November 2020 E-Newsletter
Hello All,

Hands Online Training - Learning Feel by Doing… FINALLY!
I’m excited! (Sorry, I get excited a lot about this stuff.) For the last six months – and especially since Covid - we’ve been working to create a place online where people can learn, practice, and get better at The Masterson Method®. I wanted to find a way to make continued learning accessible to anyone who wanted to continue to learn, and who could continue to pass it to the most horses… continually.

The news is – FINALLY - we’re ready to launch our new Hands Online Training Program, on our new Masterson Education platform, starting on December 1st

Hands Online Training is a two-level membership program that will provide live or live review training segments that we’ll work on each month. Like our bodywork with horses, it’s not just about learning techniques but about feel. Also like our bodywork with horses, it’s meant to be as interactive as you can be - online.
Some people say that you can’t teach feel. That’s not so. You don’t HAVE to have the best feel to start doing this with the horse. If you do it as it’s taught, not only will you begin to help your horse release tension right away, but the techniques themselves - and the horse you’re working with - will give you the sense of feel you need as you do it. And it will improve with each horse you work with.
Unless you’re doing the complete opposite of what you’re being shown then you can’t do it wrong; but you can always do it better. That’s how it works. I don’t know why. It’s a mystery.

Thousands of horse people have received hands-on-hands training at our Weekend Seminar-Workshops and Advanced 5-Day Courses. Tens of thousands more have been introduced to a new way of helping horses through our books and videos. Ultimately the hands-on-hands learning you receive at a course or workshop is best, but when things like time… money… global pandemics… prevent you from getting to a course, there are things you can learn online and practice at home that will help you get better every month. Until you can get to a hands-on-hands course, Hands Online is the next best thing. 

As I said, this is a two-level program. The first level is for anyone interested in practicing and learning more, and the second level for anyone who has done the Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course, or who has attended a Weekend Seminar-Workshop, or who has attended an MMES Course.

If you’re on this Newsletter list keep an eye on your inbox for an email from us on December 1st with more details on the program, and how to get started if you’re interested. 

Veteran’s Day
Last week was Veteran’s Day. In all of the hullaballoo in the news (which I don’t watch much these days) over the election, awareness of our veterans may have been pushed a little to the back shelf… something that we shouldn’t let happen. 

I spoke with Will Friday, one of our Instructors in Southern California who works with veteran’s through an organization called, Equine Empowered Therapy (EET) to see what’s been happening with them. 

From Will:
“Equine Empowered Therapy sprang out of one participant on the Weekend Workshop and the Advanced 5-Day Course and his desire to support veterans. The EET concept is to provide job skills and training in the horse world for veterans, no matter what their interest and talents may be - farrier, vet assistant, therapeutic riding instructor/assistant, groom, ranch hand, and especially Masterson Method Certified Practitioner. EET has supported veterans in taking the Weekend Workshop and Advanced 5-Day Courses, and as soon as things are “back to normal” we look forward to sponsoring more veterans in MM courses.

Until the Corona shutdown, EET had particular success with our last cadre of veterans and the Introduction to the Horse programs for Blind Veterans. In the Job Skills training program, we saw LaNita Moss (USMC, ret.) get hired on as a ranch hand and riding instructor at the ranch where she received EET training. Terine Diaz (US Army, retired) moved to Las Vegas where she is volunteering at a therapeutic riding center. While Wendy is patiently waiting for programs to resume....Wendy Figeroa (USAF Nurse) has no intention of getting a job in the horse world, she just loves to be around horses. Wendy can spend hours with horses doing the Bladder Meridian, and reported to us that her Parkinson’s symptoms (primarily hand tremors) reduce significantly when she is with the horses. 

EET’s Blind Veterans programs offer a day with horses for participants in the Long Beach VA’s Blind Rehabilitation Center, a residential program that provides training in sight assistance technology, life skills, computer skills and more for veterans. EET has hosted dozens of sight impaired veterans at the ranch, and their response to learning basic MM techniques, particularly The Bladder Meridian, has been heartwarming and eye opening (pun intended). 

These veterans operate similar to the horse, relying on that sixth sense, to move and interact with the horses. We love hearing the stories of when the veterans first experienced horses as a kid. Many of the veterans served in Korea and Viet Nam, placing them in the 70-90 year-old range. EET has shared the magic of horses and MM with a number of veterans in their 90’s. Hearing their stories, listening to their experiences throughout the time we spend together with the horses is a gift to the EET staff and volunteers. To hear of their service and sacrifice, it is truly an honor to witness."

