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Monthly eNewsletter - February 2019
Hello All,
This month’s late news...

Just back from our Education Team Conference in Tucson. This was a gathering of our growing team of Instructors, Mentors and Coaches. It was a great opportunity to connect with and to keep all of us herding in the same direction; that is, toward our goal of bringing this way of working with the horse to every horse on the planet. Should be done by next week (kidding!).

We were looking forward to getting away from this weather
(which can be beautiful at times) for a little while and into a little warmer weather. We were partially successful as it was sometimes in the forties and fifties and rainy, but was nice to be able to leave the snow shovel at home.
We certified 12 new MMCPs from all across the country while in Tucson. You’ll be hearing their stories in upcoming newsletters; all interesting, across all interests and disciplines, and with compelling motivations for learning The Masterson Method.

We had international instructors from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel and France who attended, which is good because we have a lot going on across the pond at the moment.

Last month we shared that our Instructor in Germany, Walter Saxe, has been pretty busy promoting MM there. If you want to brush up on your German, check out this article ( part 1 , part 2 ) in the prestigious, equestrian magazine St Georg. Even if your German isn’t what it used to be, the article is pleasing to the eye with some good photos of Walter working on horses. 

St Georg will be one of our sponsors at the Equitana Horse Expo in Germany next month along with WeHorse, publisher of our Beyond Horse Massage dvd in German. Walter and I will be doing two demonstrations a day, along with a “Meet and Greet” at the St. Georg and WeHorse stands.

If you’re looking for some grins, here’s a link to some images that Walter took in Tucson, including some (slightly amusing) out-takes from short promotional clips we were taking on our phones for our sponsors at Equitana. No LOL’s!  Find your grins here .

Also overseas, a reminder that we’ll be having our MMCP Educational Conference in the UK on June 3 and 4. Now that we’ve got Tucson out of the way we’ll have time to focus on this and will be getting the conference details to ALL of our UK and EU MMCPs soon!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Vicky Devlin has three Seminars coming up in the UK (that’s her in the lower right)
1) in Suffolk with Instructor Richard “Max” Maxwell in April ,
2) in Cornwall in April, and 3) in Sheffield in July.
Both Vicky and Max do excellent courses that will get most everyone out of their seats (unlike Arnie here) , so if you’ve been on the fence about taking a course I would check out one of these.
Also coming up in Europe:
Ruinerwold, Netherlands (taught in Dutch)
Wiskitki, Poland (taught in Polish)
Uddel, Netherlands (taught in Dutch)

On the corners of North America, we have Whitehorse, Yukon (at the beginning of March) and Wellington, Florida (at the end of March) Weekend Seminar-Workshops coming up.

In South Africa we have a Weekend Seminar scheduled for November.

Keep an eye on our Course Calendar for dates in Australia and New Zealand!

See the Course Calendar below for all courses and details.

Back on this side of the pond; I’ll be at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver next month, 1st -3rd of March. Also the Minnesota Horse Expo in April - brrr! - and a couple more later in the year (don’t-want-to-think-about-it-right-now-my-head-is-spinning-already.) Actually they are a lot of fun they just take a lot of energy and a few days to wind down from. (whew!)

In the Equine Assisted Therapies world we have a couple more Masterson Method Equine Specialists out there now, helping horses that are helping people, as that program grows. You can read about them below, along with other timely, interesting stuff.

Until next month, like me,
Enjoy your horses!
Minnesota Horse Expo
Love Both Horse Expos AND The Masterson Method? We would love for you to join us as a booth attendant!

The Minnesota Horse Expo in St. Paul, MN is April 26-28.

If you are already a Certified Practitioner, this is a great way to boost your business in the local area, as well as…

  • Assist Jim at demos if needed.
  • Answer questions about The Masterson Method techniques.
  • Encourage visitors to sign up for the Masterson newsletter, purchase books/dvds, and host and/or attend courses.
  • Process sales of merchandise via our iPad.
  • Hand out free course schedules, samples, and other giveaway items.
  • Restock books/dvds on display tables.
  • Unpack and set up booth day before expo.
  • Repack and disassemble booth after expo.
  • Have fun and make lifelong horsie friends!

