May 2020 E-Newsletter
May! What can I say about May? I don’t know what the weather’s doing where you live, but it’s been a warm-cold, up-down, back and forth cautious creep into Spring here; almost as if Mother Nature’s unsure about opening up and moving into the next phase. Sound kind of familiar?

As we keep an eye out the window to see what’s going on “out there”, we’re taking advantage of other avenues to keep connected with all of you.

We’ve had two Facebook Live events in the last couple months and we're getting pretty good at that. Interesting that we had internet installed in our barn last year to facilitate doing something like this in the future, and the future is now.

I had no idea it was going to come so fast! Why wasn’t I informed? It’s been kind of fun to experimenting with this, and it’s opening doors to new interactive and creative ways to bring learning to you. We’re working on doing more of that as the future unfolds so keep an eye out!

We have a link below to the Facebook Live event we had here last week. I wanted the topic of this meeting to be about head shyness and how to recognize whether it’s a training issue or a physical discomfort issue; what causes it; and ways to help you help your horse release it.

Just to talk a little bit about it; sometimes we think that head shyness is just a training issue. In my experience, 95% of the time there’s a physical discomfort issue involved. One sign that it may not be a training issue is if it’s difficult to train the horse out of the behavior, or if it is intermittent or keeps coming back.

In some cases, you may be able to train the horse not to react even if there is physical discomfort. In this case you would just be training the horse to cover it up. If you suspect there is tension or discomfort in the poll you can use the Bladder Meridian or other poll release techniques and see what the horse has to say about the experience. If he shows signs of discomfort as you start them, or gives large release responses, then it’s a sign that he has or had tension in the poll.

In any case, we found a nice little thoroughbred eventing mare named Dani nearby whose owner suspected she carried tension in her poll. At first, she was a little nervous about coming to our stall/studio (stall-dio), but soon relaxed and was the perfect horse to help show some of these techniques.

I just noticed below, coincidentally ;) a note from a student about her experience releasing tension in her horse’s poll and atlas, and the change it made in his behavior. In this case it sounds like it was pretty clear he was uncomfortable, but judging by the look on his face (and on hers : ) he’s feeling better now.

Some other news this month, we introduce two newly certified practitioners, completing certification last year; Helene Sigogneau in France and Elan Panther-Fahy in New Zealand. Helene certified while I was in England in the Fall, and Elan while I was in New Zealand. Congratulations to both of you, on opposite sides of the planet! (We have you surrounded!)

As things start to open up in certain areas we’re cautiously moving forward with smaller Seminars in those areas. We’re looking forward to when we’ll be able to see those of you whose courses were held off or moved to later in the year, but are keeping in mind that there could be “changes in the weather” between now and then.
We’re not quite ready to let the dogs completely out,
but we are keeping one eye out the window and one on safety as we move into a new and possibly different future.

In the meantime, keep yourselves, and your horses and dogs, happy and healthy!
Until then, like me, enjoy your horses,
Our Newest Bodywork Blog Post
What if my horse tries to kick me when I work on the hind end?

If he’s tries to kick you, it’s because you’re finding something with your hand that he’s been covering up and blocking out. But now that you’ve found it, it’s bothering him. He’s just letting you know you’ve found something uncomfortable.
Testimonial from a Student
Note from Hannah Birkle
to Weekend Instructor,
Sandy Vreeburg
I wanted to share a story with you. I had talked to you about a horse that was super aggressive with the chiropractor and how he would not let us get near his Cervical vertebrae without trying to harm someone...well I recently started trying some techniques on him. We went super slow and I worked from his withers to his hind end.