Along with our veterans I have to acknowledge Will and EET founder Mike Dunne, who are working to support veterans through the creation of this organization. Masterson Method works with Equine Empowered Therapy to support veteran’s interested in following this path. 

For more info on EET go to
You already know where to find us.

A Mind Like Still Water
Another bit of exciting news. A documentary film based on the clinics that Mark Rashid and I do together is due to be released on December 1st. A Mind Like Still Water is a story that follows two participants who, through the course of the clinic, discover things about themselves that have a direct correlation to their relationships with their horses.

Pre-sales for DVD's and iTunes/AppleTV begin on December 1st. As soon as we get a pre-sale link from Passion River Films for Itunes, we’ll email you this info, as well as where to find the film on other outlets. We’ll also send you a video trailer of the documentary. Keep another eye on your inbox! 

Mark and Jim Show in California Next Week
Funny how all these things sometimes fall together. This week I’ll be traveling to the Central California Coast for another collaborative clinic with Mark. We’ll be sharing things that we know and things that we learn along the way with the horses that we’ll be working with at the Big Horse Ranch near Arroyo Grande, CA. The clinic starts Friday, Nov 20th thru Sunday, the 22nd. You can see Mark and me talking a little bit about the clinic below and you’ll find details on the clinic below that. Auditors are not only welcome, but required! 

Sandy and Bugsy in Santa Fe
We’ve been having regular Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP) zoom calls with different speakers and conversations on different topics. On a recent call MMCP, Sandy Benson in Santa Fe talked about a horse she’s been working with.

This is a horse I’ve been working on over the last couple of years. He started out basically sore all over and really crazy under saddle... bucking at the slightest stimulus. When I started I suspected that at least some of his hyper response to his environment was pain related. Particularly around the SI/lumbar area.”

She’s been working with him for a while and had a breakthrough with him on the last session. She was able to catch his response to it on film, I mean, phone:
“Over time he’s softened up and his rider has made great strides in getting him to reference her for safety. Turns out he loves arena work so his owner is starting him on entry level dressage.” Well done, Sandy!

An Intuitive Podcast 
I got a request to do a podcast interview this month with Heather Drummond of Healing Vitality

The topic of the conversation was horses… and intuition. Of course I’m sure you all knew that already. We had a very nice talk with a slightly different twist than the usual horse chat. 

Heather said, “I will share the live podcast link for See'rs, Be-ers, Knowers and Doers. If Jim wishes to share with this audience at that time it would be great!
Thanks again!”

I foresee that it will be posted on our website and/or Facebook page on November 23rd… and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it!

At Home
Having spent more time at home this year I’ve gotten used to sharing at-home photos instead of on-the-road photos. I walked out of our office in town to get in the truck the other evening just as the sun had gone down. Had to get my phone out to get pics. Kind of felt like being at Disneyland… without the crowds:

Jefferson County courthouse to my right...
… and Main Street to my left…
Annabelle and Jeremiah have only taken me out driving a couple of times this summer and none of those times was for a beer. It seems they’re on a twelve-step program. They go twelve steps, then take me home. 

We finally had a chance to go up to the new Cider House last week for a beer. It was a lovely drive and I think they enjoyed getting out, even if it was more than twelve steps.
On the way out the drive, stopped to say hi to Anni, one of the proprietors. I think Annabelle wanted to check ID’s…
… have a photo of Popper waiting patiently at home for dinner…
… and today found Annabelle and Jeremiah lined up (with Nellie lounging) to get the burrs out of their winter coats. Kind of like lining up at the car wash…
'Tis the Season… Almost!
Check out our Giving Thanks Sale Friday, November 27 – Monday, November 30, and our upcoming Happy Holiday Sales each week of December. One of those sales will be our Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course, just in case!

Remember to keep another eye on your inbox for fun stuff on December 1st.

Until then, have a Happy Thanksgiving and, like me, 
Enjoy your horses!

"Facebook Live Mini-Event"
Jim works on a Pony
Taped: November 6th, 2020
Giving Thanks Sale!
We have much to be thankful for this year - even if it's been a tough year all the way around. But, here at The Masterson Method®, we are thankful for all of YOU! And all of the help you are giving to horses by using MM techniques to deepen your relationship with your horse.

