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A Note About Our Funding

As you may have seen on the campaign site, we do have flexible funding for the Indiegogo campaign so that we will receive a majority of funds raised by the time the campaign ends tomorrow night, but if we don't hit the $65,000 goal for production, we'll pay large fees out of the final amount for falling short. Worse yet, we'll be forced to put the project on hold while we try to find additional financial support for this film. As anyone who has raised funds knows, that process that can take months, or years. We just don't have that kind of time to waste.

Our small crew is made up of professional filmmakers who have committed to this film over the last year, and are ready now to tell Ella's story. However, if we can't properly fund this project through the Indiegogo campaign in time, our crew will have no choice but to take on other projects.

The good news is, we're getting ever closer to our goal.

With that in mind, I want to remind our supporters to share this campaign as far and wide as possible in the closing hours so that we have a legitimate shot of continuing production, and keeping the ball rolling on this very important film.
Your involvement will make the difference.

Thank you again for your support.

A special note to Ella's fellow denizens of the Windy City:  

Chicagoans, we can do this!
Ella Jenkins is one of Chicago's local heroes, and a national treasure.
Rest assured, we'll never see the likes of her again. Get this out there now so that we can ensure that her story, and our city are celebrated in this film.

Matching Gifts Still Sought

Your Matching Gift can still make or break this film!

It's not too late to offer a match! Nominate yourself or your organization as a matching gift donor for this campaign, but don't wait! Contact Director
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Prefer to be an Executive Producer on the project, including early access to production process? Email to find out how you can make a tax-deductible contribution to the film.  



Ella Makes History

Just last night, I had the privilege of speaking with one of Ella's oldest friends, Lillian. She told me about her friendship with Ella, dating back to 1943.

Lillian and Ella worked together at the Metallurgical Laboratory at the University of Chicago during the development of the Atomic Bomb.
Ella as a young woman, c. 1942
Photo courtesy Ella Jenkins.

Lillian, who is white, was a secretary to Enrico Fermi. Ella, who was subject to Jim Crow laws even at the University of Chicago, was only permitted to work in the mail room at the Lab. (Where she delivered classified mail to the scientists behind the Manhattan Project.)

It was a close group of friends including Lillian who urged Ella to go to college, where she earned a degree in sociology, and through her college experiences Ella eventually found her calling in making music for children and families.

Lillian has a very unique perspective on how Ella Jenkins became the person we know and love today. Our little team can't wait to sit down with her to record her recollections and insight for this film, but we need your support now so that we can preserve Lillian's story, and more like hers, before time runs out!
 Help us share and preserve Ella's unique American story, and her groundbreaking legacy by donating to, and  sharing our campaign now!

Ella Jenkins Film on Chicago Tonight, Tonight 
Jay Shefsky of Chicago Tonight chats with Ella on our set.
His story airs on Chicago Tonight this evening at 7 p.m. on WTTW11

Below is a collection of some of the press we've received, suitable for sharing, posting and forwarding to friends, family and all current and potential supporters of this project.
We've also had the support of artists including Dan Zanes , Cathy & Marcy & Ralph Covert, as well as Wilco, Neko Case, They Might be Giants.

Donation Gift Highlights

Here are just some of the Thank You gifts available for your donation to
Limited Edition Poster autographed by Ella Jenkins!


For a full list of perks, please visit the campaign page.



 Campaign Wrapup Contests

As we approach the end of the campaign tomorrow night, contests are running primarliy on Twitter, as that's the quickest way to get the word out. Follow the updates @ellajenkinsfilm!

Check our facebook page for other news as it breaks!

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Thank you for your mutual love of Ella Jenkins, good music, and sharing Ella's positive message with the world.

Let's get this done!

Tim Ferrin
Producer/Director Ella Jenkins: We'll Sing a Song Together
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