East T-STEM Academy
Inspire. Challenge. Equip.
Math is LIFE!
Our Math department boasts some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable math teachers in SCS.

Did you know that T-STEM produced some of the highest scores on End of Course tests out of ALL high schools in SCS- WOW!!

They really believe Math is life!

Pictured above: Ms. Yarbrough (mastermind behind the shirts); Ms. Donfack, Mr. Vaziri, Ms. Rubin, Mr Perkins and me!
Let's get it MATH TEAM!
You can be assured that our teachers are preparing their students for life- not just a test!
Mr. Vaziri teaching like his hair is on fire!
Mr. Donfack engaging his students in rigorous practice
Work hard, babies! Work hard!
Mr. Perkins and Ms. Yarbrough make a great pair.
Students in Ms. Yarbrough's class explaining their solutions.
Ms. Rubin pauses from her lesson for a quick smile!
Think you may be interested in Wrestling?
Come find out how it could be the perfect sport for you!
Students are grouped and compete
based on their weight class.
Mr. Mann can teach your child all of the fundamentals!
Stop by Room 209B to sign up!
Celebrating What's Right Award:
Daniel Warner, Recipient
Mr. Warner is a recipient of the New Memphis: Celebrate What's Right Award where five "educators of excellence" from around the city were honored. He is pictured here with his lovely wife who is so proud of the work that he does on behalf of the community. He is a leader within the school AND the city! He and the award recipients were honored at a luncheon at the Holiday Inn on the University of Memphis campus on September 10th.

We are so proud of you, Mr. Warner
Supt Joris Ray is very proud of Mr. Warner!
Mr. Warner, Commissioner Greene and Dr. Robertson
Dual Enrollment students hanging out at Starbucks on the U of M Campus in between class.

Jackson State University

Representatives from JSU stopped by to recruit our Mustangs. Everyone recognizes excellence.

Christ Church LOVES the
Mustang Football Team!
Christ Church
Community Support
Our partnerships with the community is what makes our school so amazing! Christ Church has been serving pre-game meals for YEARS to the Mustang Football team. In addition, they host a summer camp for our young men. They also come to the football games and show their support. All the players know that Ms. Janice is the biggest cheerleader! Wow! Thank you Christ Church!
Mayor Strickland
Loves the Mustangs!
Will your son/daughter be ready to take DE at U of M next year?
Sign them up for ACT Prep NOW!
Need help registering for workshop, email:
hewittmd@scsk12.org or pirtleys@scsk12.org
You Can't Hide that Mustang Pride!
Our Favorite Snapshots from the week...
Did you know we have an award winning Tennis Team? See Ms. Gentry!
Working hard to serve our community
Let me show you how I got my answer
TEAM East cannot hide their pride!
Counselors that learn together, serve children better
Mr. Steven Spangler is doing an AMAZING job building a wonderful orchestral and marching band program.

How does one man do it ALL!!
Mr. Spangler turned what you see above... into what you see below!
Mr. Spangler, we LOVE you
He even worked to secure sponsorship for cleaning the Band Uniforms with Suds Laundry.
Thanks Suds Laundry for
supporting the Mustangs!
Principal Robertson loves serving your students. He exemplifies what it means to be a servant leader. Catch him standing outside greeting students as they arrive each morning- the best part of his day!
Dr. HenMc's AP Biology practiced their drawing skills by drawing plasma membranes and explaining the different types of cellular transport using chalk markers on the desks. 
No desks were harmed in this activity. :)
TSTEM Latin Program Support

Ms. Ryder and her students would LOVE your support. Ms. Ryder is building an amazing Latin program at TSTEM. As a former Latin teacher, I am so proud of her work!
Jordyn King Shadowing
Jordyn King impressed everyone the day she shadowed at the Air Route Traffic Control Center.

Way to go, Mr. Schirlo, for arranging for this opportunity for JoJo!
2019 Girls in
Aviation Day

It is time for the Annual Girls In Aviation Day sponsored by Women in Aviation Memphis Belles Chapter and the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals. Students must be between 10-18 years old. Applications maybe returned as a group/organization or it can be sent by individual.  For event inquiries or other registration questions, please contact Ina Wiehl iswiehl@fedex.com.  

If your daughter is interested, please have them see Mr. Booker or email him at bookerrk@scsk12.org
Ms. Warden is an amazing teacher at University Middle!
The University Zone Family
Did you know that we are part of the University Zone in SCS?

Our UZone family consists of Campus School, Maxine Smith STEAM Academy, University Middle AND T-STEM @ East! The best and brightest are part of UZone!

Welcome Dr. Rebecca Scott, Director of Campus School and
Mr. James Smith, Director University Middle!

Dr. Newman Robertson, Principal T-STEM and
Mr. Andy Demster, Principal Maxine Smith .
Campus Schools' classes are hands on and engaging.

Here is a MakerSpace area in one of the classes.
Looking good
Please continue to support our student athletes!

They enjoy what they do and they are GREAT at it!
We are participating in the Bring Your Plane to Work Day again this year!
Let's be FRIENDS!!!

Know someone who does not receive our emails?

Students will have the opportunity to select clubs and organizations soon.

We are preparing for Genius Projects and other activities.

Do you have an idea for a new club or organization? Email me brookslt@scsk12.org!
Does your son/daughter need assistance with the Mustang Monday attire? See Ms. Keys for gently used skirts and ties!
What's Happening
This Week  

Monday September 16
Mustang Monday attire
Girls Soccer at Kirby@ 5:30
JV Footbll 6 @ Douglass

Tuesday September 17

Thursday September 19
Parent Teacher Conferences
Signup Genius will be emailed separately!
Football Game @ 7 @ Fairgrounds
Girls Soccer 5:30 @ Southwest TN CC Gill Campus

Friday September 20th a HALF DAY!
7:15 students dismissed at 11:15
8:15 students dismissed at 12:15

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