Materials from MMSW's Services Agreement Webinar Now Available

On November 9, MMSW held a webinar to walk  municipalities , First Nations, Regional Waste Authorities, and private contractors through the MMSW Services Agreement.

The webinar covered:
  • Background on MMSW program
  • The purpose of the Services Agreement
  • The main contents of the agreement
  • Policies and procedures  

Materials from the webinar are now available on the MMSW website:

Some key reminders when filling out your Service Agreements. 

Please see the below reminders to help expedite the execution of the Services Agreement. 
  • Any LG/RWA using a sub-contractor must indicate them on Appendix 2. Naming them will not indicate the sub-contractor is doing any reporting or receiving payments; that will only happen if you check either of the small boxes on that page. We do need to know who your sub-contractor is, and we have noticed that many of the Service Agreements submitted so far have not had Appendix 2 completed although this needs to be.
  • If you delegate any reporting/receiving fees to a sub-contractor, the sub-contractor will need to send in confirmation they understand/agree that they have been so delegated before we can execute the agreement.
  • If you intend to have a Regional Waste Authority (RWA) execute the agreement on your behalf, you are required to send us confirmation that you authorize the RWA to do so. You do not need to fill in the Services Agreement.


If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Goyer at: 306-500-6172 Ext. 503 or
Thank you,

Your MMSW team.  
Please contact Multi-Material Stewardship Western with any questions at:  or 306-500-6172