October 2020 E-Newsletter
Hello All,

“I think I see where your steering problem might be coming from…”
For some reason "Tonic" felt comfortable standing in this position. It must have felt good because he did it a couple of times during the session after doing the Scapula Releases. He did have a lot of tension in the shoulders...

When horses start to feel things loosen up during bodywork they will often put themselves in (sometimes strange) positions that are comfortable to them, and that help them to continue releasing tension. It just feels good to continue releasing once it starts to let go.

You can try this at home. If you have tension in your legs or lower back, gently do what Tonic’s doing - but with your hind legs. When you put a twist in the hind legs it rotates the hip joint and stretches the ligaments, and maybe even the sacroiliac joints in the lower back.

I do this from time to time. I have to admit I haven’t tried it on the front end - even on those forgettable occasions when I’ve found myself on all fours…

You will often see a pattern in horses resting in a certain position in the hind end during the bodywork; not as often up front. You will also see a pattern of stretching and bending as they feel things loosen up.

Like this below:
And this:
And sometimes this:
On to more serious things than learning stuff from horses. If you’ve been watching the Course Calendar you will have noticed that October has been a busy, busy training month. We’ve had quite a few courses in the UK, Europe, Canada and the U.S. I think people are feeling safer gathering in small groups, in the open, and most importantly - with horses. Here in the U.S. having more courses spread out locally allows the option of driving rather that flying, which in itself makes things less stressful.

Even though I wasn't able to fly to the UK to teach the October courses this year, they are being taught by Instructor Vicky Devlin, and with the assistance of Leigh, Carina, Sam and Lorraine everything seems to be under control...
I’ve been on only two trips this summer, both driving. One to Colorado in July, and one to North Carolina at the end of September. It’s leaving me time to work on training projects here (see last month’s newsletter). It’s also nice to be able to spend some time at home. The cats are starting to recognize me and the dogs don’t bark so much now when I get out of the truck.
We had a Certification Completion Course here in Fairfield in September. We have about two Certification Courses a year here, and four or five in other parts of the country/world. Last month I congratulated this class for getting through the training program and to Fairfield; now I can congratulate them for becoming bona-fide Masterson Method Certified Practitioners. Congratulations! And Congratulations to the new Masterson Method Certified Practioners qualified this month in the UK and Europe by Instructors Vicky Devlin and Walter Saxe.
We always have a good time at these Fairfield courses. Below is a photo of our morning meeting place before heading out to different barns to work on horses, and next to that would be our evening meeting place - where we unwind after a day of working on horses
And, of course we do get some work done. Below is MMCP and equine dentist, Gretchen Deane, giving us a talk on natural balance/neuromuscular dentistry.
As I was searching for our certification class photo I came across what may have been our first Advanced 5-Day Course here in Fairfield in 2008. On my right is Stefanie Reinhold, our very first MMCP and co-author of Beyond Horse Massage book, and on the left is my old friend Geoffrey Pfeiffer, thoroughbred rehab guy and MMCP who followed soon after Stefanie. And in front is a beautiful little Hackney mare from the nearby Heartland Hackney Farm.
I received a letter from a harness racing trainer in Finland this month about her experiences with the Bladder Meridian and physiological issues she's been having with some of her horses. You can read more about that below but I wanted to share a part of the letter that conveys something that's equally important, here :

"I had the most rewarding and emotional horse-human-interaction experience tonight, and I am deeply grateful for that. Also, my horses seemed happy with their human, and like me more, which I am even more grateful for. We've got along quite nicely before, but in the last few days my human staff index has rocketed, at least for now.

I have always been accepted by them, even liked, I think, but tonight I was accepted not only as their human, but as their equal. As a horse communicating with other horses. I can't explain it any other way. It goes beyond any words."

Well, summer’s coming to a close here. Got almost all of the windows back on the chicken coop, and getting ready to put the buggy away. Sounds a little too quaint. Good thing I still have the airplane… and the sleigh.
I’ll be heading out to California in November for a collaborative clinic with Mark Rashid in Arroyo Grande. All of the slots in the clinic are full but we have lots of room for auditors. The more the merrier, so if you want to see Mark do some training and me do some bodywork, come on out. Click here to find out more.

I hope to see you there. Until then, like me,

Enjoy your horses!

