May 2012

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Albright Technologies is happy to share with you the newest version of MatSilicone.Com. After welcoming a few hundred new resigstrants in the past six months, MatSilicone.Com has more than doubled it's material database, as well as adopting a new look and adding an Industry News section. is a free, easily navigated, ever-growing, searchable database of medical grade liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs). The goal of MatSilicone.Com is to provide a reliable source of information to design engineers and other users. The database includes material property datasheets for LSRs from a variety of different vendors. 


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Albright Technologies Pushes The Envelope In Silicone Overmolding

By: Kevin Franzino

Albright Technologies specializes in the rapid prototyping and molding of silicone parts, as well as performing cutting edge research and development work on silicone components. Albright Technologies is well versed in the use of different technologies and techniques for overmolding silicone onto a variety of substrates. Recently, Albright was involved with a development project that consisted of overmolding silicone onto a 303 stainless steel substrate. While overmolding silicone onto metal substrates is not typically difficult, the interface of adhesion is a 0.010" knife edge.
With no room to create any substantial mechanical interlock, Albright turned its efforts to cleverly exploring material options and pre-processing techniques, and by combining a self-bonding silicone material with a platinum primer and the use of a corona treatment process immediately prior to part molding, Albright was able to succeed in creating a ten thousandths of an inch thick membrane across a half inch bridge, that not only met the end customers pressure testing requirements, but exceeded them.
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