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Monthly eNewsletter - June 2019
Hello All,

There’s a lot going on in this newsletter this month so I won’t bore you with the usual, “Just got back from Timbuktu…” kind of stuff.

So, I just got back from Salisbury, UK and… well, I did just get back from there… and I can report that the natives are restless. Well, actually I can’t even report that the natives are restless because on one of our courses there were 12 participants from S. Africa, Holland, France, Germany, Austria, Scotland, Japan, the U.S. and other places around the globe, and only one from England! We also did courses with many eager if not restless natives of England, including a Certification Completion Course that added twelve new MMCPs to the rolls. Congratulations and well done!
The accommodations at Withyslade Farm were good, and the locals were friendly.
Gathering from all corners of the globe.
At Manor Farm in Teffont, Salisbury.
We held a two-day MMCP Educational Conference attended by 43 MMCPs and Field Work students at the Unicorn Trust in Gloucester. One of our featured Educators were MMCP and well-known UK Horseman and Behavioralist Richard Maxwell. Max, who in his “earlier” days served in the Household Cavalry Queen’s Life Guard, demonstrated in-hand groundwork techniques that he uses to release tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance.
Max with equine partner in hand.
Our second Educator was Master Saddle Fitter Stefan Hamm from Germany who presented classroom and practical saddle-fitting clinics on ways to improve the fit of a saddle without necessarily always having to recommend that the client purchase a new saddle.

The third was that bloke from the U.S. who makes horses blink and yawn. All-in-all a very good trip and conference.

I also need to thank Masterson Method Certified Practitioners (MMCPs) and Assistant Instructors Leigh Jackson and Sam Naylor and Coordinator Instructor Vicky Devlin, for sticking it out through the whole eighteen….or was it nineteen, days of teaching and conferencing. You’re not only dedicated, strong, positive and talented teachers, but might also be a little “off”, and should seek help before the next trip. Thanks.
Stefan Hamm on saddles.
Don’t forget the students.
Apparently some Scots disapprove of unsolicited selfies. ; )
We have an interesting clinic coming up in July with neuroscientist and author of Evidence Based Horsemanship, Dr. Stephen Peters, horseman and author Mark Rashid, and that Jim Masterson guy at the Happy Dog Ranch in Littleton, CO. Your Horse’s Brain: A User’s Manual.

Space at the brain lecture and dissection part of the clinic is limited, but there will be unlimited space the week following for auditors at the working clinic with Mark and Jim: Considering the Horse: Mind and Body.

Am back home now enjoying Iowa spring thunderstorm weather,
working with eight newly certified MM Practitioners (congratulations all)
and buggy drives in between.
Also body-clipped, a slightly embarrassed but infinitely patient, Annabelle for summer (glad that’s over)!
Sorry this newsletter’s a little late. Been a lot going on here.
See you earlier next month!

Until then, like me
Enjoy clipping your horses!
Great Articles To Read
Masterson Method Instructor Loni Langdon gave an interview on Keeping Equines Healthy and Happy, Holistically. Read the article here.
Paul Sherland, a Beasley, TX Weekend Seminar participant, interviewed Masterson Method Instructor Becky Tenges after the seminar.
Watch and read the interview here .

" The Masterson Method offers you and your horse a way to build trust and strengthen your connection, even though you’re not riding or working on the lunge or in the round pen. If every aspect of the Masterson Method, you have to watch your horse very closely to look for reactions to your touch and your movements. Your horse is communicating with you through his reactions and you’re communicating back through what you do in response. This training and practice in watching your horse closely can benefit your riding and training IF you carry it over into those activities. " - Paul Sherland  
Masterson Method Instructor Walter Saxe has written an article in German, published in a German Magazine. For our German readers, read more here.
Jumper Nation shared an excerpt from the Beyond Horse Massage Book .

"Does your horse have trouble with his leads? Does he have a sore or stiff back? Does he have an intermittent front end “lameness,” is he restricted in the shoulders, or is he short-strided in front? In this excerpt from his best-selling book Beyond Horse Massage, bodywork innovator Jim Masterson, founder of The Masterson Method®, explains how to provide one release that can help solve all these problems. ..."