Check out Jim’s schedule for an expo near you.

If interested, contact 641-209-6468. 
This Month's Blog
One happy ending to a colic story.

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Masterson Method Equine Specialist
Program News
Welcome New Certified Equine Specialists!
We’re excited to be certifying Masterson Method Equine Specialists to bring the Bladder Meridian and more to equine-assisted learning and therapy programs!
Indianola, IA
I have loved and been involved with horses all of my life. It started with trail riding and eventually moved to riding hunter jumpers and to managing a hunter jumper boarding barn. Along this journey I began adding dressage techniques as I continued to explore horsemanship and riding. I picked up several horses off the track and began a career of retraining and selling OTTBS (off- the-track Thoroughbreds). I also had many riding students which I took to the local schooling and rated shows. 
As I grew more involved with horses and people, I began seeking answers to my growing list of questions I had about horses. I became aware of a different kind of horsemanship when I met Harry Whitney, a clinician, about 20 years ago. This was a turning point in my life, as I became aware of being with the horse in a different way than I had ever been. Since that time I have hosted and attended clinics by Harry Whitney, by Kathleen Lindley Beckham, as well as other clinicians. 
I have certified with PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) as a therapeutic riding instructor approximately 10 and a half years ago. And I've free-lanced at several locations including my own barn as a therapeutic instructor I have been pursuing unmounted work and have had some involvement with Faith Based EAL (Equine Assisted Learning).
I became aware of the Masterson Method Bodywork through a new friend from church that is a certified practitioner. I asked if she could come look at one of my horses. I had purchased this horse from Wildwood Hills Ranch where she had been used as a therapy horse for several years. Within a few months of bringing her home to my barn I noticed, even though she appeared sound, that she was uncomfortable. This was my first time of seeing the Masterson Method Bodywork, and from my horse's reaction, I knew I had to learn more. As I researched the Masterson Method and read about the MMES (Masterson Method Equine Specialist), I felt this was a good fit. I am excited to incorporate the MMES techniques working with individuals and the horse. This is a program that gives back to the horse with which we all have the opportunity to learn along the way.

Phone: 515-240-7508
Colorado Springs, CO
I first became involved with horses in 2000 when I became a Mounted Police Officer for an agency in the San Francisco Bay Area. We worked our horses hard and they took on a lot of stress. I later became a Detective and Investigations Sergeant, where I felt the stresses which were placed on officers, families, victims and dispatchers. Much of this stress led me to go back to working with horses when I retired in 2017.
I moved to Colorado and found a home as a volunteer with StableStrides. I began to see how the horses could help so many people. And, like I saw with the police horses, the therapy horses took on much of the stress from their clients. I met MMES Jen Sweere at StableStrides and she introduced me to The Masterson Method. I saw first-hand how Jen was helping our therapy herd and I became interested in it myself. My first step was to become a PATH International certified Equine Specialist, then I decided to work on my MMES certification. With everything I'm learning my goal is to help first responders (human and equine alike) deal with their stress through equine therapy and The Masterson Method.

Phone: 510-364-9659
We are excited to be filling our calendar for 2019! Interested in attending a training and becoming certified as a Masterson Method Equine Specialist? Learn more on our webpage,  Certification Training & Fieldwork. See course listings below.

We will be presenting at two big conferences this Spring!

2019 Biennial Conference
March 21-23, 2019 • Lexington, KY
Healing Our Horses: The Masterson Method and Other Bodywork Techniques (with Linda Frease, Hippotherapy Clinical Specialist)

3rd International Symposium for Equine Welfare and Wellness
April 25-26, 2019 • Scranton, PA
Partnering with Horses: The Masterson Method as Interactive Bodywork

About MMES
The Masterson Method Equine Specialist specializes in sharing specific light touch Masterson Method techniques with persons served in equine-assisted learning and therapy programs. By doing this bodywork on horses, participants deepen their connection with horses while also gaining self-awareness and self-regulation skills; meanwhile, therapy horses are tended to through simple bodywork and learn a new way of relating to people. It's a win/win!
Questions? Contact the Program Coordinator at
Watch Listening to the Horse for Free
' Listening to the Horse ', the 7-part documentary series will premiere online from February 27th to March 5th 2019.

