Democrats Deliver the American Rescue Plan.
Here's what it means to your campaign...
Local Majority has prepared materials regarding the astounding Democratic achievement in the passage of the American Rescue Plan. Read our Issue Report and Talking Points to learn about the details of the plan and how it impacts Virginia. This bold, critical legislation was passed by the U.S. Congress with no Republican support. This is just one of many reasons to keep Virginia blue. Please contact our Executive Director JoAnn Loulan with any questions, comments or needs.
What the American Rescue Plan Means to Virginia
The below chart illustrates the funding that has been assigned to Virginia state and local governments. On August 2nd, the Virginia State Assembly will begin to allocate its over $4 Billion.

American Rescue Plan Social Media Content
Below is a sampling of the social media posts that we have to date on this important topic. We will follow up with an update in the coming weeks with more content.
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