July 12, 2018
The Matrix MLS contract is being renewed for a three-year period, to end on
November 29, 2021.

We are on the Matrix 360 upgrade schedule for October 2018. Configuration and customization begins October 1, targeting an October 31 launch.

We are tentatively scheduled for a week of live, onsite training from
October 22 to October 26. We should have confirmation of these training dates by Monday.

Renewing for a three-year period provided significant benefits to our members:

A full week of onsite training for subscribers and office staff

Core Logic has partnered with Graphiq to provide access to property and community data visualizations that directly leverage data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Department of Education, American Community Survey and more.

Using the Graphiq Real Estate API, CoreLogic can create Matrix reports with fully responsive data visualizations, including data such as property lot, tax and transaction information in addition to local real estate trends, school ratings, commute times, crime rates and demographic breakdowns.

  • Property details, tax assessment, building permits, transaction history, liens, and sales history
  • Historical AVM and value forecast
  • Home mortgage records with local interest rates, loan rejection stats, and a profile of potential buyers
  • MLS data, including local listing activity, recently sold comparables, and rentals
  • IRS data with income levels over time and sources of income
  • Foreclosures, defaults, auctions, and REOs
  • Neighborhood sales trends

NEW - Property Panorama Instaview Lite Tours
  • Hands-free virtual tour technology
  • Includes the first five listing photos
  • Upgrades available

SAFEMLS+ RISK is an intelligence‐based monitoring system that tracks user logins (including device identity), operating systems, and geo‐location. Based on the gathered data, reports identify account sharing, inappropriate system use, and the required staff compliance action. The service provides robust user behavior analytics, including detailed device information and usage patterns.

The primary benefits of this service include the ability to log in once and access all the integrated applications without needing to re-authenticate, strong security and activity monitoring across multiple applications, single‐point authentication control, and a significant reduction in password management complexity and support. 

NEW - Expanded Realist coverage, now includes all Arkansas counties

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