. Among his clients are German eventing team riders Andreas and Alina Dibowski.

He participated as a bodyworker in the European Championships supporting Andrea Dibowski’s horse Corrida, and Junior Championships for Alias’s horse Barbados. If you don’t recognize their names here in the states, know that championship riders and horses in Germany are the equivalents of NFL, NBA, or NHL players on this side of the Atlantic. In the meantime, he maintains German and Swedish National Team horses, two of which were on the long list for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Walter’s an FEI Permittier Therapist in The Masterson Method, which means that he’s officially approved to use Masterson Method on equine competitors at the International level (without having to talk his way into the FEI tent!).
On the teaching side, he keeps busy instructing, organizing, and promoting our cause. He’s written numerous articles in German equestrian magazines, has organized and helped me present at the (all I can say is, explosive) Equitana Horse Expo in Essen in 2019, from which I’m still recovering. He manages a Beyond Horse Massage Facebook page in Germany with over 2,800 followers.

With that in mind, he and his co-Instructor Sylvia Hamm have eight Weekend Seminars planned for this year, he has four Advanced Courses fully booked, and last fall Walter covered for me by running the Certification Completion Course in Germany. I don’t know what he does in his spare time, but I’m starting to feel a little redundant! 

However, we now have 16 trained Certified Practitioners and thousands of horse owners bringing The Masterson Method® to their horses in Germany, so what’s wrong with a little chopped liver? We are blessed to have such dedicated people as Walter all over the world. Walter’s message to us for the New Year; “I wish you and the whole staff a successful 2021. Hope to see you this year!”

Bragging Rights
I don’t like to brag, but I do like to brag about our staff and our Instructors, Mentors, and Coaches. People must feel like getting out of the house this month, because we’ve received quite a few testimonials from students who have been inspired by our Instructors, and who are impressed by the administrative staff who make things happen so easily for them. Our philosophy is to work with humans the way we work with horses: with them, not on them. We can see how the horses respond to this but I’m going to do a little bragging on our people by sharing the comments we received from the five participants at one of our courses last month, and a note from someone about our staff. If interested, you can read them here in their entirety.

Sad News
On March 8th international equestrian clinician, instructor, artist, and author Susan Harris passed away in Ithaca, New York. Susan was a well-known Centered Riding Instructor, author of many of the U.S. Pony Club Manuals, and along with Peggy Smith, co-creator and artist of Anatomy in Motion. It was this artistic and educational talent that led to her collaboration with us on our Dressage Movement Revealed, and Dressage Horse Optimized book and DVD. She was a fun and passionate horsewoman and educator and she will be missed.
I’m going to leave you with Jean Abernethy and Fergus, and we’ll see you next month.
Until next month,

like me, enjoy your horses!


PS - And Mary, get well soon!
What's Up with the Membership?
Live Calls with Jim, plus Jec Ballou & Sandy Vreeburg
This month we have some exciting live Zoom calls in the Membership Program!
Level 1 and Level 2 Members got to catch Jim working with Rudy, a 23 year old OTTB with "mystery hind end issues" last Saturday. You can still access the recordings (there are 2): one of Jim working with Rudy, and another of him talking about his session. Gee he does a lot of talking!
Level 2 Members can still catch Jim's Live Technique Breakdown this month on March 19th. He's covering the Scapula Release Techniques with several different demo videos, and welcomes your questions on the call!
Level 2 Members can also catch Jec Ballou (dressage trainer and author) and Sandy Vreeburg (Masterson Instructor) live on March 25th! They'll share mounted, unmounted, and Masterson suppling exercises you can do with your horse.
From EquineVIP
Interview with Jim
"Jim Masterson – The Masterson Method & Equine Bodywork Founder"
Jim shares his background and the essence of his approach to bodywork with Susan Ashbrook, founder of Equine VIP, while in California working with mules with Loni Langdon (check out the cuties in the background). It's a short 10-minute interview.
Read Czech?
Our Certififed Practitioner, Ivana Šustrová
in the Czech Republic is published!
Article Titled: "Kouzlo Mastersonovy Metody"
The Bladder Meridian to the Rescue
A Story Sent in by Kati Pukki
I found The Masterson Method last Autumn, and emailed you to thank you. I told you in my email about my now 27 year-old Standardbred gelding, who had issues [when I did] The Bladder Meridian Technique [with him]. He had had stomach issues previous winters, loosing weight, not eating, having gas, colics etc. and seeming depressed... and I feared that he won't last this winter and considered putting him down. 