In your honor, we are announcing a "Giving Thanks" Sale 
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Bodywork Blog post:
What your Horse Might Have to Say
About Lead Change Issues
We’ve talked before about how discomfort, tension or restriction in the muscles of the horse can affect the horse’s movement, performance and even behavior. We’ve also discussed how horses are similar to humans in that each has a more predominant side, eye, or direction. This natural unevenness builds uneven tension in the horse’s muscles. The unevenness in the horse’s movement can be worked out in training if it’s done gradually and evenly. If done too aggressively, the movement may even out but the muscle tension that accumulates will still be uneven, and may contribute to a performance or even veterinary issue down the road.
Looking for Hosts
For Weekend Seminars Starting in 2021
Come, Join the Party!
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The Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Course includes:

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  • Quizzes to ensure your knowledge and understanding.
  • Instructional practice time with downloadable PDFs.
  • A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion of the course.
  • 12 CEUs are approved from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Organization (NCBTMB).
From Renowned Horse Trainer
Warwick Schiller
"I just spent the past 2 days at a,
workshop. I have nothing but great things to say about not only the wonderful instructor, Sandy Vreeburg, but the entire program itself.
These days I’m all about building connection and creating relaxation with horse before trying to train them, and the Masterson Method is all about that. So many common themes, empathy ,awareness, feel, timing, patience, presence, staying below threshold, and non judgementalism just to name a few. These techniques facilitate the mental relaxation that promotes the physical relaxation, and I’d say communicating your attunement is a huge part of this.
I’d highly recommend one of these two-day seminars to any horse owner, and if you can’t get to one in your area, Jim has a great book and a great DVD on the process and techniques."

Newly Certified Practitioners
To find a Certified Practitioner near you
Orla Whalley
Warwickshire, UK

Orla has previously trained in Equine Facilitated Learning -  Human Growth and Development. During the study of equine and human psychology, neuroscience and bio-social feedback systems she started to learn more about ‘Natural Horsemanship’ and viewing the horse as an equal partner. This was an entry point into looking at our relationships with horses in a totally new way.

“My interest in helping horses not have such a hard time in the world started to grow and then the Masterson Method showed up on my horizon and it was a perfect complement to what I was learning.

My interest in the energy of the body and it’s healing mechanisms continues to grow and I have also trained in Reiki for humans and animals. I love that the Masterson Method encompasses both physical therapy and the body’s own healing mechanisms.”

Phone: 7751674058
Beverley Edgerton
Arundel, Sussex, UK

Since I was 2 years old in London, Islington I was obsessed with horses and luckily the local council built a new stable in East London when I was 7 years old which my parents kindly supported. After my British Horse Society training and qualifications, then later Equine Science (Hons) Degree, I went on a very different track into the world of work/travel. Unfortunately, as more was demanded in the modern day, I started to notice changes, mainly all over body pain, through stress, overwork and “burnout”. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which changes the way the central nervous system processes the pain messages carried around the body. In my recovery, I started to follow a completely different path of Reiki and by doing this stumbled across Reiki for horses. This ignited something back to my happiest years. Not only this, it also sparked an interest and research into horses’ physical pain with the link to their behaviour.

I followed my instinct on a long journey to the US in Wyoming to train with a horse whisperer, including Equine Reiki.
Ruta Mazelis
Carrollton, OH

As a science and research enthusiast (“nerd”) I have been fascinated by the workings of the body and how it heals. I have worked with humans as a physical therapist and then became a trauma researcher and instructor. Then came the horses… My passion for horses is diverse: I enjoy riding, whether it is on trails in this beautiful part of Ohio, or in the arena. My horses have also been diverse. I have a commitment to rescued horses, and now a herd of them. As a result, I studied the various healing modalities that exist, my horses needed a lot of help. I became an equine massage therapist. I discovered Jim Masterson’s book and became curious. I struggled with the techniques so went to the weekend course. I was fascinated, then determined to learn this method, a combination of science and art. Several years later I am now certified as an MMCP. All my interests have come full circle – I remain fascinated by the workings of horses, helping them heal and so, of course, helping humans who are committed to the health of their horses. It is both an honor and a delight to see horses respond to my efforts with improved comfort, relaxation, movement and performance.

Phone: 330-627-5411
Moi Watson
Wiltshire, UK

Moi’s love of polo, developed during a 30-year Army career, led her on a journey of finding a non-invasive way of rehabilitating the equine athlete; seeking a way to work with the horse as an active partner rather than a passive subject. Using straightness training to rebalance and help strengthen horses after injury, Moi knew that there had to be a complimentary way to help the horse use its body correctly in rehabilitation.

In 2018, having seen a body work demonstration, Moi found Jim’s videos on YouTube and signed up for a weekend seminar.  Being dedicated to science-based evidence, Moi then spent a year understanding how the equine bodywork she had seen worked, and why. She attended anatomical dissections, equine biomechanics and saddle fit courses and numerous conferences, finally deciding that the Masterson Method was exactly what she wanted to do.

