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January 30, 2014
Matching grant: Double the impact of your baboon study contribution!
This month we have bad news, good news, and great news in the quest for new male contraception.

The BAD news is that the pivotal study of Vasalgel™ in baboons is going to cost more than originally planned. We needed to add one baboon and some additional safety testing to be sure that we will have all the data to move toward clinical trials later this year. We are looking at a total of almost $80,000 for the study - not $60,000 as originally planned.

The GOOD news is that we have already raised over $42,000 toward the goal, and the study has started - the baboons got their Vasalgel last week! (More below.) The individual donations are really adding up and gave us confidence to start the study.

The GREAT news? An anonymous supporter, who has been following this work for years, has come forward and offered to match every dollar that is donated for the baboon study, up to $37,000, the amount we still need to raise! For every dollar you donate towards the baboon study starting now, the sponsor will contribute a dollar to the less glamorous behind-the-scenes work we're doing on manufacturing and regulatory preparations. That means that your impact will be doubled! If we raise $37,000, the baboon study will be fully funded and the $37,000 match will help us undertake steps required by regulators. That way we can begin moving toward clinical trials as soon as possible. Make your contribution go twice as far and help us fund Vasalgel's development today!
Big day for the baboons: Study start
Last week on January 20th-21st, the baboons received the Vasalgel™ injection! Several Vasalgel Science team members made the trip to the study site to assist with the injection procedures and document the process. The injections went smoothly and the baboons recovered well.

Vasalgel is injected into the vas deferens - the tube that carries sperm. The vas deferens in the baboon is very similar to the vas in humans, so positive results give a lot of confidence. We will keep you posted on the results. In the meantime, the baboons are living together in a large outdoor enclosure - oblivious to the fact that they are making contraceptive history!
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