To watch for FREE during February 27 to March 5th sign up here. :)
Releasing Tension in the TMJ and Jaw of the Horse using The Masterson Method
Releasing tension in the TMJ and jaw can help horses that are head shy. Head shyness, problems yielding to the bit, and resistance can come from tension in the jaw and TMJ. Jim shows techniques that can relieve that resistance.

Learn more techniques i n the Beyond Horse Massage Book and DVD.

More free Educational Videos.
New Certified Practitioners
Anna Drabble
Hamilton, Taupo and Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Anna has a background in Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage up to Advanced level, she went on to work starting and retraining horses from many disciplines including racing. However, she recognised that so many of the training issues we come up against are pain related rather than training related, and that training the horse through these issues was unfair.
"Geo was my horse who finally put me on the path of finding out how to help horses with body soreness. He had extreme girthing issues that no one could help me with, bodyworkers told me that there was nothing wrong physically, it was a behavioral issue. That's when I discovered The Masterson Method and we worked together through his physical soreness, I had a different horse and a whole new relationship with him."
Anna is also an Equine Podiotherapist studying at the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy and she has over 10 years experience trimming horses. "Apparently the whole horse is connected! Who knew?" In her experience horses will benefit most when their feet, as well as their bodies, are looked at as a whole.
She has spent 2018 studying in Australia and has taken as many opportunities for further education as she could pack in! Attending three Dissection Clinics with Sharon May-Davis, Dressage Clinics with Manolo Mendez and attending the Bowker Lectures with leading Distal Limb researcher Professor Robert Bowker.
Most recently she has started a saddle fitting qualification through Saddlefit 4 Life, with Jochen Schleese author of Suffering in Silence
Anna is back in New Zealand for 2019 providing Masterson Method Bodywork, Equine Podiotherapy, Independent Saddle Assessments, lessons, and workshops.

Phone: 027 741 8845
Sally Evans
Newmarket, United Kingdom
(South East of England) 

The qualifications I hold are: 
BSc Equine Science
ITEC level 3 body massage 
ITEC level 3&4 Sports Massage (human) 
Equine Sports Massage Therapist (have been a human and equine therapist for 4 years) 
Now an MMCP

I love the Masterson Method as it has transformed my treatments...
I've had the pleasure of treating horses from lots of disciplines from racing, dressage, event horses as well as horses in rehab ... riding club and companion horses. 

I've worked with horses in various disciplines for 14 years and had my own horses from a young age. I have my BHS 1,2&3 qualifications 
National Diploma in horse management and a range of other qualifications from Equine Breeding/ Nutrition etc.

Phone: (44) 7535990057
Michelle Quinn
Cohuna, Victoria, AUS

I was born and raised in America, I have always been horse mad I can’t even remember when it started. Since my parents had no background in horses, I had to learn everything from scratch which has led me in all directions. It wasn’t until I moved to Australia that my dream would lead me down a path with horses that I never considered possible. It first started with Bowen therapy for horses and people which I thoroughly enjoyed but felt something was missing. I saw Jim 8 years ago at Equitana and thought what a wonderful way to work with the horse to solve issues that were happening in the body. At the time I would have had to go back to America to learn this new method which wasn’t possible with young children. About 4 years ago I attended a weekend course with Tony Horsley which proved how amazing this method is. I then decided I needed to do the 5-day Course when Jim came out not knowing I would then decide to become a practitioner. The Masterson Method has answered the missing part of my work that I was searching for to help horses. I love the concept to ‘work with the horse’ and not doing the move ‘to the horse’. I now help horses to overcome issues that would have stopped them from being the best they can be. It goes along with my Equine Learning work of helping the people understand themselves better, by working with horses, so they can be the best versions of themselves. I work with horses from all sorts of backgrounds from performance to a person’s best friend they all need and respond to the method. My main modality is The Masterson Method it covers all areas where the horse needs releasing. Like the Eagle soaring to great heights to see the whole picture but also being able to hone in to see the vulnerabilities, discomforts, and inabilities that can hold them back from being the best they can be that is what I do at Soaring Horizons.
Facebook: Soaring Horizons
Phone: 0428559202
Fredericka Warren
Camillus, NY

