CoP Newsletter, Winter 2014 - Issue III
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Site Visit Consultancy: Real-time Formative Assessment in Action
Teams from Sanger and Elk Grove joined Oceanside to observe their Embedded Day
Eric from Oceanside and author Cara talking on the far end about students progress in their mathematical thinking. Adela of Sanger observing as a student persists through a task.

"Our goal with this visit was to see a High Leverage Team Action (HLTA) in place and to investigate the possibility of implementing a version of Embedded Days in our districts. We were reminded about the Popham principle, in that when the formative assessment process is well-implemented in the classroom, it can essentially double the speed of student learning. The formative assessment cycle is like surfing..." Keep Reading >> 
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  • December 10th & 15th:  Santa Ana's Parent Engagement Virtual Learning Series
  • January 15th & 16th: Dr. Wiliam Workshop on Formative Assessment Techniques
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Doug of Oceanside  and Emma from 
Garden Grove work together on prototypes to solve challenges related to CCSS-M implementation and Instructional Technology 

Design & Innovation Leading the Charge

10 district teams collaborating to do powerful problem-solving related to CCSS-M and Technology

"As the staff began to explain that we would be looking at the bike situation at Stanford, there was hesitation in the room, but I love the fact that our first day was built around a situation not based in education.  This allowed us to really dig into the process and build a deeper understanding of design thinking without getting caught up with our educational baggage and preconceived notions based on our district or philosophy. We don't often get to be so creative and free..."  Keep Reading >>
More highlights from the MiC D&I Teams
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  • Disrupt the status quo: Golf Board Video & Peer Consultancy check-in call
  • A vast number of resources from the D&I Kick-off Institute
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Principals and Leaders Check in with their Team Action Goals! 
Summer 2014 Institute work continuing at your sites
Click the picture to update your goal and get your free copy of Dr. Kanold's book!

We asked each participant at our Summer 2014 Principal Institute led by Dr. Tim Kanold to set a goal at the end of the institute, and 
they asked us to provide an opportunity to check in and reflect on those goals. 
Principals and leaders have been updating us on their progress, and at the same time signing up to receive their free copy of the newly released Beyond the Common Core: Mathematics in a PLC at Work™. 

Quotes from the survey: 

"I met this goal. We introduced formative assessment at the first round of Professional development in September. There is a lot more work to be done, but this initial, baby step goal was met. :-)"


"I am seeing some new strategies, and teachers are collaborating more. More of the math teachers are putting more resources and review lessons online."


"We are between Great and Amazing. We have created our first benchmark and gave it to the student digitally in 8th Grade and currently working on the 7th grade benchmark. We are moving in the right direction!"

Resources from Tim Kanold around High-Leverage CCSS-M Actions
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  • Receive your copy of Tim's new handbook "Beyond the Common Core"
  • Your district's Principal Institute Goals and Goal Updates
  • Need a dose of Kanold to get you through until Christmas? 

The GGUSD team shared the peer-to-peer discourse tool the are using to help understand they progress on their outcome around instructional shifts in CCSS-M.
Your CCSS-M Outcome Updates
How is your story unfolding?
We know that your team has been busy working hard on three developmental outcomes within your CCSS-M implementation, and would love to hear how the work is going. As a beta-structure for continuing the inter-district collaboration between meetings, we are asking each team to post a short update on the online community. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, find commonalities and share resources with your peers! Update the community on your outcome progress >>
Happy Thanksgiving!
Here are some fun ways you can bring mathematics to the dinner table this week:

Choose 2 numbers, then challenge everyone at the table to create a math sentence using only your numbers and the +, -, /, and * signs so that this sentence will equal one of the chosen numbers. Throw in square root and power signs for an extra challenge!

Area riddle: A certain rectangle can be covered by 25 coins of diameter 2. How many coins with diameter 1 will it take to cover the rectangle?

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Math in Common Mission
The Math in Common Community of Practice offers the time, tools, and expertise for education leaders to work together, in and across districts, to advance student success in mathematics.

Math in Common Vision
All Math in Common districts are achieving their visions of student success in mathematics.
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