2018 Mat-Su Transportation Fair
September 13, 2018
Glenn Highway MP 53-56 Reconstruction Project -  Moose Creek Canyon

Our project team will be participating in the
2018 Mat-Su  Transportation  Fair
Thursday, September 13, 2018
Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center
    1001 S Clapp Street,  Wasilla, Alaska

Project Purpose
The purpose of the Glenn Highway, MP 53-56 Reconstruction - Moose Creek Canyon Project is to improve a section of road that currently has an undesirable steep grade and tight curves with limited sight distances. The proposed realignment would move the existing highway on the west bluff of the canyon and rejoin the existing alignment on the east bluff via a new, two-lane bridge.

Project Update
The project is proceeding through the preliminary design phase, and is presently focused primarily on cultural resources and associated Section 106 requirements. Additional details and scheduling information are available on the project website.

Join us!
Project team members from the Glenn Highway MP 53-56 Reconstruction Project will be at the 2018 Mat-Su Transportation Fair.   The fair is an opportunity for the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) to solicit your feedback on the project and to respond to your questions. 
Materials at the fair will provide an update on the project's design concepts, scope, and schedule. We want to hear from you about the design and how to minimize potential construction impacts during the estimated 2-year construction period, anticipated to begin in 2021.
*The fair is a free community event sponsored by DOT&PF and other public agencies, and is designed to provide attendees an opportunity to view information on many transportation projects underway in Alaska. You may read more about the Mat-Su Transportation Fair on the event website:  matsutranspofair.blogspot.com
Please feel free to forward this message to any friends, colleagues, or neighbors with an interest in the project, and encourage them to sign up for the project email list.  

Visit our project website: 
If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Clint Alder, P.E., DOT&PF Project Manager at Clint.Alder@alaska.gov.
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