Fredericka’s story begins like so many other equine bodyworkers. She was trying to help a horse. In 2011 her daughter’s horse, Flynn, came to her with a large, arthritic knee. Several months later he fell and fractured a stifle joint. Fredericka called in two large veterinarians, a veterinarian who specialized in lameness, an equine massage therapist, and a chiropractor. It wasn’t until the chiropractor blamed Flynn's limited range of motion, tripping, unwillingness to move off the leg, and heavy transitions as him being a rotten horse who needed an attitude adjustment. She knew then that this horse was misunderstood and needed more from her. Fredericka’s search, thankfully, landed her at the doorstep of The Masterson Method! 

"During the certification process I have gained a deeper appreciation for all that the horse gives to us even when he is asked to work without the ability to release long accumulated stiffness and tension. It is my honor to work with horses from all disciplines whether they earn their keep as a high level performer, a lesson horse, or a retired, backyard friend.” ~ Freddie

Practicing in Central New York

Phone           315-256-7422
Weekend Seminar-Workshop Schedule

* if the course you had your heart set on is sold out, please email to be added to the waiting list, or   if you'd like to host your own weekend (earn your spot free OR earn the cash equivalent!) please email .
USA Seminars

Saturday, March 2 - Sunday, March 3
Sylmar, CA ( 3 spots left)

Saturday, March 9 - Sunday, March 10
Decker, MT (1 spots left)

Saturday, March 30 - Sunday, March 31 taught by Jim Masterson
Nicasio, CA (Full)

Saturday, March 30 - Sunday, March 31
Boyds, MD (Full)

Saturday, March 30 - Sunday, March 31

Saturday, March 30 - Sunday, March 31
Tryon, NC (Full)

Saturday, April 27 - Sunday, April 28
Coventry, CT (Full)

Saturday, May 4 - Sunday, May 5
Milo, IA (4 spots left)

Saturday, May 18 - Sunday, May 19
Alder, MT (Full)

Saturday, May 18 - Sunday, May 19
Beasley, TX (Full)

Saturday, June 1 - Sunday, June 2

Saturday, June 1 - Sunday, June 2

Saturday, June 22 - Sunday, June 23

Saturday, June 29 - Sunday, June 30
Sherwood, OR ( 3 spots left)

Saturday, July 20 - Sunday, July 21

Saturday, Aug. 10 - Sunday, Aug. 11

Saturday, Aug. 24 - Sunday, Aug. 25

Saturday, Oct. 19 - Sunday, Oct. 20

Canada Seminars

Saturday, March 2 - Sunday, March 3

Saturday, May 4 - Sunday, May 5, 2019

Saturday, May 11 - Sunday, May 12

Saturday, May 11 - Sunday, May 12
Cobourg, ON (1 spot left)

Saturday, Sept. 28 - Sunday, Sept. 29
Europe Seminars

Saturday, February 23 - Sunday, February 24, 2019 (taught in German)

Saturday, March 30 - Sunday, March 31 (taught in German)

Saturday, April 6 - Sunday, April 7
Suffolk, UK (4 spots left)

Saturday, April 13 - Sunday, April 14

Saturday, April 18 - Sunday, April 19 (taught in English & Dutch)

Saturday, May 11 - Sunday, May 12 (taught in Polish)

Saturday, May 18 - Sunday, May 19 taught by Jim Masterson

Saturday, May 25 - Sunday, May 26
taught by Jim Masterson

Saturday, May 25 - Sunday, May 26
(taught in Dutch)

