Are you frustrated and upset about intolerance and divisions in our society?
        Our society today is plagued with intolerance—sometimes reflected in disdainful public attacks and violent episodes. Too often, those who are perceived as “different” are viewed with suspicion and fear. Our diversity in backgrounds and viewpoints often is not recognized as a potential strength.
        The InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit seeks to use its foundation of positive interfaith relationships to build a more harmonious community. Our starting point is small group discussions enabling individuals to discuss their backgrounds, especially relating to religion and race, and listen carefully to the experiences and feelings of others. This openness leads to trust—a first step in establishing common goals based upon shared interfaith values.
         Rick Joseph, a Birmingham public school teacher, and Dr. Glenda Price, former president of Marygrove College, share their positive reactions to the Community Interfaith Values discussions in brief video clips. Go to and
         As the Community Interfaith Values project expands from a pilot stage to a broader community focus, we seek your involvement—both as discussion group participants and as donors to help the InterFaith Leadership Council fund this effort. To express interest in participating in a group discussion, please email: d[email protected]. Our board is matching donations up to $12,500 for a limited time to help achieve a goal of $25,000. Visit our website to donate:
         We encourage you to watch “Co-Creating Common Ground”--an inspirational webinar presented by john a. powell, Director of the Othering and Belonging Institute and Professor of Law, Ethnic Studies, and African American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Saeed Kahn, Director of Global Studies and Associate Professor, Wayne State University, will moderate the discussion. The Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion is a co-sponsor. Please register at:

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