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Monthly eNewsletter - June 2018
Hello All,

Europe is in the news this month. Back from England and Holland and some exciting (for me, anyways!) things have happened there.

May and October have typically been the months that we teach Advanced 5-Day Courses in the UK. Europeans coming over from the continent generally make up at least a third of the advanced students on these courses, and that number is growing. As we grow we’re finding a need to present the Weekend Seminar to countries on the continent in their native languages. 
One exciting thing that’s come out of this trip is the organizing of native language speaking Instructors in Poland with Beata Filonowicz, Sweden with Inese Stopele, and in Israel with Nikki Kagan. Also in Europe MMCP Lucie Klaassen will be presenting The Masterson Method to students of her Balanced Rider and Horse program. More on that in future newsletters.

Walter Saxe has been organizing and teaching the Weekend Seminar in Germany for a couple of years, and in March 2019 we’ll be teaching an Advanced 5-Day Course there, and will be doing presentations at the big event; Equitana in Europe. This is a big one and we’ll have more on this coming up.

Also, in May I did two Weekend Seminars at the Emiel Voest Freestyle Academy in Ruinerwold, Netherlands. Out of this came plans to have a Masterson Method training center there with soon-to-be Instructor Chaja Kolthoff. 
Nice Weekend Seminar class at Ruinerwold.
Naughty Weekend Seminar class at Ruinerwold.
Of course, keeping up with training materials in these languages presents a whole new set of challenges (or, herausforderungen, wyzwania, utmaningar, atgrym), but we’re working on it. Exciting news for me, anyways. Stay tuned!

Our collaborative presentation with Peggy Cummings at Trealy Farm was great. Anybody who knows Peggy and her Connected Riding program knows how tuned in she is to the horse, and to subtle changes the rider can make to maintain that connection.
What else has happened? We had a few more blokes (guys) attending the courses in the UK, which always provides me moral support. Denis Sexton is a Pint to Pint Racing trainer who spent 5 days on the Advanced Course learning Techniques that will get his horses from pint to pint a little quicker. I always thought it was called Point to Point but he’s from Ireland and he said it was pint to pint. I was happy with this pronunciation.

I was happy to meet veteran, Ian on the Weekend Seminar in Salisbury. Great attitude, a lot of fun and able to get around amazingly well on a borrowed leg. An inspiring man. I found out he also rides at Andy Reeve’s, St. Leonard’s Equestrian Centre in Launceston, Cornwall, where we’ve done a few Courses. Great minds think alike!
Salisbury Weekend Seminar class.
Have also met an increase in professionals in the industry; trimmers, farriers, podiatrists, trainers, physical therapists and veterinarians, on the courses. These peoples’ open-minded ways of working and willingness to use alternative ways to help the horse is also inspiring. Our Instructor, Becky Tenges has been working with many of these professionals and through her contacts with them will be teaching three Weekend Seminars in Switzerland in July and August. Check the Calendar below for information on them.

Since we’re on inspiring; here is a short video clip from Equine Empowered Therapy, a group that works with U.S. veterans and horses. Masterson Method supports this group in vocational training for vets in the equine industry.
In Australia!

I’ll be at Equitana in Melbourne and at the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy in Yarck to teach a Weekend Seminar and an Advanced 5-Day Course in November. Check the calendar below for details if you’re thinking of doing either of these courses.

AND (just off the presses), we are in the process of organizing a Weekend Seminar at Steve Halfpenny’s Silversand Horsemanship Centre near Adelaide, South Australia in November. K eep an eye on the Course Calendar for dates and details. 

Steve is a trainer and clinician and founder of Light Hands Equitation. I saw him presenting at Equitana two years ago and thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to hook up with Steve and do a Seminar at his place in Adelaide?” Now we’re hooking up with Steve and doing a Seminar at his place in Adelaide. Who’d a thunk? I’m excited.

Well, I’m running out of countries, breath, and daylight. I’m looking forward to sharing what comes up next month, and more of what we’ve planned above, as it unfolds.

Until then, like me

Enjoy your horses!

Advanced 5-Day Course in Canada
The Advanced 5-Day Course is coming to Canada!

Advanced Instructor, Mark Fletcher, will be teaching an Advanced 5-Day Course in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

We have one spot left! Take the last spot now.