Read the full article here .
A Horse's Story
One horse's improvement after the Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar in Cobourg, Ontario with Masterson Method Instructor Lori Hoppe.
"Hello all from the Masterson Weekend Workshop May 11/12th! Lauri Rusk here. I wanted to share a little story on Oscar, who we used in our weekend work shop. I have permission from his human to do so.
Oscar has been in Jen's lesson program at Maplewood for several years. (I found out he's actually 26 years old, not 23!) He's always enjoyed his job and really loved the kids and beginner adults who he taught to ride. Over the past winter though, he had started to get grumpy and not wanting to move forward, so that was Jen's cue to retire him from the program. All retired lesson horses are welcome to live out their lives at Maplewood, but Jen does her best to find them their forever person, so they will be doted on and loved in their twilight years. This is what happened for Oscar a few days before our workshop. His human adopted him, but then was leaving for vacation, so she told Jen she could use him for final lessons while she was away, so all the kids could say goodbye to him. He also ended up joining our workshop and getting some awesome body work.
Before his person went on vacation, and before I knew he would be used in our workshop, I had set up to massage him when she was back. So, out I go last Thursday to do him and meet his new human. Lovely, lovely lady and she just adores him. We get talking and I thanked her for letting us work with him in the clinic. She had no idea he'd participated - lol! Her comments were: "I am so glad you worked with him. I just got back, and rode him yesterday for the first time. He was not stumbling on the front (he sometimes would, as he's got arthritis in his knees), and he was picking up both canter leads fine, when he normally has trouble with the left one. When I took him out for a hack, he wasn't sluggish as usual and had his head up and was really moving out and wanting to go forward. I thought it was because I was trying out a different saddle! Lol!" She continued to say it was like riding a different horse, and she's been doing weekly lessons on him for a few years! So, good job everyone - you may have felt clumsy or unsure while learning your techniques, but what a difference you made in 26 year old Oscar. Job well done!! His human was so impressed that she signed right up for our next work shop on May 25/26.
Thought you'd all like to share in this wonderful story."
Lauri Rusk
Attending a Masterson Method Course
Join in on the fun and amazing experience of a Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar!
Things were pretty relaxed at the Polish taught Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar in Wiskitki, PL last month, with Polish Masterson Method Instructor Beata Filonowicz.

Checking in with group photos from more Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminars around the globe. :)
Uddel, NL Weekend Seminar
Warwickshire, UK Weekend Seminar
Wiskitki, PL Weekend Seminar
Ruinerwold, NL Weekend Seminar
"An amazing weekend with knowledgeable and accomplished instructors. I learned so much that I have been able to apply." ~ Coventry, CT Weekend Seminar Participant
Coventry, CT Weekend Seminar
Longmont, CO Weekend Seminar
Cobourg, ON Weekend Seminar
Beasley, TX Weekend Seminar
Coatesville, IN Weekend Seminar
"The weekend course taught by Coralie with assistants Cheryl, Katie and Deanna exceeded all expectations. The structure of the class; knowledge and helpfulness of the instructors; and specifically the motivation/positive energy of all made for two unbelievable days. I cannot wait for the 5-day."

~ Coatesville, IN Weekend
Seminar Participant
The Masterson Method Explained by
Jim Masterson
The Masterson Method is an innovative form of equine massage that allows the horse to release deep, accumulated pain and tension in muscles and connective tissue. Through the use of light touch and gentle movement in a relaxed state, and observation of a range of the horse's responses (these visual and palpable responses tell you what the horse's body is feeling), you'll open doors to improved health and performance while enhancing communication with your horse.

Start learning The Masterson Method here.

See more free Educational Videos here.
Masterson Method Equine Specialist
Program News
New Equine Specialist
Tricia Boyd
Bolingbrook, IL

Tricia Boyd is a lifelong Chicago area resident who began riding at Oakbrook Stables in her teens. Wanting to pursue a career in the equine field, she attended William Woods College in Fulton, Missouri where she was able to gain valuable experience in stable management, riding instruction, and horsemanship.