This last week he actually allowed me to work with him on lateral cervical flexion ❤️ I was so excited! He is showing less aggressive behavior towards people and is safer during grooming! I wanted to say thank you for the tips you shared with me for him. I attached a photo of his smile afterwards! 
If you Didn't Catch Jim's
Facebook Live Event ,
May 12th, watch it now!
With the focus on Head Shy Horses and TMJ issues, Jim took questions for over an hour from Masterson Method enthusiasts. Pop some popcorn, and sit back and enjoy! Editors note: The beginning of the video becomes slightly blurry at gets better.
Can you Read German?
13 Page Article on The Masterson Method in
"Reiter Revue" Magazine
Sale of video
Your Horse's Brain:
A Users Manual
Normally $149, now $89.99
Ever wonder what your horse is thinking and how it processes information? Ever wonder what a dissected brain of a horse looks like? Well, look no further, here it is!

Enjoy the nearly SIX HOUR video: Your Horse's Brain: A Users Manual

Videotaped lectures by Dr. Peters on the horse’s brain will offer insights into their behavior. Included in the video, Dr. Peters dissects the brain of a horse and discusses each region and its function.

Additionally, Jim Masterson works on a horse and discusses how the horse releases tension from the perspective of Dr. Peter’s lecture.

Finally , Mark Rashid shows how to more effectively work with the horse using the science of horse brain function

At the end of the video, Dr. Peters, Jim, Mark and special guest Spencer LaFlure (founder of Natural Balance Dentistry) answer questions from the audience.

**Streaming service only for International customers**
***US Shipping fees apply for physical DVD sales***

Newly Certified Practitioners
Helene Sigogneau
Montrouge, France
Ever since I rode my first horse when I was 12 years old, I have always enjoyed spending time preparing the horse. During the grooming process I let my hands search his body for his favorite spots, bringing the horse comfort and well-being. Once on the horse’s back, the moment I have always liked most is the final cool-down, nose to the ground, released.
Then, friends gave me a copy of The Masterson Method book. It seemed very simple to me (overly simple?), so I was somewhat reluctant when I tried it… 

I was so surprised to see how effective it was! I started working with any horse I could and decided to register for a Masterson Method Weekend Seminar. There, I learned new techniques and my massages became even more powerful.
After a year of massaging, encouraged by professional (riders, coaches, farriers, …) as well as amateur riders and owners, I decided to register for the full certification program and studied to become an Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP.)
Now, fully qualified, I realize how much Masterson Method fits in with my personality, my way of seeing horses as much for their work as for their well-being: It is based on observation and collaboration with the horse! I love the way each horse makes The MM his.
I am very happy to be able to thank horses for their generosity and also happy with the prospect of sharing this knowledge with owners as well as all others involved in caring for horses. 
Phone:   0781836301
E lan Panther-Fahy 
New Zealand

Elan's love of horses began when she bought a cabbage patch pony for her fourth birthday. Her mother finally relented and signed her up for riding lessons when she was six and the love affair began!

It’s been over 20 years since that first plastic pony and in that time she has attended Pony Club, competed in games tournaments, showjumping champs, endurance riding, show hunter, dressage, eventing – you name it, she tried it. She even dabbled in stunt riding at home (much to her parent's horror!)

In 2010 she earned her Diploma of Veterinary Nursing while also attaining her Certificate in Relaxation Massage from the Naturopathic College of New Zealand. Then, in 2014, she acquired a thoroughbred by the name of Taz.

Taz had been out of work for quite some time and as he came back in, she found that he just wasn't quite right. All online research and every therapist she had out to him said this issue was in his stifle and the sacroiliac joint, and one of the top recommendations for this was massage and bodywork therapy.

After stumbling across The Masterson Method online she found that a Weekend Workshop was due to take place in NZ in 3 months' time so she signed up and has never looked back.

Now Elan is working as an Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP) in both Auckland and Whangarei and also creates a range of custom equestrian tack, home decor and gifts through her business: EMF Equine NZ.
Phone:  02102554694
Website: EMF Equine NZ
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Considering the Horse - Mind and Body
July 8-10 Littleton, CO with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid

Your Horse's Brain: A User's Manual
July 11-12 Littleton, CO with Jim Masterson, Mark Rashid and Dr. Steve Peters

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Equitana Kentucky September 25-27 with Jim Masterson
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