The vet came to see him, found him otherwise healthy, lungs, heart and legs, and suspected gastric sand. She suggested psyllium treatment, light exercise and warm mash water to ensure he's drinking enough. Her opinion was that let's try this and if problems still appear, then we'll let him go.

Okay, we did as doctor ordered. After a few days sand fix treatment (sand coming out where it should) I did Bladder Meridian technique with him, and this time he didn't shy away on that difficult stop, but followed my hand when I tried lifting it higher to ease the pressure, for he was fidgeting quite a lot. It took ages, he was responding by fidgeting, blinking and his ears twitching back and forth, and then he started releasing like crazy. He sighed and yawned and did everything at the same time, almost violently, as if he couldn't get it fast enough out of his system. 

I was afraid that his nervous system was overloading, but if I tried removing my hand, he followed it and continued releasing. I just stood there, stunned, arms aching, and stayed where he asked me to stay. Finally he lowered his head, sighed a long, deep sigh, stretched and stayed still, with soft eyes, looking very relaxed and one could say, happy. When I looked at the mirror afterwards, I looked very stressed, and one could say, very, very shaken. ;) 

Since that day he hasn't had issues with the Bladder Meridian technique. He has gained weight, been eating all his hay that he is given as much as is consumed. He has practically unlimited access to forage like has been all his life since birth. He hadn't had any excess intestinal gas, and no colics this far. No symptoms of depression of any kind, he has been his normal high-spirited himself during even this darkest period of the year, the leading stallion (in his own mind).

I think that the vet was right, he had gastric sand somewhere in his system. At least quite a lot of sand was coming out during the treatment. My guess is that sand caused him pain and accumulated tension, that he wasn't capable to release and causing issues with the Bladder Meridian technique before. Psyllium treatment removing the sand, but he needed to release that long-term tension, and was ready to do it. In a very upsetting manner in my opinion, but this is about him, not me. 

Jim, I need to thank you again. 

Whether it was vet's instructions to remove the sand that cured him, I think your method had a significant role in his rehabilitation. I think it is important to notice, that because of the ulcer risk, he wasn't given any painkillers at all during the process. After this huge Bladder Meridian release, there wasn't, and has not been ever since, a slightest symptom of pain left in that horse. I know him so well that I know when he is not feeling well just by looking at his eyes.

This is the horse of my life, and I am not going to keep him alive by any cost for my own sake. When it is time for him to go, it is time, no matter how much it hurts. But I am grateful that he is now able to live good, healthy life at least a little longer. And I am grateful of this extra time we now have.

I thank you again, for behalf of my senior horse and myself. My warmest regards to everyone at The Masterson Method staff.
Pete Butler of the
Butler Professional Farrier School
Interviews Jim
on the "Farrier Focus" Podcast
Jim sat down with Pete Butler of Butler Professional Farrier School and talked about The Masterson Method.
Testimonial on the
Bladder Meridian Technique From a Distance
Hello Masterson folks,
The comments about intuition (in the last newsletter) are well timed; I would like to tell you about an experience I had with my very sensitive Welsh/Arab gelding.
He was in his paddock which adjoins his stall and when I stood in his stall to ask him to come to do fun stuff with me, he didn’t come because he didn’t want to cross the short sea of mud between us. Don’t blame him!
So I sat down for a few minutes to see if he would eventually come across and then wondered if a person could do the Bladder Meridian technique at a distance. I was remembering when horses have released when I worked on one of their buddies close by.
I focused my energies and did his Meridian without stopping too much although some places felt like I should wait a moment. I finished off at his right coronary band point and then mentally let go. He chewed, licked and did several yawns. His right side was toward me. I didn’t feel like I could reach his left side.
Anyway, cheers to all and oh! another little thing is I have been doing some horse Feldenkrais along with the massage and the horses do love the combination.
Carroll Taylor-Lindoe
PS. I was 25 feet away from him:)
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Newly Certified Practitioners
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Julie Hunter
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Several years ago, I had the good fortune to discover The Masterson Method® - having searched “how to read pain in horses”. I had been awestruck with what seemed the mysterious ability of my equine osteopath friend to do this and was compelled to learn how myself.