In 2013 Tricia became a certified PATH International Instructor and has developed both mounted and unmounted curriculum for PATH Int’l participants to encourage a deeper understanding and connection between horse and rider. Attending her first Masterson Method Beyond Horse Massage seminar in 2017, Tricia saw the value The Masterson Method could add to her curriculum and the benefits it would bring her riders. Tricia is looking forward to sharing this work with as many horses and people she can.

A few moments captured from the MMES Training in Greenville, NC.
The Masterson Method Equine Specialist specializes in sharing specific light touch Masterson Method techniques with persons served in equine-assisted learning and therapy programs. By doing this bodywork on horses, participants deepen their connection with horses while also gaining self-awareness and self-regulation skills; meanwhile, therapy horses are tended to through simple bodywork and learn a new way of relating to people. It’s a win/win!
Find an MMES training near you!

Questions?  Visit the  Masterson Method Equine Specialist Website  or contact the Program Coordinator at .
New Certified Practitioners
Wendy Coons
Athens, ME

Growing up in Vermont, Wendy was a Pony Club kid, and after college, did an apprenticeship at the UVM Morgan Horse Farm, subsequently working in the Morgan world for several years. Wendy moved to Maine and was given a Morgan mare who had exasperated her owner, and who brought Wendy to natural horsemanship and holistic horse care. Wendy saw Jim’s demo at the Equine Affaire a few years ago and knew this was for her. Wendy has been a steward of horses for 40 years and enjoys trail riding, liberty work, and driving. She is based near Skowhegan, and is happy to work with equines of all breeds and disciplines.

Phone: 207-242-1579
Carla Beu
Fountain Run, KY

My main childhood playground was a ten-acre pasture of woods and meadows containing our stallion, three mares, and the yearly crop of 3 foals which arrived in the spring and typically left late in the fall. The stallion was my jungle-gym. The mares were my riding instructors. This band of very distinct personalities and preferences taught me priceless skills necessary for gaining and maintaining willing cooperation with horses (and other species). During the turbulent times of growing up, I could always retreat to the pasture and just be with the horses.

I was attracted to Jim Masterson's work because of his deep conviction that when a human is interacting with a horse and the horse enters the fight-flight-freeze state, the human is at fault and must soften. This focus of not creating a brace in the horse resonates with the lessons learned from my childhood friends.

Horses give to us and work for us physically, psychologically, and emotionally. This is true regardless of use or discipline. The Masterson Method aims to "improve movement, performance, and well-being in a healthy horse." It is a privilege when a horse chooses to allow me access to their areas of discomfort so that I may melt their tensions with tenderness and a soft touch. If your horse has sustained injury and/or trauma, I am honored to become a member of the rehabilitation team upon approval of the attending veterinarian. I am also available for demonstrations of The Masterson Method at your club, barn, or event.

Phone: 270-746-1414
Weekend Seminar-Workshop Schedule

* if the course you had your heart set on is sold out, please email to be added to the waiting list, or   if you'd like to host your own weekend (earn your spot free OR earn the cash equivalent!) please email .
USA Seminars

Saturday, June 29 - Sunday, June 30
Sherwood, OR (Full)

Saturday, July 20 - Sunday, July 21

Saturday, July 20 - Sunday, July 21
Afton ,MN (Full)

Saturday, July 27 - Sunday, July 28

Saturday, Aug. 10 - Sunday, Aug. 11

Saturday, Aug. 24 - Sunday, Aug. 25

Saturday, Sept. 7 - Sunday, Sept. 8

Saturday, Sept. 14 - Sunday, Sept. 15

Saturday, Oct. 5 - Sunday, Oct. 6

Saturday, Oct. 19 - Sunday, Oct. 20

Saturday, Oct. 19 - Sunday, Oct. 20

Saturday, May 2 - Sunday, May 3, 2020

Australia & New Zealand Seminars

Saturday, Aug. 3 - Sunday, Aug. 4

Saturday, Sept. 7 - Sunday, Sept. 8

Saturday, Nov. 16 - Sunday, Nov. 17

Monday, Nov. 18 - Tuesday, Nov. 19

Saturday, Nov. 23 - Sunday, Nov. 24
Europe Seminars

Saturday, July 13 - Sunday, July 14
Sheffield, UK (1 spot left)