Watch our Course Calendar for future Advanced 5-Day Courses in Canada.

Meet Instructor Barbara Glass
Barbara Glass has been performing  The Masterson Method  bodywork and massage on horses for the last six years.

Barbara initially became interested in this method when her own horse suffered a hind leg suspensory injury in 2011. The injury required surgery and a long rehab period. The Masterson Method bodywork became a useful tool when she needed a calm, willing horse during procedures, to help with stall rest and when slowly bringing him back to work over a two-year period.
Barbara continues to be passionate about this work because she has seen the amazing positive effects on horses in different stages of work and life.

Barbara furthered her connection to The Masterson Method by becoming a coach and instructor. She coaches students going through the certification process and is available to instruct a weekend seminar locally for people who want to learn the method for themselves. If you are interested in learning more about getting a group together to take a first weekend seminar or finding a seminar that you can join. To learn more, please ask Barbara about it.

Phone: 425.877.6126

Interested in Hosting a Weekend Seminar? Host a Seminar and attend for free!
Testimonial from Megan Dushin
"Here's a mini-success story I'd like to share...

I observed an equine chiropractor work on a horse as part of my equine anatomy unit 6 fieldwork assignment and was surprised by many things. For one, she is very accepting and appreciative of the relaxing nature of what we do in The Masterson Method, so that was a relief. We even had a discussion about mindfulness and bodywork afterwards. But the big surprise for me was when she discovered that the mare she worked on was looser than she had ever been, and, having learned that I worked her through the winter months, she suggested that The Masterson Method could be why! I was very tickled to hear her (and the barn manager) suggest that my work on Sierra, a horse with many complicated issues including an old back injury, a hind leg injury, sensitive soles and paper thin hoof walls, was having visible results.

Thank you Jim for teaching us to do good with these animals!" -Megan Dushin
Masterson Method Equine Specialist Program News
New 3-Day Training for MM Equine Specialist
We're excited to announce the new 3-day training format to simplify the training requirements! Instead of requiring the Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar as a prerequisite, we're embedding critical pieces of the weekend seminar into the Equine Specialist training to offer a new 3-day training. The cost? $595, or a savings of $350 when compared to the two separate trainings. For those who have attended the weekend seminar and feel confident with the principles and techniques, they may opt to skip the first day for a reduced price of $395. Learn  more on our Certification Training & Fieldwork page .

We are "this close!" to putting some trainings on the calendar. Stay tuned for a listing of 3-day trainings for the fall of 2018 and early 2019.
Teaching 80 Kids on 80 Horses? Sure!
MMES instructor Lise Lunde was invited to teach The Masterson Method to the 2018 Central Area 4-H Horse Camp in Motley, Minnesota June 8-10. With the help of Megan Dushin (MMES program coordinator) and several camp parents, she showed nearly 80 children and teenagers how to do the Bladder Meridian Technique on their horse! What a great way to help them slow down and learn a new way to partner with their horses in the midst of a rigorous camp schedule.
Testimonies From the Field
"This method is wonderful for helping clients learn to connect with themselves and their horse partner. A client said this week, 'I have never felt so close to my horse as I did when I helped relieve the pain in his neck. It was so helpful to be so attuned and to see how I could connect so deeply without touching him.' This method is very beneficial for clients and for caring for your horses' health." 

Rebecca Hubbard, Pecan Creek Ranch
Georgetown, Texas
Upcoming MMES Trainings
Interested in training to become a Masterson Method Equine Specialist? Mark your calendar for these fall 2018 trainings - pick one that's closest to you!