Moi attained an MSc in Equine Behaviour, Training and Performance at Sparsholt College, University of Portsmouth in 2019 and is now training with Equitation Science International to add a horse behaviour based method of training to add to her body work services.

Phone: 7920 775202
Weekend Seminar-Workshop Schedule
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December 12-13, Crownsville, MD

January 23-34, Wickenburg, AZ

February 20-21, Milton, FL

March 6-7 Bandera, TX

March 20-21, Stockton, NJ

March 20-21, Aiken, SC

March 27-28, DeWitt, MI

April 10-11, New Cambria, KS

April 24-25, Watsonville, CA

April 24-25, Wickenburg, AZ

May 1-2, Indianola, IA

May 8-9, Boscawen, NH

May 22-23, Coatesville, IN

June 19 - 20, Sharon, VT

August 21-22, Coatesville, IN

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October 30-31, Coatesville, IN

Canada Seminars

April 24-25 Granby, QC
(taught in French)

May 29-30 Ponoka, AB

June 12-13 Saint-Nicolas, QC
(taught in French)

September 19-20 Cobourg, ON*
(*Note: Sunday-Monday course)
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Feb 27-28, 2021 Vierhöfen, DE

March 6-7, 2021 Uddel, NL

March 13-14, Brockenhurst, UK

March 20-21, 2021 Graz, AT

March 27-28, 2021 Aßlar, DE

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May 22-23, 2021 Brockenhurst, UK

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August 7-8, 2021 Meerbusch, DE
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August 7-8, 2021 Studen, CH
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Oct 2-3, 2021 Pfaffenhofen, DE
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Oct 23-24, 2021 Großefehn, DE
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South Africa

Nov 21-22, Johannesburg, ZA

December 5-6, Cape Town, ZA
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February 15-19, 2021 Watsonville, CA with Sandy Vreeburg

March 22-26, Wickenburg, AZ with Coralie Hughes

June 21-25, 2021 Watsonville, CA with Sandy Vreeburg

July 19 - 23, Coatesville, IN with Coralie Hughes

September 27 - Oct 1, Watsonville, CA with Sandy Vreeburg

October 11-15, Coatesville, IN with Coralie Hughes

European Advanced Courses

March 5-9, 2021, Egestorf, DE taught in German with Walter Saxe
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May 17-21, Oxfordshire UK with Jim Masterson

May 24-28, New Forest, UK with Jim Masterson

Aug 30 - Sept 3, Dillenburg, DE taught in German with Walter Saxe

October 27 - 31, Egestorf, DE taught in German with Walter Saxe
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Canada Advanced Courses

April 28 - May 2nd, 2021 Sherbrooke, QC with Lori Hoppe
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May 10-14, 2021 Cobourg, ON with Lori Hoppe

May 31 - June 4, 2021 Calgary, AB with Lori Hoppe

August 30 - September 3, 2021, Calgary, AB with Lori Hoppe

September 13-17, 2021, Sherbrook, QC (Taught in English) with Lori Hoppe

September 27 - October 1, 2021, Cobourg, ON with Lori Hoppe
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January 21-22, 2021 Watsonville, CA

April 27-28, 2021 Tucson, AZ

July 11-12, 2021 Littleton, CO

Tentative: September Iowa CCC

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USA Courses

March 26-28, 2021 Custer, WI
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USA Clinics

Collaborative Clinic with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid

January 15-17, 2021 Phoenix, Arizona
Collaborative Clinic with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid

July 14-16, 2021 Littleton, Colorado
Collaborative Clinic with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid
Your Horse's Brain, Collaborative Clinic
USA Clinics

July 17th - 18th, Littleton, Colorado
Collaborative clinic with Dr. Peters, Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson
Expos and Demos
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Masterson Method Demo November 21 with Linda Allen

Masterson Method Demo November 22 with Megan Dushin

Masterson Method Demo with Anna Drabble and Nadine Vollmerg

Masterson Method Demo December 5 with Linda Allen

Masterson Method Demo December 5 with Lindsay Madorin
Absorbine Proud Partners
"Absorbine’s relationship with The Masterson Method® is a natural fit. Jim’s breakthrough but simple concepts are all focused on helping the horse to relieve tension, feel more comfortable and improve their relationships with owners and handlers.” 

~ Amy Cairy, Director of Marketing,
W. F. Young, manufacturers of Absorbine products