I quickly got hold of “Beyond Horse Massage”, a Masterson Method book of basic techniques that I could put to use right away with my riding instructor’s horses. I was amazed at their receptiveness and at the depth of their relaxation response.

Since then, The Masterson Method® has become a central part of my development as a horsewoman. It has enabled me to give back to horses in a way that is deeply respectful and helpful to them via body work and mental relaxation. It has immeasurably improved my feel and timing when riding, and it has given me a way of communicating with horses and led to a growing exploration and appreciation of how they view their world and process information. I love that in addition to being effective, Masterson Method gives horses a chance to be Active Participants in the process, which in turn helps to lower their general anxiety.

As an urban kid I managed a few (short!) rides on random grazing horses where we vacationed and attended a very serious horse camp where I broke my arm trying to impress my parents on the last day. My take-aways from that wonderful place were: the importance of rider balance and of release of pressure in maintaining horse well-being. And to never bridle a horse who is about to lean on an active electric fence!
Elaine Hildreth
Elgin, Texas

Elaine has always loved all animals and has been riding and caring for horses for over 30 years. Her first introduction into the horse world was in El Paso, TX where she learned to ride Western not only for shows but also gained the skills for common mounted ranch work. Eventually, she gravitated to the English disciplines and participated in Show Jumping.

Upon moving to Central Texas, Elaine joined the US Pony Club. She is a Graduate C-3 Pony Clubber and has successfully shown Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, various pony breeds, and an Anglo-Arabian. Currently she is enjoying the training journey with a Hanoverian and a Connemara/Hanoverian cross.

Elaine became interested in The Masterson Method® as a way to help her senior horse age with grace. She was amazed by how allowing the horse to take part in the sessions the deeper her connection with her horse became. Soon she was practicing on her other two horses and quickly seeing improvements in their work under saddle.

Elaine is amazed at how light/soft The Masterson Method® techniques are, and how they not only work on horses that are in steady work but, they also provide a lot of relief for senior horses.

Elaine is offering Masterson Method® bodywork sessions throughout the greater Austin area. Other locations are possible with prior arrangements. She is also available for demonstrations if your barn or horse club is interested in learning more about this amazing bodywork.

Phone: (512) 705-7677
Cathy Schreiber
Tucson, Arizona

My experience with The Masterson Method® began when I met Lisa Haldane and she was looking for horses for coaching. I then began hosting MM 2-Day, 5-Day, and CCCs here at many local barns in Tucson, AZ. I was so amazed with the practical approach and clear results of MM as horses released tension and improved mobility.

The certification process was slow for me due to a busy horse career teaching and training. The hosting provided a unique opportunity to meet and observe many MM Instructors, and of course Jim, and students using MM techniques to help all these lucky horses. The Masterson Method® totally fits with my teaching style and purpose in the horse business: “Reading the horse and improving quality of movement”.

I am forever thankful to Jim, all the instructors, and the horses who have taught me how to use this gift.

Phone: 520-272-3355
Khrystynna Hunsinger
Louisburg, North Carolina

Horses have been the center of my world since I was two years old. My parents knew I was hooked after they put me on my first pony ride that day. As soon as I was old enough, I started riding lessons in my home state of California. I spent every second at that barn and purchased my horse, Dolly when I was 14. Dolly and I were extremely competitive in 4-H and California State Horsemen's Association, competing mostly in Hunter/Jumpers and Dressage. While staying competitive, I attended community college and transferred to Averett University in Virginia and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Equine Management. I brought Dolly with me and we have stayed on the east coast ever since.
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~ Amy Cairy, Director of Marketing,
W. F. Young, manufacturers of Absorbine products