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If your district is HOSTING a National Math Pentathlon Academic Tournament, make sure to ask your School Contact Designee for the Hosting Promo Code to receive a discount on your workshop registration.

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Getting Started:
Sample Club Communications

Each Math Pentathlon School/Club is unique in how it reaches out to support their community of learners.  This new section of our website provides"sample" documents that coaches have used to inform parents and students about the Math Pentathlon Program.  We hope that by sharing these samples you can chisel rather than reinvent how to get your Math Pentathlon Program started. These communications include the following:
  • 4 different styles of letters to inform and explain to your parents about the MP Program and how the club will be organized at your school including club registration forms;
  • Handouts for teachers/parents;
  • 2 different types of Student Behavior Contracts and a Behavior Improvement Contract;
  • Examples of Online Math Pentathlon Club Sign-up
Feel free to use these sample documents and make any changes to meet your club's needs.  Link to Getting Started Club Communications

Essential for Tournament:
School Contact Designees
Help keep your school informed

All Schools/Clubs participating in Math Pentathlon are requested to complete the School Contact Designee (SCD) Form.  The SCD is the Primary Representative who receives ALL communication from the Pentathlon Institute to share with others in the school. 

If you are the School Contact Designee, make sure to email or fax the 2017-2018 SCD FORM signed by your school principal. 

Instructional Videos
In the Works

We are currently working on instructional videos for all of our Mathematics Pentathlon Games.  After attending training, these videos will help address addition questions about game rules and important prerequisite activities.

Inspirational Story
To Win or Be A Winner

I would like to point out that the competitions are not just about winning.  Every student that participates in the Math Competition is a winner.

We practice one day a week for an hour at a time, starting in October.  At practices we work on learning the rules of the games, learning strategy, we   talk about different strategies and let the students  discuss their insight to the strategy.  Believe it or not, after coaching for nine years, I am still learning different strategies for the games.  Each group of kids gives me a new insight.  I like to say the games are like onions, once you think you have it mastered, you just realize you have peeled away a layer and then it is time to look deeper.  The learning NEVER ends.

In addition to the above, the kids are working on how to represent North Hill with good sportsmanship, win or lose.  This is an  important part of the foundation of Math Pentathlon.  They are required to shake hands before and after each competition.  At tournament, students can lose points for poor sportsmanship.  The kids are also learning about team building.  At the beginning of the year, we work and practice together in groups of four, without challenges, we encourage each pair or group to help their teammate learn the game and to discuss and give insight into their strategy.  In this way, each of our students are teachers.  As we near tournament time, the students play against each other and practice challenges.

There are so many opportunities for learning and growth in Math Pentathlon.  The kids grow academically and socially.  It increases their confidence, gives them the opportunity to teach others and learn from others.   These are the reasons I do not focus on winning.

Every student who goes to tournament is a winner.  A winner because of their dedication and commitment, a winner because they have stretched their boundaries, a winner because they can look past winning and learn from their mistakes.  I like to say, oftentimes, you learn more from losing then winning.  And sometimes it is losing that gives the kids the courage to challenge in the next game, whether the next game be in 15 minutes or another year away.   These are not Math Pentathlon lessons, these are life lessons!

Dawn Blanchet
MPT Coach at North Hill Elementary in Rochester, MI
Former SCD who started MPP at North Hill

2018 NMPAT Dates - Fee $42
(National Mathematics Pentathlon Academic Tournaments)

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the 2017-2018 School Districts that are HOSTING an NMPAT!

Indiana/Ohio Center - Avon, Perry & Wayne

Michigan/Ohio Center - Bloomfield Hills, Rochester & Walled Lake

Texas: Austin Metro CenterAustin, Leander, Pflugerville & Round Rock

Texas: DFW Metro CenterGlen Rose, Mansfield & Midlothian 

Division I (K-1) is April 28
Division II (2-3) is May 5
Division III (4-5) is April 14
Division IV (6-7 is April 14

Division I (K-1) is April 21
Division II (2-3) is March 24
Division III (4-5) is May 12
Division IV (6-7 is May 12

Division I (K-1) is April 7
Division II (2-3) is April 21
Division III (4-5) is April 28
Division IV (6-7 is May 5

Division I (K-1) is March 24
Division II (2-3) is March 24
Division III (4-5) is April 21
Division IV (6-7 is May 12 (at Austin Metro Center)