Friday, October 12 - Sunday, October 14, 2018 
Cold Spring, NY

Friday, November 16 - Sunday, November 18, 2018
Sherrard, IL
Fun Video Showing The Layers Of A Horse
A Healing Story
"Just wanted to share a few photos from my demo today at Dover. It went fantastic!! These two horses were dropped at the feed lot by a rescue (charges have been filed by the DA) as they were deemed too unhealthy to go through auction. The rescue starved them then dumped them, pretty traumatic. This happened in January and I spent 6 weeks reintroducing nutrition, medicating one for pneumonia and one for respiratory and heart failure. I went to care for them 6 times a day. Once healthier and after Vet approval and encouragement, I began using the Masterson techniques to help their minds and bodies. They have each gained over 300 lbs and look and feel amazing. 
Their names are Pearl (gray) and Virgil (palomino) and they are the reason I do rescue and MM. They are the best representation of my “why”. These horses were given up on twice, but today they were able to shine and may even have adopters. I had multiple people asking when there might be a weekend course in Colorado and several who would like me to come meet their horses because of what they saw today. The work truly speaks for itself but both of these horses gave me more releases today than I have ever gotten. So as always with these amazing creatures, I learned today as well. It really is such a partnership and every time I said what I would like to see as a result of the technique, the horses did it. SO incredible. My heart could not be more full right now❤️ Thank you for this opportunity and I truly think it was a win win for everyone involved, horse and human."
Truly grateful,
Gina Kuttrus

Update: Pearl and Virgil are officially available for adoption now.
New Certified Practitioners
Arron Haggart
Hollywood, Florida

I was raised in British Columbia with a rodeo/ranch horse background as my parents were trainers and horse breeders. Conditioning and caring for horses was a part of life as far back as I can remember! Eventually I made a transition to race horses, working on several thoroughbred farms starting 2 year olds and then graduating to the track where I worked as an exercise rider and later as a trainer. A few years after moving to South Florida in 2008 I became stable manager of a Premiere Accredited PATH center. It was here that I began my Masterson Method® journey, looking for a way to give back to the therapy horses. After becoming certified as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning I began to realize the value of the Masterson Method® in a therapy session as well. Over the past few years my client base has grown to include horses with many different jobs and backgrounds and my new skills have allowed me to contribute to the making of healthy, happy horses.

Phone: 954 830 5769
Anja Tack
Meerbusch, Germany 

Working as a coach for humans with horses as my “co-trainers” I got in contact with The Masterson Method® in 2012. I bought the book and watched the dvd working on my own horses first. After taking part in the 2 days-weekend seminar with Jim Masterson I was excited to learn everything about his integrated bodywork. Asking my young mare Roxy about going on with this she decided clearly. Attending the advanced course half a year later I found so many similarities between Jim´s way of working with the horse and my own coaching attitude: focus your attention, asking the horse nice and kind but be consistent to allow the change to happen. I finished the fieldwork and certified in one year working on many different horses and learning from every horse different aspects each time. It is such a wonderful journey! I am grateful being part of the Masterson family supporting horses around the world being relaxed and motivated. Besides Masterson Method® I offer quantum healing and kinesiology to improve performance, communication and relationship for horse and owner feeling safe and balanced in body and mind. 
Phone: 0049 2159 814472 
Weekend Seminar-Workshop Schedule

* if the course you had your heart set on is sold out, please email to be added to the waiting list, or   if you'd like to host your own weekend (earn your spot free!) please email .
USA Seminars

Saturday, June 16 -Sunday, June 17
Georgetown, KY (FULL)

Saturday, June 23 - Sunday, June 24
Coatesville, IN

Saturday, June 30 - Sunday, July 1
Swanzey, NH (FULL)

Saturday, July 7 - Sunday, July 8
Littleton, CO Taught by Jim Masterson (FULL)
Saturday, July 28 - Sunday, July 29
Augusta, ME

Saturday, Aug. 11 - Sunday, Aug. 12
Gunnison, CO (FULL)

Saturday, Sept. 1 - Sunday, Sept. 2
Placerville, CA

Saturday, Sept. 8 -Sunday, Sept. 9
Grants Pass, OR

Saturday, Sept. 22 - Sunday, Sept. 23
Watsonville, CA

Saturday, Spet. 29 - Sunday, Sept. 30
North Jackson, OH

Saturday, Oct. 20 - Sunday, Oct. 21
Yankton, SD

Saturday, Oct. 27 - Sunday, Oct. 28
Wickenburg, AZ

Saturday, Oct. 27 -Sunday, Oct. 28
Hempstead, TX

Saturday, Dec. 1 - Sunday, Dec 2
Wellington, FL

Saturday, March 2 - Sunday, March 3, 2019
Watsonville, CA

Canada Seminars

Saturday, Sept. 22 - Sunday, Sept. 23
Thamesford, ON    

Saturday, Oct. 27 - Sunday, Oct. 28
Rosedale, BC
Europe Seminars

Saturday, June 16 - Sunday, June 17
Örebro, Sweden

Saturday, July 28 - Sunday, July 29
Ipsach, Switzerland (taught in English)

