Mattie's 10-year Anniversary
2 events, 2 campaigns,
and in LESS THAN 1 MINUTE -->
YOU can mark your name in history
and Make Peace the News

3 quick, free choices for peace ---  each takes only a minute:

a) Sign the petition HERE... 
b) Recruit at least 5 friends to sign 
(Mattie's favorite number: 5) 
c) Ask your local & state politicians to join the effort.

Peace is for ALL people --- all ages and abilities and aspirations.
Let's make history by making peace the news!

Please also join us in our celebrations of
Mattie's Life & Legacy

We are creating a short documentary to be shared this fall -- 
filming will take place during both events below.
Those who participate in our annual birthday campaign
may send a written or video message to be included in the
Life & Legacy tribute materials we are creating.