Do you need to double your capacity? 
7-Deep Push Back Racking
Push Back Rack

7 Deep Push Back Racking maximizes your storage capacity, allowing ample storage space even for your most difficult products to rotate. This revolutionary 7 deep design features lower profile carts than standard 6 deep push back racking. 

Push Back racking offers up to 90% more product storage than selective racking systems to maximize warehouse capacity  and space utilization. In addition to 7 deep styles, Push Back Racking is available in 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 deep styles to fit your warehouse needs. 

  • FILO - First In Last Out - great for fast moving product 
  • Capable of storing 2-7 pallets deep
  • Back to back the system accommodates 14 pallets deep exceeding previous industry standards * Allows for storage against a wall to maximize warehouse space 
  • Flexibility to load and unload from the aisle 
  • Carts are reinforced with a minimum of 3 left to right or front to back supports
  • Precision bearing wheels roll on I-beam rails for reliability even when using lower quality pallets
For more information, check out this YouTube video on 5 Deep Push Back Racking.

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