EOF Is All About Matching Aspirations with Opportunity
Support Systems May Differ But The Goal Is The Same
Strong support matches high aspirations. You will find reliable support in the transition to college with the Warren Community College Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program.

There are differences in how you learn, study, and have fun, and by becoming a part of the New Jersey EOF community, you will be connected to resources and peers who have a collective drive to succeed not just at Warren but across the state.

Could you be an EOF Scholar?
  • EOF Scholars are recent high school graduates, high school equivalency completers, non-traditional students from varying ages, career aspirations, or personal education goals.
  • EOF Scholars are first-generation students who come from educationally disadvantaged high schools or socio-economically challenged backgrounds who are highly motivated and have demonstrated commitment and potential for success.
  • Must be new to college (or have earned 24 or fewer college credits); and
  • Must meet eligibility requirements (if you are not sure, we can help).

Do I have to join now?
  • The EOF program has rolling acceptance; you are encouraged to apply all year round.
  • Generally, students enter the program as freshmen through the EOF Summer Scholars Bridge Program and matriculate as full-time students in the fall semester.

How can I experience the full EOF Advantage?
  • EOF students consistently rank higher in retention and graduation rate, and it starts with participation in the mandatory Summer Scholars Bridge Program.
  • For funding, EOF applicants must transition from the summer program as a first-time, full-time enrolled student (12 or more credits) in the fall semester.

EOF Can Follow You Through Your Academic Journey
  • NJ EOF Directors work together to refer you to the next institution. 
  • Once accepted, EOF can go the distance in supporting your pursuit of graduate studies.
Where You Start Doesn't Dictate Where You Finish
It's natural to experience doubt and fear when transitioning to college, and the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program is all about extra resources and creating a brave space to succeed.

Embarking on a journey to a degree is adding to who you are and what you can bring to your family and community. Through participation, you will boost your confidence, build a network, and be on the path to higher earnings and opening new doors.

EOF students at Warren become scholars and leaders within our network and beyond. Since its inception at Warren, the EOF Program has:
  • Over 135 alumni;
  • Six (6) legacy families representing siblings, husband and wife, and cousins;
  • 41% of the EOF alumni graduated with Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society designations; and
  • Overall academic excellence. 
EOF Support Services Are The Academic Equalizer
Support Services That Are Customized To Fit Your Needs
At Warren, our mission is our students. Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) students are supported throughout their academic career from day one of the summer scholars bridge program through graduation and transition to a four-year college or the workforce. 

What can I expect with the Summer Bridge Program?
The experience of the EOF Advantage . Beginning with a mandatory orientation event on July 1st, the EOF Summer Scholars Bridge program is part-time and remote from July 13th through August 20th. Learn more about this and the program at an upcoming EOF Information Session .
How it All Began
Warren Community College established an Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program in 2005. At Warren, EOF students succeed.

In 1968, the EOF Program was established by legislation sponsored by then-freshman legislator Thomas Kean in response to the aftermath of the Newark, NJ riots to help high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds prepare for entry into college. EOF set the pace for many initiatives that today are widely incorporated into college life.

Today, the EOF programs statewide serve over 13,000 students who are highly motivated and have demonstrated commitment and potential for college success. 
"Join us and see what makes Warren Community College a special place for you to learn and grow."

Dr. Will Austin, President
Application fee waived until Tuesday, June 30, 2020!
Once your application is processed, you will be contacted for a remote appointment with an Advisor to register for classes. Returning students: email today to speak with an Advisor ( [email protected]) or register for classes independently via MyWarren if you were enrolled in the 2020 spring semester .
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