Saturday, July 28 - Sunday, July 29
Helvoirt, Netherlands

Friday, August 3 - Saturday, August 4
Eiken, Switzerland (taught in English)

Sunday, August 5 - Monday, August 6
Orvin, Switzerland (taught in English)

Saturday, Sept. 1 - Sunday, Sept. 2
Wojciechowice, Poland (taught in Polish)

Saturday, Sept. 29 - Sunday, Sept. 30
Oxfordshire, U.K. (t aught by Jim Masterson) (2 spots left)

Tuesday, Oct. 2 - Wednesday, Oct. 3
Mammendorf, Germany (taught in German)

Saturday, Oct. 6 - Sunday, Oct. 7
Hertfordshire, UK (taught by Jim Masterson)

Saturday, Oct. 27 - Sunday, Oct. 28
Großefehn, Germany  (taught in German)

Australia Seminars

Saturday, Nov. 10 - Sunday, Nov. 11
Yarck, VIC, AUS (t aught by Jim Masterson)

Saturday, Nov. 24 - Sunday, Nov. 25
Yarck, VIC, AUS (t aught by Jim Masterson)

South Africa Seminars

Saturday, Oct. 13 - Sunday, Oct. 14
Midrand, ZA
Masterson Method Equine Specialist Training
MMES Training Seminar
Friday, October 12 - Sunday, October 14, 2018 
Cold Spring, NY

MMES Training Seminar
Friday, November 16 - Sunday, November 18, 2018
Sherrard, IL
Masterson Method Collaborative Clinics
Considering the Horse - Mind and Body, Collaborative Clinic with Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson
Monday, July 9 - Friday, July 13, 2018
Happy Dog Ranch, Littleton, CO
To register contact: 303-915-8531

*Auditing is available, see link above for more information.
Advanced 5-Day Course Schedule
USA Advanced Courses

Watsonville, CA with Advanced Instructor Sandy Vreeburg
Monday, July 23 - Friday, July 27, 2018 (FULL)

Mequon, WI with Advanced Instructor Becky Tenges
Monday, August 20 - Friday, August 24, 2018 (FULL)

Manchester, NH with Advanced Instructor Coralie Hughes 
Monday, September 17 - Friday, September 21, 2018

Watsonville, CA with Advanced Instructor Sandy Vreeburg
Monday, October 22 - Friday, October 26, 2018 (FULL)

Georgetown, TX with Advanced Instructor Coralie Hughes 
Monday, November 5 - Friday, November 9, 2018

Watsonville, CA with Advanced Instructor Sandy Vreeburg
Monday, January 28 - Friday, February 1, 2019

Wickenburg, AZ with Advanced Instructor Coralie Hughes
Monday, February 25, 2019 - Friday, March 1, 2019

Watsonville, CA with Advanced Instructor Sandy Vreeburg
Monday, April 29 - Friday, May 3, 2019

Canada Advanced Courses

Abbottsford, BC with Advanced Instructor Mark Fletcher
Monday, October 1 - Friday, October 5, 2018 (1 spot left)

Europe Advanced Courses

Oxfordshire, U.K. with Jim Masterson
Monday, October 1 - Friday, October 5, 2018

Oxfordshire , U.K. #2 with Jim Masterson
Monday, October 8 - Friday, October 12, 2018

Australia Advanced Courses

Melbourne, VIC, AUS #2 with Jim Masterson
Monday, November 26 - Friday, November 30
Certification Completion Course Schedule
Friday, August 24 - Sunday, August 26
Watsonville, CA

Saturday, October 13 - Sunday, October 14
Hertfordshire, UK

Friday, October 26 - Sunday, October 28 (tentative - minimum of 5 students need to be met)
Fairfield, IA

Saturday, December 1 - Sunday, December 2
Victoria, AUS
Expos and Demos
Family Farm & Home June 23, with Fran Cilella
Holland, MI

Canadian Horse Expo Oct. 13, with Samantha Walker
Harwinton, CT

Mane Event, Oct. 19 - 21, with Mark Fletcher
Chilliwack, British Columbia

Equitana Nov. 15 - 18, with Jim Masterson
Melbourne, Australia
Masterson Equine Services