Saturday, June 20 - Sunday, June 21 (taught in German) (Full)

Saturday, July 13 - Sunday, July 14

Saturday, Oct. 3 - Sunday, Oct. 4
(taught in German)

Saturday, Oct. 26 - Sunday, Oct. 27
(taught in German)

South Africa Seminars

Saturday, Nov. 23 - Sunday, Nov. 24
Masterson Method Equine Specialist Training
MMES Training Seminars

Friday, March 29 - Sunday, March 31 (Full)

Friday, April 26 - Sunday, April 28
 (4 spots left)

Friday, May 31 - Sunday, June 2
(3 spots left)

Friday, June 14 - Sunday, June 16
(2 spots left)

Friday, August 30 - Sunday, September 1
Masterson Method Collaborative Clinics
Considering the Horse - Mind and Body
Collaborative Clinic with Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson

Nicasio, CA April 1 - 5, 2019 Blue Dot Farm
To register contact: 415-847-6878

Littleton, CO July 8 - 12 Happy Dog Ranch
To register contact: 303-915-8531

*Auditing is available, see link above for more information.
Your Horse's Brain: A User's Manual with
Dr. Steve Peters, Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson

Littleton, CO July 6 - 7, 2019 Happy Dog Ranch
To register contact Bernadette Spillane:
Advanced 5-Day Course Schedule
USA Advanced Courses

Wickenburg, AZ with Advanced Instructor Coralie Hughes
Monday, February 25 - Friday, March 1, 2019 (Full)

Wellington, FL with Advanced Instructor Mary Last
Monday, April 8 - Friday, April 12, 2019

Arroyo Grande, CA with Advanced Instructor Sandy Vreeburg
Monday, April 29 - Friday, May 3, 2019

Cedarburg, WI with Advanced Instructor Becky Tenges
Monday, May 27 - Friday, May 31, 2019

Coatesville, IN with Advanced Instructor Coralie Hughes
Monday, July 22 - Friday, July 26, 2019

Watsonville, CA with Advanced Instructor Sandy Vreeburg
Monday, September 23 - Friday, September 27, 2019

Tucson, AZ with Advanced Instructor Vanessa Helvey
Monday, October 28 - Friday, November 1, 2019

Europe Advanced Courses

Egestorf, Germany with Jim Masterson and Instructor Walter Saxe
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - Sunday, March 17, 2019 (Full)

Salisbury, UK with Jim Masterson
Monday, May 20 - Friday, May 24, 2019

Salisbury, UK #2 with Jim Masterson
Monday, May 27 - Friday, May 31, 2019

Canada Advanced Courses

Fraser Valley, BC with Mark Fletcher
Monday, May 13 - Friday, May 17, 2019

Cobourg, ON with Mark Fletcher
Monday, May 27 - Friday, May 31, 2019

Fraser Valley, BC #2 with Mark Fletcher
Monday, September 30 - Friday, October 4, 2019
Certification Completion Course Schedule
Saturday, June 1 - Sunday, June 2

Saturday, June 15 - Sunday, June 16
Expos and Demos
Crosby, MN

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo March 1 - 3 with Jim Masterson
Denver, CO

Equitana Germany March 9 - 12 with Jim Masterson and Walter Saxe
Essen, Germany

Nebraska Horse Trails Expo March 9 - 10 with Brenda Messick
Elkhorn, NE

Backus, MN

Jacksonville Equestrian Center March 16 with Amelia Sterling
Jacksonville, FL

NATRC Region 6 Convention March 23 with Brenda Messick
Beatrice, NE

Thorncroft Equestrian Center March 24 with Valissa Willwerth
Malvern, PA

Dallas Charity Horse Show April 11 - 13 with Dwayne Johnstone
Dallas, TX

Minnesota Horse Expo April 26 - 28 with Jim Masterson
St. Paul, MN

Western States Horse Expo May 9 - 12 with Jim Masterson
Rancho Murieta, CA
Masterson Equine Services