Saturday, Aug. 24 - Sunday, Aug. 25
(taught in German)

Saturday, Aug. 31 - Sunday, Sept. 1

Saturday, Sept. 7 - Sunday, Sept. 8

Wednesday, Oct. 2 - Thursday, Oct. 3

Thursday, Oct. 3 - Friday, Oct. 4
(taught in German) (Full)

Saturday, Oct. 5 - Sunday, Oct. 6
taught by Jim Masterson

Saturday, Oct. 19 - Sunday, Oct. 20
taught by Jim Masterson

Saturday, Oct. 26 - Sunday, Oct. 27
(taught in German)

Saturday, Oct. 26 - Sunday, Oct. 27

Saturday, Oct. 26 - Sunday, Oct. 27
(taught in Polish)

Saturday, Nov. 2 - Sunday, Nov. 3
(taught in German)

South Africa Seminars

Saturday, July 20 - Sunday, July 21

Saturday, Nov. 23 - Sunday, Nov. 24

Canada Seminars

Saturday, Sept. 28 - Sunday, Sept. 29
Masterson Method Equine Specialist Training

Friday, July 26 - Sunday, July 28
Eagle, WI (2 spots left)

Friday, August 30 - Sunday, Sept. 1
Sharon, VT (Full)

Friday, Oct. 4 - Sunday, Oct. 6
Masterson Method Collaborative Clinics
Considering the Horse - Mind and Body
Collaborative Clinic with Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson

July 8 - 12, 2019 Happy Dog Ranch
To register contact: 303-915-8531

October 15 - 17, 2019 Horse Creek Farm

July 10-12, 2020 Happy Dog Ranch
To register contact: 303-915-8531
Your Horse's Brain: A User's Manual with
Dr. Steve Peters, Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson

July 6 - 7, 2019 Happy Dog Ranch
To register contact Bernadette Spillane:

*Auditing is available, see link above for more information.
Advanced 5-Day Course Schedule
USA Advanced Courses

Coatesville, IN with Advanced Instructor Coralie Hughes
Monday, July 22 - Friday, July 26, 2019 (Full)

Watsonville, CA with Advanced Instructor Sandy Vreeburg
Monday, September 23 - Friday, September 27, 2019 (Full)

Manchester, NH with Advanced Instructor Samantha Walker
Monday, October 7 - Friday, October 11, 2019 (Full)

Coatesville, IN with Advanced Instructor Coralie Hughes
Monday, October 7 - Friday, October 11, 2019

Tucson, AZ with Advanced Instructor Vanessa Helvey
Monday, October 28 - Friday, November 1, 2019 (Full)

Watsonville, CA with Advanced Instructor Sandy Vreeburg
Monday, January 27 - Friday, January 31, 2020

Europe Advanced Courses

Oxfordshire, UK with Jim Masterson
Monday, September 30 - Friday, October 4, 2019

Oxfordshire, UK with Jim Masterson
Monday, October 7 - Friday, October 11, 2019 (Full)

Canada Advanced Courses

Cobourg, ON with Advanced Instructor Mark Fletcher
Monday, September 9 - Friday, September 13, 2019

Fraser Valley, BC with Advanced Instructor Mark Fletcher
Monday, September 30 - Friday, October 4, 2019

Australia Advanced Courses

Yarck, Australia with Jim Masterson
Monday, November 25 - Friday, November 29, 2019
Certification Completion Course Schedule
Saturday, September 21 - September 22

Saturday, October 12 - Sunday, October 13

Wednesday, November 20

Saturday, November 30 - Sunday, December 1
Expos and Demos
Firecracker Frenzy Gymkhana Show June 28-30 with Amy Alford
Salinas, CA

Masterson Method Demo June 29 with Dale Grove
Eagle Bend, MN

Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center June 30 with Megan Dushin
Warwick, NY

Rockin' U Ranch June 20 with Dale Grove
Leonard, MN

Equine Affaire November 7-10 with Jim Masterson
West Springfield, MA
Masterson Equine Services