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Light To The Core Video -
What if My Horse is Constantly Fidgeting?
What if my horse is constantly fidgeting? What if he appears uncomfortable and wants me to stop?” Often when we find something in the horse that’s uncomfortable, he’ll fidget, or he’ll tell us it’s uncomfortable. This is part of the communication. When that happens, we have to find the right level of pressure or non-pressure,…
Letter to Jim
on a Harness Racing Pony and
Standardbred Gelding from Finland
(and Jim's Response)
Dear Jim,
I just need to write to you to thank you on behalf of my horses, and myself too.
I have a Standardbred gelding, 8 years old, and two Shetland pony mares, 12 and 5 years old. They are either training or racing harness racing, also the ponies with our son. We have quite an active harness racing community for ponies here in Finland.

The performance of the elder pony has been varying on the races lately, sometimes her own level, sometimes slow or disqualified without any logic. Finally after the last race her right shoulder got very stiff and muscles on the left loin hot, sore, swollen and tense. I called our vet, and we got an appointment at her clinic 15th of October. We are planning to check her teeth/ mouth, blood values, x-raying her stomach for sand plus of course examining her legs and treating them if necessary.

While waiting to see my Euros fly by I tried cooling arnica gel (works wonders with chronically stiff owner), stretching and massage. The shoulder got much better, but the loin only slightly. I was suspecting harness or the chariot being slanted and tried to lunging her lightly in canter instead of driving, but her movement went only worse and she refused any further co-operation. I decided I was doing something terribly wrong, and got to my computer doing online search. I watched lots of videos, some of them making me sad and angry for the horses "treated", some of them showing nothing new, until I stumbled upon your videos about hind release points and using bladder meridian to release pain. Horses looked so content, happy even, while you were working with them, and even more, they seemed to be happy with you, so I tried your method the same day.

I tried the elder pony mare first, and that was really amazing. She was a real schoolbook example for both Bladder Meridian and Hind Release points, straightforward search-response-stay-release. Only point she reacted strongly was her left inner thigh. She bolted and nearly kicked (not me though, she's not that kind) when I touched the point inside her left knee. I stepped back and tried again, this time barely touching her, and she accepted my touch. After some fidgeting she suddenly dropped her left pelvis, and the whole left hindquarter with a huge sigh and yawn. Then she allowed me to gently palpate the inner thigh, resting her leg relaxed on the tip of her hoof. It turned out that her muscles on the left knee and thigh are smaller, and more tense than on the right, so I guess I finally got near the root cause.

Article on Jim in the Fall, 2020 issue
of Saddle & Bridle magazine
“Working with the horse and not on the horse allows the horse to release tension in essential core muscles, and in the muscles of key junctions of the body that affect
movement and performance,” equine massage therapist Jim Masterson said. This relaxation, he said, “improves the horse’s performance, and in the process, it develops a trust between the horse and you.”Jim, creator of The Masterson Method, said his innovative form of equine massage allows a horse to release deep, accumulated pain and tension in its muscles and connective tissue. Jim said that most of a horse’s body language is missed by humans, noting that a horse communicates almost entirely through body language. “When a horse’s nervous system lets go of blocking pain and discomfort, then comes into play that part of the
nervous system that regenerates and heals,“ he said. The block-out part is called the sympathetic - the flight, fight, or freeze part. Once released, the healing that comes
forth is called the parasympathetic part. Through the use of light touch and gentle movement while a horse is in a relaxed state, Jim said, one can observe
a range of the horse’s responses. This reveals what the horse’s body is feeling.
years of stress and stiffness can often be resolved in a few sessions, Jim said.
Newly Certified Practitioners
Carla Ball
Moncure, North Carolina

Helping horses achieve balance throughout their body has been central to Carla’s passion to contribute to horse health and wellness. As a barefoot trimmer for more than a decade, Carla has a keen appreciation for balance in the horse’s feet. Her hoof care education was holistically focused in all aspects of horse care and soon she began to look for ways to help the horse achieve balance through their body in addition to their feet. After studying a couple types of equine massage, something was still missing.
Phone: 919-225-8657

Serving central NC; additional areas considered by request.
Simona MMCP
Simona Korcz
Edinburgh, Scotland

I have only discovered my love for horses 6 years ago and decided to devote my life to them since. I currently own two cheeky cobs, who really taught me how to speak 'horse'. I hold a degree in Biological Sciences but always had a deep interest in all things metaphysical. Horses have proven to me that biology and the supernatural are connected in the most amazing way. I fell in love with The Masterson Method® when I saw a positive difference in behaviour in my nervous cob. Now I make it my mission to help other horses find balance in their minds and bodies. My Facebook business page (Equuifey) is a tribute to my soul mate Fey, my best horse who helped me find my own balance and confidence in life.

Phone: 07984615116
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