Good news! Matrix will be upgraded on Tuesday, June 11th at 1:00 a.m. (there will be a short 15 minute downtime) to version 8.3.

New Disclaimer When Adding or Editing Listing Photos

One of the changes as a result of this update will be the new requirement for anyone adding or editing listing photos to accept a disclaimer before they can proceed with saving the photos. This is a required feature that will be enabled soon after the upgrade. Click here to read the text of this disclaimer and view the image below for how it will look in Matrix.
Changes to PDFs That Contain Maps

The following change is being made because of timeouts and other issues related to interactive maps in PDFs of Matrix 360 displays. In 8.3, CoreLogic will change the way these maps are embedded in PDFs. The on-screen and printed maps (via the Print and Print Preview buttons) look the same as always, but when these maps are included in PDFs, CoreLogic will now use static images from CoreLogic’s GPL service. These maps look slightly different as shown below.

  1. The primary material difference is that the parcel is not highlighted in PDFs. This will not change.
  2. Map pins will be updated soon to match the status color and shape of Matrix pins. Until then, they will all be the red pushpins shown below. PDF map pins will not include the property type overlay (i.e. the white house which indicates a Residential property).
  3. If you see narrow maps on PDFs -- like the one on the bottom left below -- this can be corrected. Please report them to us.
  4. Additional minor differences
  • The lot dimensions map on PDFs will not display the approximate square footage of the parcel
  • The flood map displays with less opacity; thus the layer colors more closely match those in the legend
Other enhancements include:

  • Reorder search results using Drag & Drop (this will be well received but there are a few things to know about this feature):
  • Only available on grid displays where all the results fit on a single page (ex. search results of 20 and you are set to show up to 25 listings at a time. If you are only set to show 10 at a time, this feature wont work for that search).
  • Not available in Matrix Mobile
  • Not available in Driving Directions
  • Requires additional configuration to carry over to the CMA comparable tab. We will get that done to implement post-upgrade at some point.
  • Display properties in same sequence as entered in Speed Bar but only works on Speed Bar, no other search locations.
  • Print listing notes from a specific contact in Matrix
  • Create multiple personal and contact carts – may be added post upgrade
  • Criteria tab is now enabled after using the Refine > Narrow tool
  • Client Portal will remember the users last selected view mode
  • News Widget Enhancements including a new Print button
  • Driving Directions are now available in My Listings and Concierge Approval screen

For more detailed information, please view Matrix v8.3 Release Notes!
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